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The Club's Crews

Lent Term 2020

If you have an official crew list that is not on the website then please contact me.

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowIsaac Brown
2Dohun Lee
3Josh Hampson
4Harry Whelan
5Josh Payne
6Peter Robinson
7W.J. Hardy
strReggie Mitchell
coxMaelle-Marie Troadec
1st women's VIII
in Queen Elizabeth I
bowValentina Njaradi
2Ziqi Yan
3Bethany Ladd
4Vera Gagarina
5Savannah Dixon
6Tiffany Chow
7Ruby Rogers
strJuliette Wrixon
coxAnna Laletina
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowNeil Ibata
2Ludovic Pilloux
3George Mears Mears
4Yi Lee
5Isaac Wood
6Jamie Bell
7Samuel Kittle
strAlessandro Angelico
coxIlsu Erdem Ari
2nd women's VIII - The Pineapple Express
in Valkyrie
bowMaraia Pickering
2Abby Pope
3Mina Sekularac
4Madeleine Southey
5Keziah Heasman
6Joyce Leung
7Laila Dell’Anno
strShilin Chen
coxLauren Park
3rd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowFederico Stazi
2Scott Shepherd
3Jakob Bull
4Patrick Winter
5Shavindra Jayasekera
6Samuel Gerrard
7Orson Ye
strLuke Barratt
coxGurpreet Karlcut
4th men's VIII
in David Jones
bowHarjivan Singh
2Jonathan Edwards
3Timour Antonov
4Máté Fehér
5Marcin Augustynowicz
6Michael Nguyen
7Juvraj Sawney
strThomas Pink
coxAna Dolinar
5th men's VIII
in Titan
bowShreyas Pai
2Arthur Conmy
3Tisal Edirisinghe
4Petya Vizkeleti
5Argyris Tsiarasasc
6Jonathan Edwards
7Hugo Aaronson
strTimour Antonov
coxEmily Giffin

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