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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2007

2nd women's VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Damilola Dauda

1st round
Beat Selwyn II easily
Despite the worst start we have ever done (and possibly the worst rhythm as well) we never really had any trouble. Good to get the nerves out of the way before we meet any tougher crews this afternoon. (Harriet)
2nd round
beat newhall II easily
We'd beaten them before the race even started, thanks to their annoying-beyond-belief bank party who incensed us so much that the poor girls actually in the boat never stood a chance. (Though it would have helped them if they'd actually learnt to row at some point.) (Harriet)
Quarter finals
lost to Emma III by a length
Ironically, this was the best row of the day. Our start was together, and the "power" call actually produced a rate change. Sadly, Emma took half a length off the start and we never managed to get it back. Their fresh legs just wouldn't let us catch up, despite the pressure that was being put down all through the boat. A disappointment for today then, but much to look forward to on Friday and next week. Watch this space... (Harriet)
Lots of good things to take away from today, despite the loss. Heads up girls. Bumps here we come. (Jo)
Lots of things to work on before Bumps though as well. We were improving from race to race today, but nevertheless we didn't row as impressively as last week, and thus I think it's just logical that we didn't win the thing today. Let's work hard and improve for Bumps! (Ulrike)
We rowed well. Best row of the day. It looked and felt nice and controlled from the bow seat. I still can't understand how we beat Emma II by 14 seconds in Robison Head, our W3 beat Emma IV by a length today and we lost to Emma III by a length despite our good row. Maybe I am just over-analyzing... Still, good work everyone! (Julijana)

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