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The Club's Results

May Bumps 2007

The famous Cambridge University May Bumps on the River Cam
Wed 13th - Sat 16th June

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Results Overview

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1st men's VIII Bumped Queens' Bumped St. Catharine's Bumped LMBC Rowed over
1st women's VIII Bumped Churchill Rowed over Overbumped Clare Bumped Trinity Hall
2nd men's VIII Bumped Caius II Rowed over Bumped Magdalene Bumped Christ's
3rd men's VIII Bumped Trinity Hall II Rowed over Bumped Magdalene II Bumped Robinson II
2nd women's VIII Bumped LMBC III Bumped St. Catharine's II Bumped Darwin II Bumped Trinity Hall II
3rd women's VIII Overbumped Homerton II Bumped Newnham III Rowed over as sandwich boat Rowed over Head Rowed over as sandwich boat Bumped by St. Edmund's
4th men's VIII Rowed over Bumped LMBC IV Rowed over Bumped by Wolfson II
5th men's VIII Bumped by King's II Bumped by Christ's IV Bumped by Clare Hall Bumped by Caius IV

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Double Overbumped
Overbumped - hit the crew 3 in front
Bumped the crew in front
Row over head of division
Row over - did not bump
Got Bumped
Got Overbumped
Got Double overbumped
Got Triple overbumped. D'oh.

1st men's VIII

Bumped Queens'
Moved up steadily, took a while to finish it, bumped just past the Plough. (Martin P)
Bumps is a like a penalty shoot-out; you can't really prepare for it. So it's lucky that the first race wasn't too demanding. We suffered from a lack of focus, and struggled in rough water round the corners, but attacked like we needed to. We'll learn from this and get stronger every day.

Credit is due to Queens, they were a lot better than some people expected, and I don't reckon they'll go down much further.

[Of course, you can prepare, it's just that no-one really knows how] (Tom C)
Bumped St. Catharine's
Before the race, Martin said he'd never seen a bump before grassy in the top 4. So this was one for the spectators. We went hard into the corner, the photos tell the rest of the story. (Tom C)
Awesome sprint for the bump, took Catz down swiftly, bumped in the Gut. (Martin P)
6th VIII headship?

I blame the MLBCs. (BJ)
2nd VIII headship
3rd VIII headship
4th VIII headship
5th VIII headship

One more to go... (Lorry)
Bumped LMBC
Superb result. That's the highest I've ever seen FaT, and all the sweeter because Maggie were the victim. Well done, good luck tomorrow, and I can't wait to see you in action at Henley! (RTT)
This was the race which would define our crew as good or bad. At the beginning of term Ming said we'd need to be much more than the sum of our parts to be competitive. Early results were good, but after an indecisive period through exams and trips abroad we lost it a bit. In the week before bumps we had some desperately poor sparring matches, losing heavily to Jesus and failing to achieve positive results against Emma and Pembroke. We clearly had some boat speed, but could we find it when it really mattered?

Resoundingly, yes. The best thing about this group is that we've always performed on the day. As soon as we were inside distance the race was over; we knew it was our day, and let our legs carry us through. (Tom C)
'Come by Maggie?' is what Emma should have said.... Still, I think Tom's Ron Coleman impressions did more than enough to piss them off.

Quite possibly one of the best races we've done as a crew, and certainly the best bumps race I've ever been a part of. The boat sat up beautifully through the rough water down Plough Reach, clean water made the Reach easy and we probably rated about 37 throughout (although we were assisted by a strong stream). It felt good to bump Maggie's brand new Fillipi a day before it was to be officially named. Get in! (Phil)
'Quite possibly one of the best races we've done as a crew'

Well it was certainly better than Wednesday and slightly better than Thursday, so yes, this was the best race we did as a crew! (BJ)
Rowed over
From a veteran of 40 years ago. I am so proud of your achievements this year. You had so called 'students' from Caius against you. You were outstanding. Good luck in the Temple Cup at Henley Royal Regatta. Please win. I shall be there... (Fitz)
Not our best row, but even at our best we'd have struggled to keep up and certainly couldn't have put in a performance today that would have seen us bumping Caius. Very disappointing not to threaten them, but it shows how far we've come this year that we're disappointed to finish three lengths down to a crew rowing from head station whose stern IV was from CUBC. Once again, looking at the crew list we have to be honest and say we over-performed.

