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May Bumps 2005

1st women's VIII

Crew list for 4 races:

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

Rowed over Head
This race went pretty much as we expected, apart from the very stiff head wind in the reach. A fairly controlled race to Ditton, followed by a massive spack to Peter's posts, complete with air strokes, timing issues and multiple ratio calls. Luckily we were quite a few lengths ahead at this point, and we took it down after the bridge, to paddle across the line at half pressure well clear of Queens'. (Erica)
Bumped Darwin as sandwich boat
Row over painful
Div 1: Darwin died quickly
Back where we belong (Lilie)
Well done girls another very good start but Lillie, haven't you got another 16 places to go? (Dan)
Rowed over
I want to take Catz W1, dig out their spleen with a wooden spoon and eat it.

Not a haiku, but true. Let's go for the kill off the gun. (Pia)
Bumps is so cruel, they
Broke our unbeaten record
Catz will feel our pain.
Quote from Selwyn BC: "It was all change at the start line after yesterday's bumps in front of and behind us. First and Third were an exceptionally strong crew behind, so the situation was one of bumping quickly or getting a whipping..." (Lilie)
Very very frustrating. We went out hard, we closed to half a length, we did our best and unfortunately it wasn't quite good enough.

My (less good) haiku offering:

Mighty Cat and Buns;
So fast! Alas Wheel were slow
Selwyn Bump first. Arse. (Amelia)
Bumped St. Catharine's
Never in question
Draw, wind and stride; Hold it up!
Long slow paddle home (Lilie)
Just fifty five strokes
Revenge for yesterday sweet
Bump bumpety bump (Amelia)
Not smart enough to write Haiku
So a limerick will have to do.
Revenge for Thursday,
(Selwyn were in our way)
Fifty strokes and we downed that Catz crew. (Mika)
Bumped New Hall
Not mugh of a fight-
Two lengths clear of the bridge, we
Award New Hall spoons

disclaimer: New hall didn't get spoons. But it's the morning after BCD and it fits. (Lilie)

1. Final turn into the ...
2. Last row home, past ...
3. Alone on the river

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