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Head of the Nene, Lent Term 2007

2nd women's VIII (Novice VIIIs)

Coxed by: Damilola Dauda

76th overall, 3rd in Nv
Time: 20:22:00
That was so amazing girls! Good job! Thank you Hannah for the awesome stroking job that you did, I can't believe we raced 5k at rating 32 and bumped 2 crews simultaneously! Dami, great coxing there, 10 stroke pushes EVERY 10 strokes :) I am so proud of us all and know we'll be even stronger for bumps! Yeah First and Third!!! (Julijana)
Muuuuuuuuuuch better! That's your corrected time, coming third overall in your category. Good time for a scratch crew - well done! (Lyns)
Awesome job girls - coming 3rd is pretty damn good, especially since we had to stop half way through. And I'm especially proud that I almost decapitated one of the coxes, that counts for something surely? Thanks for a really great day (and thankyou Lyns for the truffles!) time we'll get pots! (Charley)

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