Only Phil is leaving (hopefully - it depends on how results go for me on Thursday!), there are some strong guys who chose not to row this term and the mainly novice 2nd VIII is frighteningly quick, so if we train as hard and improve at the rate we did this year we'll be able to provide a better challenge next time round. We don't want to get stuck in second place for three and a half years...

Credit is also due to Maggie: they put in a much better row today and, having fallen behind up to Ditton, stormed up the Reach and were probably only a length off under the railway bridge until we sorted it out and opened up again towards top finish. Good effort and good sportsmanship all round from the top three.

In the back of our minds we'll already be training for the first day of the Mays next year, but for now we're looking forward to Henley, and maybe even winning a round or two... (BJ)
Not quite the fairytale end to my FaT rowing career, but perhaps bumping a crew so stacked with University talent was a bit too much to hope for. We were all pretty nervous about this one, and it showed in the race as we failed to find the same easy, relaxed rhythm of the previous day. Maggie were clearly fired up and really went for us, and were within distance for a minute or two down the reach before fading away. I think we just weren't sure what to do when we hadn't closed on Caius by the Railings, and although maximum effort was applied all the way, the speed never properly came. Its quite a tough mental adjustment to suddenly find yourself in 2nd place when I at least hadn't even thought about the possibility till Friday night.

It's been an incredible year for the club at all levels, and its been amazing to be involved with it. All the best to the boys for next year, there's no reason whatsoever that this boat can't be faster and really push for the Headship. I've been looking forward to the end of bumps all week, but only a day after I already miss it.... (Phil)

1. Rah Rah
2. Catching ...
3. Chasing the Caius ba...

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1st women's VIII

Bumped Churchill
Our first attempt was committed but frantic. Contigency plan #31 failed to find us our rhythm, but regardless, we had closed to half a length (?) coming out of grassy. Perhaps rather negligently, considering the carnage caused in recent years, our myriad plans had failed to include Downing-induced river blockage, and we were foiled by a river full of stopped boats.

Iain and JPD made herculean efforts to get back from M1/M2 in time for our second attempt (not to worry, contigency plan #107 dealt with heart attacks), and we were very much boosted to hear of M2's bump on Caius just before our start. This row was much tidier than the first (possibly helped by the relative lack of wash?!) and we hit a good rhythm coming down first post reach. They held us off with a couple of good pushes but we got them outside the Plough. Job done. (Jane)
Rowed over
Well, the bumps chart says it all really. LMBC were bumped back by Downing in rather unexpected circumstances after what looked like an overhead crab parked them on the outside of First Post. We made it to a length off the overbump on Clare by the Railway Bridge, but ran out of river. (Erica)
Looks like you got pretty damn close to the bump on Clare, I'll be rooting for you all the way today! Best of luck. (AmeLia)
I had avoided posting a report for this race because I wasn't sure that I could avoid using rude words. The overbump has eased my pain somewhat. We let ourselves down in the middle third of the race, and our storming reach (4 lengths in 2 minutes! I've never wished that the reach was longer before!) wasn't quite enough to get us the overbump. What it did do, however, was give us confidence for the next day's racing. (Jane)
Overbumped Clare
Amelia has pre-empted my race report - WOOOO!!! Some excellent pushing-out meant we were up on Maggie off the start, and made further gains down first post reach. The pushed away however and got the bump on Downing, which meant contingency plan #155 (by far the preferred option) sprang into action. An excellent line from Abbi and some prompt clearing by Maggie took us clear of the carnage, and we powered down Plough reach with the overbump very much in mind. Calls of 'on station' as we came onto the reach meant it was very much on. My legs, arms and lungs were distinctly unhappy with me at this stage, but I informed them that there was no point wasting four minutes of pain for the sake of another two, it couldn't hurt much more right? (wrong). We gained fairly steadily down the reach, culminating in one of the best views I've had in ages - their cox sitting beside me with my blade lodged on their stern. Amazing! And especially satisfying to see (or not see) Queen's nowhere near. F*** over Trinity indeed! (Jane)
Watching Queens' spanner into the distance as we (I) took Iain's advice and set up a nice long strong rhythm. He may have even said that certain members of CUW were rowing 'well'. This may on the other hand be a vicious rumour. Ground down Clare over the course, excellent coxing from Abbi gave us the advantage we needed to take them with not a huge distance left to the finish. (Joff)
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Well done! I'm so pleased for you. Congratulations!! Enjoy tomorrow (and maybe try holding out until the Plough for a change). :) (AmeLia)
Bumped Trinity Hall
Thankyou all for being so awesome to row with, for tolerating my 'strops' (particularly Abbi :) and the craziness of trying to organise mens and womens hour outings when you're supposed to be doing both. I'm missing you all already! Here's to finally being in a decent starting position in Mays (though I've STILL not managed to bump every day of mays in W1. However, I reckon going up 5 probably makes this acceptable.) (Joff)
Not our best row ever but by no means our worst; it did the job. Unfortunately Tit Hall stopped rowing once bumped, and as we were stuck on their stern, we both ended up drifting into the barges on the inside of grassy rather than clearing properly. This caused Maggie to take a very wide line around grassy and plough into the outside bank (though I think they eventually got away). Then came Downing being bumped by Clare with Queens in hot pursuit, meaning that when the bump occurred, all three of them went into the far bank. Christs were unwilling to hold it up and took out the Queens cox at full speed. Meanwhile we had all blades in on both sides and were precariously balanced between a barge and the oncoming crews whilst remaining wedged onto Tit Hall's stern. Eventually, after the klaxon eventually convinced Peterhouse to hold it up, we were able to extract ourselves and pull in for greenery. Certainly the most bumps carnage I've seen in a while - made for an exciting last bumps race. I miss rowing already. (Jane)

