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Women's Head of the River Race, Lent Term 2007

2nd women's VIII (Elite VIIIs)

Coxed by: Damilola Dauda

Time: 21:16.52
6th Cambridge College crew (behind the 1st VIII, Jesus, LMBC, Emmanuel, Peterhouse). 19th of 23 finishers in Elite (status changed from novice imposed after crew change). (Simon)
Good race. We found our rhythm and stuck to it for the first half, until Tera lost her blade dramatically. Full marks to her for keeping hold of it. By then we had overtaken four crews, and were feeling pleased with ourselves, but that last 500m felt very long.

I checked in the novice division and we would have come 6th, so I think we can be proud of ourselves. More importantly, we beat my sister's crew by 2 mins, and we were less than a minute behind out 1sts. Seems like we can row longer distances than to first post corner after all... (Harriet)
Not only did we move up over 100 places, we also beat Clare W1, who started off head of Lents this year (before our girls took them out of course)!!!! AWESOME!!!
Many thanks go to our super sub (we seem to be getting a lot of them lately) Emma from Homerton, who was a real asset to the boat.
I'm going to miss this crew so much! Roll on May term! xx (Jo)
Awesome guys, that's a really good result! Especially as the stream wouldn't have been nearly as strong when you guys were rowing. (Jane)
we rock.

Our plan was just to have a good day out, throw in a nice little paddle rating about 28, and finish a bit higher than we started.

There was a delay getting on to the water, as we were stuck in the middle of a long queue and we couldn't get to our marshalling point across the river. Ended up starting about 15 places late. The start was very controlled, I was a bit worried that it was a bit too controlled. I guess I'm too used to 200m sprints. Turned out that the girls paced themselves well. I didn't notice any drops in power, except when Tera's blade popped out the gate (I've got a not very clear video of that btw). Rated 30. Overtook a number of crews, which is always fun. Got overtaken by one off the start, but they must have gone off too hard as they only finished 7 seconds faster. We overtook them on the way back anyway, shows our superior strength and fitness.

We rowed and rowed for 21 minutes. Pushed off various supporters along the course. Jo bled all over her blade and the boat as usual. Jo bled onto my shoe which was not so usual.

The row home was very very long. I was suprised at the paddling speed of alot the crews, and also how wimpy they were about other crews getting close to them. Clearly never done bumps before.

I think we can claim victory over emma 2, the only 2nd boat to have beaten us this term. It's a shame it clashes with bumps next year, W2 would probably get home an hour earlier if they started 100 places ahead.

Great way to end an amazing term. (Dami)
Wow. As much faith as I have in our mighty W2, I admit I hadn't quite expected such a great result! Less than a minute behind W1, and beating many college and club first eights (including two of the top five finishers in the Lents) in the process. A really excellent result, which properly reflects the hard training you have all put in this term. (Erica)

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