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Mich Term 2006

1st women's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (1st division)

3rd, baby!!!!
Time: 15:12.08
Absolutely amazing girls. As Amy said, 7th into the final and 3rd out of it. You all made that difference. Huge commitment from everyone. Special congrats to Julijana who took 8 SECONDS off her previous time in the final. Awesome work. So proud of you guys - now, on to the water... can you beat all the other novices there too....?!?!?!?

P.s - Corrinne's was def all time Qergs record - and I reckon that's going to stand for a while... (Lyns)
Good work, girls. I'm looking forward to seeing some further domination on the water at Clare Novice Regatta and Fairbairns. You'll make a fantastic addition to the senior squad next term - start getting used to being awesome!! (Erica)
Oh My God!!! I am so proud of you guys its unreal! We went in earlier just hoping that we would do well in our heat, and were happy when we came 5th! But then they just pulled it out of the bag for the final with everyone maintaining or even improving their times. (esp. Julijann for knocking 8 seconds off her time in the heat!) This was an absolutely amazing result and just put me on a high for the rest of the night! :)

So 3rd place overall, fastest female time ever at Queens ergs... in the words of our queens marshall at the final... "wow, that was awesome girls!" (Sorcs)
This was just awesome! There is no other word for it. These girls came from 5th in their heat and about 7th of the girls in the final to make it into third place. Each one showing determination and enthusiasm that really made a LBC proud!!! The finals were exhausting even just to watch, and our girls came from about 6th or 7th place near the start to pull it back to third. Each won their own personal battles, alot knocking a fair few seconds off their previous PBs.
I was just so so proud to be there shouting at them, and to hear at the end from the commentator "and Trinity come third! Where the hell did they come from!?!?!?" Absolutely made my night.
And of course a well done has to go to Corrine for pulling the fastest women's individual time, and a possible Queen's ergs record! (1:38.2)
An awesome awesome night all round. (Amy)
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Cambridge Winter Head (Student Beginner VIIIs)

4th in Women's Student Beginners, 231st Overall
Time: 14:23

Well done awesome start to our boatie careers :) And seeing as we haven't got the times through yet, we are still undefeated on the water! I think we did really well, we rowed good and Sarah did some great coxing. Go us! (Charley)
The claim that you're better than me clearly isn't a reference to your grammar: you rowed well, not good. (BJ)
I bank partied the girls for their first chance to prove themselves on the water, after the heady heights of Queens' Ergs success. With some awesome lines from Sarah and tidy, powerful rowing from the crew, they closed on Magdalene (men!) ahead for the whole race. A good result (beaten only by Selwyn in the college stakes), and there's certainly a lot more to come from this crew. (Erica)

1. Near the catch
2. On the Reach
3. Turning onto Plough ...

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Emma Sprints

2nd round
lost to Emma by 1 length
The umpire made the controversial decision to start the race with us half a length down, but then the opposition was Emma. We were also on the outside of the bend and, without a staggered start or finish, the result shows that we were probably about the same speed as Emma.

That said, this was still a race that we could and should have won. A bit of work this week on maintaining length at higher ratings will see a more experienced and practised crew at Clare Novices! Other than that, a tidy and committed row, with promising signs of things to come.

PS I forgot to mention the rendition of Row, row, row your boat in a round. It was awful. (BJ)
Never mind girls...we still got the doughnuts! Although I think that Julijana should give back her extra one seeing as it turns out she actually crabbed AFTER the finish line. Definately agree that there's a lot more to come at Clare Novices...although I think that might have more to do with the fact that I'm not rowing! Looking forward to some good outings this week, remember: 'if you're not dying, you're not trying'!

p.s. our rendition of 'row, row, row your boat' was awesome...FACT! Although I think that next time Sarah should sing 'just around the riverbend' right into the cox-box, such a treat for the ears! (Charley)
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Clare Novice Regatta (Cup)

1st round
Beat Downing A (1 length)
A relaxed and controlled rhythm was found quickly by the girls off the start, and they quickly moved up to a length and a half lead as Downing struggled with seemingly every aspect of rowing. In the seconf half though the opposition got it togehter and with the bend under the Railway Bridge in their favour they came back at the girls to be a length off. The girls then held them at this distance with relative ease.

