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Queens' Novice Ergo Competition, Mich Term 2006

1st women's novice VIII (1st division)

3rd, baby!!!!
Time: 15:12.08
This was just awesome! There is no other word for it. These girls came from 5th in their heat and about 7th of the girls in the final to make it into third place. Each one showing determination and enthusiasm that really made a LBC proud!!! The finals were exhausting even just to watch, and our girls came from about 6th or 7th place near the start to pull it back to third. Each won their own personal battles, alot knocking a fair few seconds off their previous PBs.
I was just so so proud to be there shouting at them, and to hear at the end from the commentator "and Trinity come third! Where the hell did they come from!?!?!?" Absolutely made my night.
And of course a well done has to go to Corrine for pulling the fastest women's individual time, and a possible Queen's ergs record! (1:38.2)
An awesome awesome night all round. (Amy)
Absolutely amazing girls. As Amy said, 7th into the final and 3rd out of it. You all made that difference. Huge commitment from everyone. Special congrats to Julijana who took 8 SECONDS off her previous time in the final. Awesome work. So proud of you guys - now, on to the water... can you beat all the other novices there too....?!?!?!?

P.s - Corrinne's was def all time Qergs record - and I reckon that's going to stand for a while... (Lyns)
Good work, girls. I'm looking forward to seeing some further domination on the water at Clare Novice Regatta and Fairbairns. You'll make a fantastic addition to the senior squad next term - start getting used to being awesome!! (Erica)
Oh My God!!! I am so proud of you guys its unreal! We went in earlier just hoping that we would do well in our heat, and were happy when we came 5th! But then they just pulled it out of the bag for the final with everyone maintaining or even improving their times. (esp. Julijann for knocking 8 seconds off her time in the heat!) This was an absolutely amazing result and just put me on a high for the rest of the night! :)

So 3rd place overall, fastest female time ever at Queens ergs... in the words of our queens marshall at the final... "wow, that was awesome girls!" (Sorcs)

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