1. Round Ditton 5
2. Round Ditton 4
3. Round Ditton 3

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2nd men's VIII

Bumped Caius II
Brilliant, and never in doubt. Twelve months of pain obliterated in five minutes.

Here's hoping that the First and Third M2 saga continues to new heights today... (Albert)
Indeed, go for it guys, may the horse medicine be with you... (Neil C)
From the one length call we knew we could get them. Not very tidy but we settled to a powerful, committed rhythm and gained on them gradually. There's still more speed to gain, especially on the start, and we know what we have to do.

Thanks to Jenny for stepping in to cox us at the last minute. (Andrew)
Moved up steadily and bumped convincingly at the start of the Reach. (Martin P)
Love it. Watching you guys storm up on them past us at the Plough was truly awesome. I think Chris and I were far more excited about your race than our own. (Will L)
YES! (Martin Y)
Rowed over
Not such a good row, Caius were inside station when they were taken down on First Post Corner. Although the 2nd VIII moved up on Magdalene to be maybe a length off at the start, they thereafter fell back and will need a good row to hold off Fitz. (Martin P)
Harsh, but fair considering our lack of a kill.

Tomorrow, we're going out for it, Do or Die (Martin Y)
Bumped Magdalene
We emerged from a wall of water (our start) to see that Magdalene had gone off 'askew'. We ground them down with some good grunt. CALYPSO. :) (Joff)
I'll just repeat what I said on the bank, "YESSSSSSSSSS!

Nailed it, proper sprint bump. Same again tomorrow. (Martin Y)
Despite the stream we reached a powerful, high-rating rhythm and gained ground on Magdalene gradually. At half a length to go we knew that we had them, with Fitz falling away into the distance. (Andrew)
A much more positive row than Thursday - a little more power and rate - saw us close steadily on Magdelene (who had a lower boat rower in as a sub). Firm contact resulted just before first post corner. Fitzwilliam, who must have fancied there chances of putting our name on their blades, were two lengths down when we bumped. One of my happier rowing moments! (Rob)
To end an amazingly fast row it's all about putting 2 purple marks on the bow of the boat, by hitting Magdalene twice. It was great to sit in the bow seat and feel the first "crunch" after sprinting through rough water. Felt even better to keep rowing and feel the second "crunch". Ah.. gotta love the bow seat.

(I know.. Christian shut up, and tap down!!) (S.C. Mertes)
Bumped Christ's
So so so sweet!

An absolutely fantastic and obviously well worked result. To quote JPD, "I have no idea how you go so fast", and neither do I :P.

Even worth falling in the river in the Gut afterwards. :D

What a race, what a term. Starting this term I swore to myself that I wouldn't row, no matter how fun and satisfyingly fast our 2nd VIII had been in Lents. That didn't last.

