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Lent Term 2007

2nd women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (2nd division)

Winners of C2, 12th fastest college women's VIII
Time: 24:44
Afraid not - pots were only awarded in categories with three or more entries. (BJ)
Does that mean we get a pot too? (Charley)
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Head of the Nene (Novice VIIIs)

76th overall, 3rd in Nv
Time: 20:22:00
That was so amazing girls! Good job! Thank you Hannah for the awesome stroking job that you did, I can't believe we raced 5k at rating 32 and bumped 2 crews simultaneously! Dami, great coxing there, 10 stroke pushes EVERY 10 strokes :) I am so proud of us all and know we'll be even stronger for bumps! Yeah First and Third!!! (Julijana)
Muuuuuuuuuuch better! That's your corrected time, coming third overall in your category. Good time for a scratch crew - well done! (Lyns)
Awesome job girls - coming 3rd is pretty damn good, especially since we had to stop half way through. And I'm especially proud that I almost decapitated one of the coxes, that counts for something surely? Thanks for a really great day (and thankyou Lyns for the truffles!) time we'll get pots! (Charley)
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Robinson Head (Lower VIIIs)

5th overall; fastest second VIII
Time: 10:16
Well done girls. Looking forward to more of the same! (Erica)
Absolutely awesome!!!!

What I'm most pleased about is that we're closing the gap on the first women which has been pretty big the last couple of years. 35 seconds off them today, and we've still got a lot to work on. I am soooo proud to be coxing you guys xxxxxx (Dami)
I could not be happier - to be WINNING at this stage (and the first time we have ever raced together as a full crew) is amazing - so proud! Bring on the bumps - we're not going to settle for anything less than blades. Woo hoo!!! xx (Jo)
We won !!! we are truly awesome...we rowed well together and it paid off(obviously there are still things to work particular not rushing the slide) you girls are all awesome it was a pleasure rowing with you, bring on bumps...!!! (Hannah)
We rowed fast! I'm ready and I still have 20 minutes before my date arrives. Thank you all, much appreciated.

p.s. We are fit. (Harriet)

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2. FaT and the Robinson...
3. Yep still posing and...

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Pembroke Regatta (2nd division)

1st round
Beat Selwyn II easily
Despite the worst start we have ever done (and possibly the worst rhythm as well) we never really had any trouble. Good to get the nerves out of the way before we meet any tougher crews this afternoon. (Harriet)
2nd round
beat newhall II easily
We'd beaten them before the race even started, thanks to their annoying-beyond-belief bank party who incensed us so much that the poor girls actually in the boat never stood a chance. (Though it would have helped them if they'd actually learnt to row at some point.) (Harriet)
Quarter finals
lost to Emma III by a length
Ironically, this was the best row of the day. Our start was together, and the "power" call actually produced a rate change. Sadly, Emma took half a length off the start and we never managed to get it back. Their fresh legs just wouldn't let us catch up, despite the pressure that was being put down all through the boat. A disappointment for today then, but much to look forward to on Friday and next week. Watch this space... (Harriet)
Lots of good things to take away from today, despite the loss. Heads up girls. Bumps here we come. (Jo)
Lots of things to work on before Bumps though as well. We were improving from race to race today, but nevertheless we didn't row as impressively as last week, and thus I think it's just logical that we didn't win the thing today. Let's work hard and improve for Bumps! (Ulrike)
We rowed well. Best row of the day. It looked and felt nice and controlled from the bow seat. I still can't understand how we beat Emma II by 14 seconds in Robison Head, our W3 beat Emma IV by a length today and we lost to Emma III by a length despite our good row. Maybe I am just over-analyzing... Still, good work everyone! (Julijana)
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Lent Bumps

Bumped Clare Hall
All bumps races should be like this.

On the wind, Iain called one length. We had overlap by the power call. Clare Hall finally conceded just after the motorway bridge.

Special mention goes to Clair for last minute subbing in, and to Ulrike who we hope is recovering well.

Looking forward to tomorrow. (Harriet)
Bumped Girton II
Girton acknowledged coming into first post. (Dubya)
Let's take up the confidence from the AMAZING results in M1 and W1 and blitz these next two races. We are so capable of doing it, let's do it in style and make them proud. Woo hoo! (Jo)
for "some of the less obedient crew members..." in the above report, read "the crew member in the three-seat began to panic that we might have been thwarted in our bump, and so caused a BIG fuss..."

thank you girls for having me in your crew, i feel very honoured to row with you all. i had fun, but i very much hope ulrike is better soon :) ! (Clair)
Our start was good given the head wind, but coming under the motorway bridge we hit a massive gust that caused us to completely lose rhythm. At the same time, Clare were busy aiming for the bank, their bow girl having 'defended her ears' rather than take the first stroke. Girton were a quarter of a length off them when they managed to pull away, which left us feeling quite nervous. We seemed to be a length off for ages, but then pulled it back together and closed quickly just before First Post.

