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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2006

1st women's novice VIII (Cup)

Coxed by: Sarah Pitt

1st round
Beat Downing A (1 length)
A relaxed and controlled rhythm was found quickly by the girls off the start, and they quickly moved up to a length and a half lead as Downing struggled with seemingly every aspect of rowing. In the seconf half though the opposition got it togehter and with the bend under the Railway Bridge in their favour they came back at the girls to be a length off. The girls then held them at this distance with relative ease.

I was very pleased with the relaxation and confirdence displayed by the crew - a rare thing in Clare Novices. (Phil)
2nd round
Lost to Caius A (2 lengths)
Unfortunate. The whole way through the main part of the race you girls didn't drop any time to them at all. However, the fact they had a strong start meant the length or so they gained off that was enough for them to carry on through and take the win. Still, a very tidy strong row - Fairbairns all the way...! (Lyns)
Given that we were rowing for the first time with 2 Subs and me on stroke position we really did well (especially in the first round)!!! The second round was really a bit unlucky, and the nasty weather conditions and all that sitting around and waiting in cold and damp clothes over most of the day did not really help to keep up our spirits, but nevertheless, we went out again and really fought for it. I'm proud to be member of this crew!!! (Ulrike)

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