I was very pleased with the relaxation and confirdence displayed by the crew - a rare thing in Clare Novices. (Phil)
2nd round
Lost to Caius A (2 lengths)
Unfortunate. The whole way through the main part of the race you girls didn't drop any time to them at all. However, the fact they had a strong start meant the length or so they gained off that was enough for them to carry on through and take the win. Still, a very tidy strong row - Fairbairns all the way...! (Lyns)
Given that we were rowing for the first time with 2 Subs and me on stroke position we really did well (especially in the first round)!!! The second round was really a bit unlucky, and the nasty weather conditions and all that sitting around and waiting in cold and damp clothes over most of the day did not really help to keep up our spirits, but nevertheless, we went out again and really fought for it. I'm proud to be member of this crew!!! (Ulrike)
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Novice Fairbairn Cup (1st division)

10th overall
Time: 11:57
Unfortunately, the yellow flag this term has had much better correlation with our scheduled outings than with bad weather conditions, so our preparations for this race were only slightly better than England's for the Ashes. The start sequence therefore bore uncanny resemblance to Steve Harmison's first ball, and took a few years off my life. After we got that sorted out, it was a generally tidy and committed row. We seem to have posted a fairly competitive time, so it's just a matter of seeing how everyone else fared! Didn't quite manage the bump on Girton by the finish line.

You might be interested to know that you covered the course 25s quicker than Phil and I did as novices (and I know exactly what your response to that will be)...

Congratulations all on losing your novice status, and good luck in your first race as seniors tomorrow! (BJ)
I know it's a cheap shot, but it has to be said:

We are better than Bryn (and Phil)...FACT!!!

Well done girls, we died and we tried :) Yes the start wasn't perfect (lol, sorry!) but I think we picked it up towards the end and rowed pretty good. Now just got to do that and a bit more tomorrow...I'll bring the doughnuts!

p.s. also sorry about some truly horiffic coxing, think I'll leave that to Sarah for tomorrow! And if anyone has a spare knee going, please let me know, might be useful (Charley)
Good job girls! I am so proud of you all! We did it and we did it well. Even though our ranking is not that great, all the times of the crews before us are really close. Let's do it double tomorrow. Good rowing again. (Julijana)
Very impressed girls. Good focus, good timing and obviously putting power down in the water. Congratuations. show the seniors what you can do today - and come back next term to bump! (Lyns)

1. Sarah coxing from 7
2. Putting some pressur...
3. And another one duri...

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Fairbairn Cup (Lower VIIIs), 1st women's novice VIII rowing as 3rd women's VIII

Only 3rd VIII (27th College VIII)
Time: 20:17.7
To put something straight first: This heading is out-of-date. We did race as seniors for the very first time (and did well!), so the caption has to be:

3rd women's VIII, Lower VIIIs

Okay, back to the race:
1. We rowed well (or 'good' or whatsoever) ...FACT!
2. We beat Newnham II. During the second half of the race we gained more than 14 seconds on them!
3. Again in the second half, we also were 10 seconds faster than Girton II!
4. Sarah: that coxing was marvellous!
5. We got not disqualified! (Thank you Lyns, for kissing all those Jesus-asses...)

See you all at training camp in Lent term!!! (Ulrike)
Welcome to the senior squad, girls! I hope to see lots of you at training camp in January. (Pedro)
Looking at the header, we were the best college 3rd VIII...FACT! (and no it doesn't matter that we were the only one!) Senior Fairbairns felt so much better than Novice, everything seemed to come together so much better and it felt pretty good, if incredibly painful, but it was definately the best way to round off an awesome novice term. Thankyou girls for making rowing so much fun (something I never thought I'd say!). And check out the pictures - the pink leggings look so good! (Charley)

1. On the drive
2. Catches together
3. Finishes out

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