It soon became apparent that I wasn't the only one having 2nd thoughts about the 'big question' with half of last terms crew not sure which way to jump and only really wanting to stay on if we knew we could do well.

The quality at the start of term was absolutely dire though, let down with no quality coaching and a squad system that included rowers from last terms lower viii's it felt like we were getting spat on. The 2nd viii had a first division mays place, but were by no means even approaching the standard you'd expect for a crap college 2nd viii. But we stuck it out. We tried not to think too far ahead, and bumps (and exams :S) were still far away.

But then it reached breaking point outings with no plan, no coach, and a general attitude from the higher echelons that ''we should all have a good idea of what a quality rowing stroke is'', it all started to become a farce, spoons were a certainty .

Crew selection was a joke and it was clear that it wasn't going to work. We had outings scheduled for a week, with no plan or coach so I subbed out for an outing and bank partied along with Seb who agreed to come have a look (although he only agreed to come down for the last two outings of the week as a personal favour) what we saw was a shambles I could not believe it, our 2nd Lent VIII was not only fast, but it was dynamic we had viii pairs of legs going down and viii backs swinging through stroke after stroke and it showed in our utter domination in the bumps. What had happened?

Well 3-4 weeks of no coaching and rowing with shit people had happened, a captain forcing crew changes with no idea of what he was doing was happening, a crew that had no idea left of what quality was.

It wasn't good enough, the crew had to change, the heart of the crew from Lents was reunited, after some pleading Seb agreed to come along 2-3 times a week and coach (this soon became 5-6). We sat down and produced a training plan with what we needed to work on and achieve for the 3 weeks we had till most of the crew had exams and all I can say is thank god we had our absolutely wonderful cox Lilie and the equally amazing Seb. Things were still not promising though we had a lot to do, I still have the videos I took from bank partying that time(I haven't even shown them to the crew as they were so bad).

Lilie and Seb got JPD to come along and have a look, and with some careful persuasion he agreed to help coach us. His initial appraisal was not good, he said we were no where near the quality we needed to even think of calling ourselves FaT's 2nd May VIII. The crew stepped up though, and I just want to thank everyone for sticking with it.

Lilie once said something that comes to mind at this point, along the lines of it was obvious that the ex-novices hadn't learnt to row with Seb, this was almost funny as the Lent and May crew's both had 4 of nm1 (which is a fantastic achievement of both them and Seb), and 6 of the Lent crew made the May crew. What happened at the start of this term is a lesson for future captains especially Ming for next year.

The campaign up to bumps was looking more promising every outing but by no means safe for even a row over. JPD made us row much more together and we started to shape our rhythm with 3 days of back to back full head pieces increasing the rate and eating away time at every opportunity. Rowing over 100km for a good few weeks never slacking off in our steady state and working hard to get some time around both ends we started to look the part. A week of iv's for exams though was a minor disaster, anyone who saw as at city sprints will no we are pretty dire in iv's. But back in the viii again we really found what we needed, Seb subbed on the Friday and for some of us at least we celebrated finishing our exams with a heavy outing, the next day though we came crashing down to Earth. Monday though rested and relaxed we found what we needed, we found the magic we needed to get us to bumps, as Lilie said, ''see, you can row when you try''.

Bumps was fantastic, 1st division rowing is like nothing else, the quality makes no bumps easy and we worked damn hard and were happy beyond words when we bumped Caius II back, Jenners was fantastic in that race and we were so together and fast.

The 2nd day though we went off slightly shit, struggling in the conditions and rowing over behind Magdalene. A new plan emerged though, with a fast Fitz crew looking for blades we went out hard and fast and dropped them to 2 lengths bumping in about 800m. The most amazing celebrations then ensued on the bank we were so happy.

The last day though we had a lot to work for, up 2 was good, but up 3 was what we wanted, we went out even harder and every single one of us pushed harder than we ever had before to get Christs around First Post corner. I could even stand as I struggled onto the bank and we were all so gone.
Accidently falling into the river in the Gut though was almost worth it, as Lilie went in as well.

