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The Club's Crews

Lent Term 1998

If you have an official crew list that is not on the website then please contact me.

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowAndy Pickard
2Clive Ponsonby
3Cliff Swartz
4Matthew Arnold
5Dan Wilde
6Al Fisher
7Kevin Backhouse
strDan Darley
coxRaf Carbonell
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowSteve Clift
2Dominic Beary
3Boguslaw Krysinski
4Chris Ingram
5Mike Orger
6Will Fletcher
7Jon Bevan
strRich Dewire
coxEmma Reiko Easterbrook
3rd men's VIII
bowAdam Polka
2Will Thorne
3Daniel Micklethwaite
4Andrew Hogley
5Martin Peck
6L. O. Robinson
7Graham Fisher
strChris Gasson
coxJohn Earl
4th men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowLuis Paradell
2Antony Wilson
3Adrian Bevan
4Chris Snook
5B. H. Simkin
6James Roslington
7Jonnie Walker
strRichard Spencer
coxKate MacGregor
Gents VIII
bowJohn Livingstone
3Simon Blackburn
4Chris Harding
5Mike Goodson
6Mike Anderson
7Rob Sherrington
strSimon Olleson
coxRos Liu
6th men's VIII
bowDennis Remoundos
2M. Madera
3Ed Snelson
4Panos Mithsos
5Chris Pidcock
6Chris Harding
7Damian Smith
strJohn Mountain
coxBronwen Evans
7th men's VIII
bowBen Thompson
2Angus Chang
3Matt Hoe
4Mohit Agarwal
5Jonny Isaacs
6Hareen Hettiarachchi
7C. A. S. Young
strKal Asrress
coxManu Sivanandam
Novice VIII
bowShaun Low
2Nico Goeke
3Charlie Crowson
4Matthew Cunningham
5Alan Sugar
6Carl Senior
7John Earl
strJames Harris
coxGulam Zilani

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