After we held it up there was lots of confusion about what had happenned, as New Hall II were still spacking around in front of Girton, their bow completely covered in mud. A few of the less obedient crew members refused to row until Jenny and John told us the good news - New Hall had in fact been bumped by Clare ages before but were having trouble clearing. Can't wait to chase them on Friday...

And in case anyone was worried, Dami and I got C6 :) (Harriet)
Bumped New Hall II
Definately best row of the week and even shorter than tuesday. Awesome!

Yes, New Hall got pushed out by the outflow (this will not happen to us tomorrow, coz Iain and our bankparty are amazing) and so I just kinda concentrated on being in a good position to pull in for greenery. hehe. Didn't make a power call, totally unnecessary when you'd have bumped by the 2nd stroke after it. You girls rock. (Dami)
Wow those cannons are loud!

Luckily Dami didn't need to call much, just "wind 1, wind 2... and thats a quarter of a length, keep winding... and stop rowing!" (Harriet)
Yay! We bumped again. The start was better that previous days, althogh that cannon can surely be scary. Tomorrow we're right in front of it. Apparently New Hall's bows were not straight when they started, so they took time straightening while we went right at them for the bump. The row was short, but not bad. I don't remember hearing a power call from Dami, maybe because we were so close to bumping. Good work everyone, let's keep it strong for tomorrow! (Julijana)
This row felt really strong and confident - even if we were chasing a much stronger crew I'm pretty sure we would have got them. All we have to do now is what we've done the last couple of days. I'm very very excited. (Jo)
Bumped St. Catharine's II
Congratulations!!! (AmeLia)

Quotes of the day by Dami:

"Blades 1, blades 2, blades 3..."

After 2 bottles of champagne:
"Arrgh, there's a boat coming. I'm scared." (Harriet)
I cannot be happier! We got blades and a place for W2 in Lent Bumps next year. Our last day was the best row during all of Bumps, even though our start was maybe the worst, a consequence of starting right next to the cannons and the outflow. An excellent job by Dami and Iain for getting us straight. The row was a bit longer than previous days (though we always managed to bump before or at first post corner), but we went into it strong and confident to catch St Catherine's and win our blades. It has been a pleasure being a part of W2 and rowing with you all term. A shame Ulrike couldn't row with us for Bumps, but many thanks for Clair for subbing in. We justified our hard training and great motivation. Many thanks to Neil and John for coaching us. It has been trully amazing! More goodness to come in Mays! (Julijana)

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Women's Head of the River Race (Elite VIIIs)

Time: 21:16.52
6th Cambridge College crew (behind the 1st VIII, Jesus, LMBC, Emmanuel, Peterhouse). 19th of 23 finishers in Elite (status changed from novice imposed after crew change). (Simon)
Good race. We found our rhythm and stuck to it for the first half, until Tera lost her blade dramatically. Full marks to her for keeping hold of it. By then we had overtaken four crews, and were feeling pleased with ourselves, but that last 500m felt very long.

I checked in the novice division and we would have come 6th, so I think we can be proud of ourselves. More importantly, we beat my sister's crew by 2 mins, and we were less than a minute behind out 1sts. Seems like we can row longer distances than to first post corner after all... (Harriet)
Not only did we move up over 100 places, we also beat Clare W1, who started off head of Lents this year (before our girls took them out of course)!!!! AWESOME!!!
Many thanks go to our super sub (we seem to be getting a lot of them lately) Emma from Homerton, who was a real asset to the boat.
I'm going to miss this crew so much! Roll on May term! xx (Jo)
Awesome guys, that's a really good result! Especially as the stream wouldn't have been nearly as strong when you guys were rowing. (Jane)
we rock.

Our plan was just to have a good day out, throw in a nice little paddle rating about 28, and finish a bit higher than we started.

There was a delay getting on to the water, as we were stuck in the middle of a long queue and we couldn't get to our marshalling point across the river. Ended up starting about 15 places late. The start was very controlled, I was a bit worried that it was a bit too controlled. I guess I'm too used to 200m sprints. Turned out that the girls paced themselves well. I didn't notice any drops in power, except when Tera's blade popped out the gate (I've got a not very clear video of that btw). Rated 30. Overtook a number of crews, which is always fun. Got overtaken by one off the start, but they must have gone off too hard as they only finished 7 seconds faster. We overtook them on the way back anyway, shows our superior strength and fitness.

We rowed and rowed for 21 minutes. Pushed off various supporters along the course. Jo bled all over her blade and the boat as usual. Jo bled onto my shoe which was not so usual.

The row home was very very long. I was suprised at the paddling speed of alot the crews, and also how wimpy they were about other crews getting close to them. Clearly never done bumps before.

I think we can claim victory over emma 2, the only 2nd boat to have beaten us this term. It's a shame it clashes with bumps next year, W2 would probably get home an hour earlier if they started 100 places ahead.

Great way to end an amazing term. (Dami)
Wow. As much faith as I have in our mighty W2, I admit I hadn't quite expected such a great result! Less than a minute behind W1, and beating many college and club first eights (including two of the top five finishers in the Lents) in the process. A really excellent result, which properly reflects the hard training you have all put in this term. (Erica)
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