Blades were never really on the cards, but 14th in Div 1 is amazing, if that was my last bumps race then I am so proud of this crew. Next years 2nd May VIII have a lot to live up to (and you damn well better not spoon :D:D:D). (Martin Y)
Coming from a very successful lents campaign we knew we had a lot to live up too. This time competing in the 1st division as opposed to the middle of the 2nd division. As the training this term went on, we never really found the togetherness and our rowing was continually scrappy, as JPD cast a new pair of eyes on us things started to change, but many of us feared it was too little too late.

During exams we had some outing's in IV's which frankly ended up being a waste of time, and with only 3/4 outings left before bumps the was doubt if we were going to be fast enough to be a worthy competitor. However the monday of bumps week, something happened, finishes were together, catches quick and we were actually rowing! Things might not be so bad after all.

First day of bumps, the big race, Caius II ahead. We knew that there were big names in that boat, a fair few uni medals, but they'd not had many outings together. However, on the start line we are informed W1 have to re-row and that Lillie is not going to be able to cox, and luckily Jenners was given permission to cox our race.

Jenny happily coxed her 50th race, a race which went nicely to plan, slowly grinding down Caius II before getting the bump coming onto the reach, we were ecstatic :) we had done it. All the hard work payed off, but we still had 3 more days to go, and Fitz men were quick and on the way up.

Day 2 saw some of our worst rowing as a crew, pushes weren't together and we didn't cope at all well with the shoddy weather, barely making any distance on Magdalene we were all miserable and pissed off as we came back to the boat house, a new plan was to be thought of. So on day 3 we decided that the best plan would be for us to go off hard, and race to grassy, hoping that we could hit Magdalene before Fitz got us... What can I say, we simply flew, hitting them on first post corner, and pushing Fitz back to over 2 lengths down, it was a great feeling to have bumped to 15th in the 1st division, words cannot describe how pleased we were with this result...

With one last day to go, chasing Christs II (with that horrible lycra) we wanted it bad. With the same plan as yesterday we absolutely went for it, and Christs were hit in the gut. Cue enourmous celebrations... The highest FaT 2nd VIII since 1959, we are legends.

None of this would've been possible without JPD and seb coaching us, they have been amazing, especially seb's contiuing support of the club, he is one of our best asset's. I want to also that CUCBC for letting Lillie cox and row without any fuss (and for letting Jenner's cox, despite them not letting Lillie cox that race :( ) And everybody else in the crew for giving it everything and putting up with my silly front lean :) To next year guys! (Lorry)
We executed the race plan successfully again, though we really had to earn this bump. The water became very choppy as we approached which made us even more untidy, but we were close to overlap and after a few strokes they gave in. We have shown that First and Third's M2 is rightfully in the first division.

Thanks to Seb and JPD for coaching us this term. (Andrew)
I just want to thank you guys for being so much fun to cox - i've always been against coxing, mostly because people assume i can't row because i'm too short.. However, i've loved every minute(*) of it - I knew we could do it! Highest FaT M2 for 48 years :)
And thankyou for tolerating my crazy schedule, trying to fit in far too many outings (and the same goes to W1)!

(*) apart from being cold when the weather was crap (which was far too often for may term) and those 'special' IVs...

p.s. I tapped down today. (Joff)

1. Lile coxing the crew...
2. Lilie models the 2nd...
3. Awwwwww!

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3rd men's VIII

Bumped Trinity Hall II
Good start to bumps. Christs maybe gained half a length initially but fell off round grassy and we took Tit Hall II out of Ditton with a neat bow to stern bump from Emma, although hopefully we can make shorter work of it against Girton II tomorrow.

*Edit* And I'll be keeping my eyes firmly in the back of Matt's head today after seeing those photos. (Andy S.)
Congrats, Christs had some very optimistic whistles, but only really came up to 3/4s of a length before you held them off at a length for the rest of the race, gradually wearing down Tit Hall the bumps was clinical. Well done! (Lorry)
The 2nd of 4 crews in a bit of a cluster, the crew did well to pull out a good row when it mattered. Bumped at the start of the Reach. (Martin P)
Rowed over
A long race, never got within range for a big push and magdalene were poor enough to get caught by morleys holt on the overbump. At least we have a nice target for tomorrow. (Thomas)
Unfortunately no match for Girton II - things getting tough now mixing it with 2nd VIIIs. However, a good looking result in the form of Magdalene getting overbumped ahead - the crew have to contend with a rising Christs II behind them tomorrow who were denied on the first day. (Martin P)
Bumped Magdalene II
Quick and easy. Same again tomorrow please! (Andy S.)
Bumped Robinson II
Well done guys!

