First and Third Trinity Boat Club
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Photo Gallery

May Term 2003, by event

Pictures Arranged by Event

Cam Sprints

1. Splashing our way to...

May Bumps

1. Day 2 rerow - Magdal...
2. Square blades
3. Bow four with greenery

The Stomp

1. Waiting at Great Gate
2. The Backs from the D...
3. Earl's dodgy wrist

May Bumps Supper

1. Great Court
2. Captaincy changeover
3. Aiken & Painter

Sidney Sussex Garden Party

1. waiting for food
2. Iain and Amelia drin...
3. Amelia and Catherine

Super Picnic

1. Edwards looking sini...
2. virginal 3
3. picnicing

DU's Dinner

1. Somebody save me...
2. Twister
3. Hon Secs dress down

FaT vs BPBC Cricket Challenge

1. BPBC Ready for Action

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