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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2006

1st women's novice VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Sarah Pitt

10th overall
Time: 11:57
Unfortunately, the yellow flag this term has had much better correlation with our scheduled outings than with bad weather conditions, so our preparations for this race were only slightly better than England's for the Ashes. The start sequence therefore bore uncanny resemblance to Steve Harmison's first ball, and took a few years off my life. After we got that sorted out, it was a generally tidy and committed row. We seem to have posted a fairly competitive time, so it's just a matter of seeing how everyone else fared! Didn't quite manage the bump on Girton by the finish line.

You might be interested to know that you covered the course 25s quicker than Phil and I did as novices (and I know exactly what your response to that will be)...

Congratulations all on losing your novice status, and good luck in your first race as seniors tomorrow! (BJ)
I know it's a cheap shot, but it has to be said:

We are better than Bryn (and Phil)...FACT!!!

Well done girls, we died and we tried :) Yes the start wasn't perfect (lol, sorry!) but I think we picked it up towards the end and rowed pretty good. Now just got to do that and a bit more tomorrow...I'll bring the doughnuts!

p.s. also sorry about some truly horiffic coxing, think I'll leave that to Sarah for tomorrow! And if anyone has a spare knee going, please let me know, might be useful (Charley)
Good job girls! I am so proud of you all! We did it and we did it well. Even though our ranking is not that great, all the times of the crews before us are really close. Let's do it double tomorrow. Good rowing again. (Julijana)
Very impressed girls. Good focus, good timing and obviously putting power down in the water. Congratuations. show the seniors what you can do today - and come back next term to bump! (Lyns)

1. Sarah coxing from 7
2. Putting some pressur...
3. And another one duri...

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