When I first saw you paddle i thought you had an interesting 'style', but not a bad result for you. (Martin Y)
A good way to finish the week. The rowing wasn't pretty and due to the blast of the gun most of us couldn't hear the lengthen and stride calls. We were just faster than them.

Thanks to tom andrews who subbed in for Adam Csenki.

Good luck to those moving on to other things. (Thomas)
My final bumps race ever. *sniff* Being right next to the cannons wasn't the best place to start - we set off deafened by the reverberations. The stride didn't really happen and the killer bumps push was a bit limp, but we got them pretty quickly and a bump is a bump!

All the best to crews next year - I'll be back to watch! (Andy S.)

1. It's Catching
2. Squaring up
3. Recovery

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2nd women's VIII

Very very quick bump - but they are a 3rd VIII so just as well! (Martin P)
Good first outing for the 2nd VIII tops. Not the best row (sorry Jenny), but job done. Bring on Catz.

(Harriet not Clair) (Clair)
Bumped St. Catharine's II
Took a bit longer than LMBC III, but pretty quick nevertheless! (Martin P)
Can't work out who I felt more sorry for - Maggie III as we followed them to the start or Catz II as we followed them home. We're too fast to be in this division. Let's keep moving up. (Harriet)
I remember being in the 2nd viii (which also contained the mighty Russell and the even mightier Aiken) that was about 1/4 of a length off being over-bumped by these bad-boys on the 1st day of the Mays and consequentally were bumped by them a few days later. Glad you got them back. Rah rah!
Edit: Amelia is as mighty as Catherine when she is not injured. Both are mightier than I. (Becca)
Bumped Darwin II
As well as (not-over)bumping, we proved that we are the fittest 2nd VIII by winning an impromptu wet T-shirt contest, judged by the creepy man who wanted a photo taken with us. All in a day's work. (Harriet)
Bumped Trinity Hall II
Fit fit fit fit fit. Done with style. My favourite quote of the week, from Jenny yesterday: "well, we can't be too disappointed that we bumped today." Damn Darwin if they'd been a bit quicker we would have been up 6 instead of 4, but hey, I'm not complaining. We have two pretty blades to hang on our walls. Time for M2 to swallow their pride, I think. (Jo)
Time for me to actually write a useful race report. Here goes...

This term the only problem we were facing was could we bump quickly enough every day to avoid cornering. We started off over-confident, after our succesful lents, and won everything we entered in the first few weeks of term. It all seemed to fall to pieces around crew selection, with some people feeling severly disheartened due to rowing in scratch crews. This was not helped by a week of IVs during exams, and a massive thank you is due to Jenny for keeping us positive and on the right track.

Finally getting back in the VIII we suddenly realised that we could do it, that we are in fact the fittest 2nd VIII, and that the feeling of winning is worth everything else - all those long outings, missed revision sessions, sober post-exam celebrations. Rowing with you girls has been amazing, we deserve those two blades. I can't wait to start training with you next term. Lets show M2 that this year hasn't been a fluke.

I'd like to say thank you to all our subs, particularly Erica, Amelia and Clair, and of course to Jenny - we really couldn't have done it without you. Don't forget to collect your present from my room! (Harriet)
WOW!!! What more can I say! We got blades AGAIN! Totally deserved. We could have triple overbumped any boat in that divsion given a free river. Good commitment, LOTS of power, nice rowing, and pretty damn good looking rowers. We are the fittest and fastest second eight on the Cam. Fact! I will miss you guy so much next year. It has been two absolutely amazing terms that I will remember forever. Keep up the good work next year. I hope to get to row with you in Black Prince. (Julijana)

