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Photo Gallery

May Term 2006, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. The three crews ahead
2. Bow 4
3. Rachel holding on

1st women's VIII

1. Lilie quietly dying
2. Lilie suffering some...
3. Blades going in

2nd men's VIII

2. 2nd men readying for...
3. The crew celebrates!!

2nd women's VIII

1. Charlie sorts out gr...
2. The tow path melee
3. Rather cheery having...

3rd Men's Eight for 99s Regatta

1. Cheery Dan
2. Brian is somewhat wo...
3. Closing in through t...

3rd women's VIII

1. Iain consoles the crew
2. Sam Adams
3. Peter Brandt


1. Poor injured Fergus
2. Last ditch effort
3. Under some pressure

5th men's VIII

1. A few minutes later!
2. Pushing some more on...
3. The fight continues...

FaT/Christs/Darwin composite

1. Two easy paddles dow...
2. Sepia on the balcony
3. Amelia's Head

1st men's IV

1. After the finish
2. Blade clash
3. 1st IV pushing into ...

1st women's IV, in 'Well Oiled'

1. Quite a distance to ...
2. I think they've bump...
3. A bit unsat

2nd men's IV

1. Length down to City
2. Getting beat be a canoe

3rd men's IV

1. Blade clash
2. 1st IV pushing into ...
3. Level coming into th...

Miscellaneous women's IVs

1. Celebrating in Bedfo...
2. Celebrating in Bedfo...
3. Yet another photo of...

Coxless pairs, The Chuckle Brothers

1. Crossing the line wi...
2. Cleaning up

First and Third golf team

1. Matt at the last
2. Matt on the 8th tee
3. Matt putting

BPBC golf team

1. Chris on the final tee
2. Chris contemplates a...
3. The ball's gone this...

Miscellaneous pictures

1. Umpire Walker
2. Badly parked
3. Plough spectators

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