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The Club's Crews

Lent Term 2019

If you have an official crew list that is not on the website then please contact me.

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowSamuel Kittle
2Dohun Lee
3Josh Payne
4Harry Whelan
5Isaac Brown
6W.J. Hardy
7Josh Hampson
strJames Edgeley
coxMaelle-Marie Troadec
1st women's VIII
in Queen Elizabeth I
bowAnna Laletina
2Tiffany Chow
3Bianca Andrei
4Bethany Ladd
5Lauren Denny
6Juliette Wrixon
7Savannah Dixon
strGeorgina Archer
coxAlan Sun
2nd men's VIII
in David Jones
bowMisha Schmalian
2Jamie Bell
3Robert Moerman
4Aaron Lewis
5Christopher Elsby
6Alessandro Angelico
7Petr Dolezal
strAhmed Imam
coxKerem Ergene
2nd women's VIII
in Valkyrie
bowWai In Hui
2Shilin Chen
3Lora Naydenova
4Alexandra Badut
5Tatiana Matejovicova
6Fenna Hasche
7Ruth Warner
strN. Yamasaki
coxEllie Atkinson
3rd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowShavindra Jayasekera
2Yann Dubois
3Juvraj Sawney
4Leszek Soldan
5Jakob Bull
6Gabriel Osborne
7Luke Barratt
strMihkel Kama
coxIlsu Erdem Ari
4th men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowThomas Pink
2Teen-Jui Chow
3Hugo Aaronson
4Michael Nguyen
5Thomas Pycroft
6Yi Lee
7B. Gutstein
strRosie Baish
coxTrisna Tungadi

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