1. Dami and the flag
2. Four crews in line u...
3. A bit scrappy but mo...

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3rd women's VIII

Overbumped Homerton II
this was the first bump up for a lot of the crew - i don't know about the rest of you, but i'm holding onto my greenery until it shrivels up. and them i'm going to frame it. and show it to my grandkids. we did it girls, woop woop! let's go for it today! (Kristina)
WOW! I knew Eddies ahead would probably be too quick to catch, but I would never have predicted an overbump. Awesome job girls! Eddies will be quick behind you tomorrow, but you'll have something to chase.... (Phil)
Extraordinary turn of events... and a great result for W3!! Addies (2 in front) got their bung start wrong and went into the far bank. St Edmunds (1 in front) rowed past to get their bump. A minute later Homerton (3 in front) suffer an enormous overhead crab which skews them hard into the outside of First Post Corner... Amazing! :-) (Martin P)
Bloody amazing :) May *possibly* have been a little bit of luck involved, but still, an overbump is an overbump! Not our best row ever, but still good enough to get the first day nerves out of the way and some good points to take into tomorrow. Now all we need to do it go and get Newnham... (Charley)
Bumped Newnham III
a very wise wLBC once told us, "when you win, nothing hurts." she was sooo right. we actually deserved this bump, too!!! i'm so proud of everyone, i couldn't have expected such an awesome result this time two weeks ago. especially with eddies chasing us, the members of which are at LEAST twice our size. amazing!! (Kristina)
Well, we really do like screwing up people's BumpIt predictions! Our first row was pretty damn awesome, a really nice push along the gut and into Grassy saw us get overlap, and in amongst the confusion we got our bump ("properly" this time!) Eddies were closing, but not enough to make a difference. The row-over at the bottom of Division 3 was pretty good too, we were never really going to get Selwyn today but it was a tidy and committed row and we actually managed to make Peter Brandt move. Tomorrow we're going for the row-over then bump up, if anyone cares to change their predicitons... (Charley)
A really excellent row and an excellent result under pressure from St Edmunds. After such good luck on day 1, so good to build on that and keep moving up. Bumped at the Plough. (Martin P)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
i personally felt like throwing up when i was told i would have to row again. still, wasn't too bad, we didn't make up much ground on Selwyn but found a good strong rhythm which we kept all the way down to the finish. let's try and bump them tomorrow so we don't have to row twice again!! (Kristina)
Rowed over Head
A decent enough row in pretty shocking conditions. Got a good start (thankyou to everyone who was on the bank pushing us off for getting it spot on), unfortunately for them Newnham III didn't so were bumped by Eddies before First Post Corner. The crews behind them bumped out around Grassy, leaving us a nice clear river to row-over as head of the division. A bit rushed in places, but the last piece was lovely and it did the job :) (Charley)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
Absolutely awesome :) Even though we didn't catch Selwyn, it was a really good row, we were totally committed despite being completely knackered, and especially along the reach put in some good pushes. Dom deserves a special mention for some fantastic lines and thankyou to our ever-growing bank party for keeping us going. Bring on Eddies tomorrow, it'll be tough but if we throw everything we've got at it then we can do it... (Charley)
Bumped by St. Edmund's
So amazingly proud of all of you. Absolute legends girls. Was so so so impressed with all of your rowing - and you blew me away with the performances you put in. You made my week girls, made my week. (Lyns)
Definitely my best bumps ever! Thanks a lot to all you girls (and Dom) for making this sooo amazing despite the horrid weather! Up 3 is a great result and I'm very proud of it! (And I really can do "First" "and" "Third" now, promise :)) (Amna)
Even though it wasn't quite the result we were looking for today, I'm still incredibly proud of the way we rowed today and all week. Today felt like some of the best rowing we've done, really powerful yet not rushed, and we didn't lose it even though they were closing in. Once again thankyou to another excessive bank party for some great support, and sorry Dom for getting you a little wet at the boat house! We've exceeded everyone's expectations (and probably our own) this week, and going up 3 is a fantastic achievement...especially since most of us now have a positive bumps record :) Cheers girls for making these bumps so much fun (even if we can't quite manage "First" "and" "Third"!), bring on Mays Dinner... (Charley)
our best piece of rowing yet this week, even in the torrential rain (which decided to start on the one minute gun - niiiiiice)!! they simply outrowed us, all credit to them.

we've done so well this week, girlies, i can't tell you how proud i am of us all. they say good crews go up three...:p bring on the mays dinner :D x (Kristina)

1. start of division 4 ...
2. Conceding the bump o...
3. Mad bloke in fluores...

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4th men's VIII

Rowed over
Good first day from the grad boys. Set off hard and established a solid rythym. Got inside station on Corpus II but sadly LMBC IV fell apart and then took it wide round grassy before falling to Corpus just after the corner.

