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Fairbairn Cup 2006

1st women's novice VIII rowing as 3rd women's VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Sarah Pitt

Only 3rd VIII (27th College VIII)
Time: 20:17.7
To put something straight first: This heading is out-of-date. We did race as seniors for the very first time (and did well!), so the caption has to be:

3rd women's VIII, Lower VIIIs

Okay, back to the race:
1. We rowed well (or 'good' or whatsoever) ...FACT!
2. We beat Newnham II. During the second half of the race we gained more than 14 seconds on them!
3. Again in the second half, we also were 10 seconds faster than Girton II!
4. Sarah: that coxing was marvellous!
5. We got not disqualified! (Thank you Lyns, for kissing all those Jesus-asses...)

See you all at training camp in Lent term!!! (Ulrike)
Welcome to the senior squad, girls! I hope to see lots of you at training camp in January. (Pedro)
Looking at the header, we were the best college 3rd VIII...FACT! (and no it doesn't matter that we were the only one!) Senior Fairbairns felt so much better than Novice, everything seemed to come together so much better and it felt pretty good, if incredibly painful, but it was definately the best way to round off an awesome novice term. Thankyou girls for making rowing so much fun (something I never thought I'd say!). And check out the pictures - the pink leggings look so good! (Charley)

1. On the drive
2. Catches together
3. Finishes out

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