The boys and Sarah were keen to have a crack at the overbump but prevented by carnage.

Pembroke III were never a threat and fell back to about 8 lengths behind before conceding the overbump to Wolfson II. (C.S.Dunleavy)
Bumped LMBC IV
Moved up pretty swiftly on LMBC IV, but were also under pressure from Wolfson II who had overbumped yesterday. Held it together and thankfully bumped LMBC IV entering the Gut. Caused a lot of carnage though! (Martin P)
Congratulations on regaining the 4th VIII headship. (Matt)
Rowed over
Complete and utter bollocks. Our best piece yet spoiled by amateur carnage. If Corpus escape us all week on technicalities, it will be criminal. (Nick)
Bumped by Wolfson II
Preemptively disqualified by a Nazi field marshall ... technical bump awarded to a boat full of fat men who couldn't avoid hitting our stationary boat on the bank ... and those hacks in front get a technical row over for crashing.

What can you even begin to say?

Only in this best of all possible worlds could a trash boat like Corpus M2 get away with what they got away with this week. Personally, I'm doing a PhD just to come back and sort them out next year. I honestly think we rowed well enough to get blades had it not been for so much dreadful luck. All in all, not bad for a bunch of out-of-shape drunks. (Nick)

1. No life jacket means...
2. Wolfson II make a B-...
3. Spot the lifejacket ...

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5th men's VIII

Bumped by King's II
This was one of the most unfortunate races I've watched.

You guys were eating up Disney much faster than King's were gaining on you. A seat failure just before the motorway-bridge stopped you gaining and allowed Kings to get withing a canvas. Once back on the seat a push of gargantuan proportions held off kings and brought you closer to Disney, but the damage had already been done and the bump was conceded. Great rowing, more of the same tomorrow. (Lorry)
Bumped by Christ's IV
Unfortunate result. A crab off the start let Christs IV up on us and from there they never let up. Let's draw a line under it and get them back tomorrow. (Andy S.)
Miserable time continues for M5. Under pressure around Grassy and got bumped at the Plough. (Martin P)
Bumped by Clare Hall
In a spectacularly successful May Bumps for 1st and 3rd, we've cunningly managed to stand out through total failure. I'm confidently tipping all three crews that hit us so far for blades- contact with us seems to bring joy to other crews. On the plus side- wait, no, there isn't a plus side. (Charles)
Bumped by Caius IV
The faces on the results board were pretty representative of how I felt after today, but thanks to the members of the crew who stuck through it all the way! Special shout out to Adam our strokeman; entertaining chats at marshalling made it a laugh whilst we weren't being bumped. (Jij)
Training for the 5th VIII consisted of the "10" outings required before bumps, with four guys who didn't have the time (or effort :P) to commit to the 3rd VIII joining some of our lower boat squad (including one novice) to form an VIII.

The outings before bumps looked promising, with the guys holding things together nicely, and as the highest 5th VIII on the river they had some hard work to do.

On the first day, chasing Disney II, being chased by a very fast Kings II. This day was the deciding day, closing to withing half a length off Disney before disaster struck and getting bumped.

From then on they just got in the way of various fast crews all going for their blades. Had they had slightly better fortune on the first day then they may have been able to go up 2 or 3. But that's how bumps goes and they just got really unlucky. Lesson learnt. I hope you all at least had fun and that you will all continue rowing next year. (Lorry)

1. Off they go
2. M5 powering round Gr...
3. M5 at the catch

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<h4>Addenbrookes</h4><p>Addenbrookes were removed from the M5 division after being deemed too incompetent to race.</p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the following information, note that the results are unofficial.

Men's bumps charts

Men's bumps chart, May Bumps 2007

Women's bumps charts

Women's bumps chart, May Bumps 2007

Michell Cup points

St. Edmund's32.00
1st and 3rd27.00
Anglia Ruskin22.00
St. Catharine's-21.60
Trinity Hall-21.60
Murray Edwards-24.00
Sidney Sussex-26.40

Ineligible after entering fewer than 3 crews:

Clare Hall84.00
Hughes Hall48.00
Vets School24.00

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Friday text
Saturday text

1. JPD the umpire
2. JPD the umpire
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