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Lent Bumps 2011

The famous Cambridge University Bumps on the River Cam
Tue 1st - Sat 5th March

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1st men's VIII Rowed over Head Bumped by Downing Bumped by Caius Rowed over
1st women's VIII Bumped by Downing Bumped by Emmanuel Bumped by Pembroke Rowed over
2nd men's VIII Rowed over Bumped St. Catharine's Bumped by St. Catharine's Bumped by Caius II
2nd women's VIII Rowed over Bumped Anglia Ruskin Rowed over Rowed over
3rd men's VIII Rowed over Overbumped by Magdalene II Bumped by Churchill II Rowed over
4th men's VIII Bumped by Hughes Hall Bumped by Wolfson II Bumped by Queens' III Bumped by Wolfson II

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Double Overbumped
Overbumped - hit the crew 3 in front
Bumped the crew in front
Row over head of division
Row over - did not bump
Got Bumped
Got Overbumped
Got Double overbumped
Got Triple overbumped. D'oh.

1st men's VIII

Rowed over Head
Wow! Well done M1! I've been refreshing the results page continuously for the last hour, and that little yellow smiley was a welcome sight... Now someone post a proper report so we know what happened! (Emma)
90% of bumpit can badger off. (M. Griffiths)
This was the second time I had gone into Lents as the Headship crew set to spoon. 90% of Bumpit predictions said we'd lose the Headship on the first day. All the results suggested that Downing would bump us easily, and I think most of the crew thought this too. I was hopeful for a rowover, but not optimistic.

I don't remember much of the start, merely that we strode to 36 out of First Post and then spacked around Grassy, the boat rocking quite sharply as we rounded the corner. Coming onto Plough Reach we had a first push on the straight, whilst continuous whistling signalled Downing's uncomfortably close presence. By the time we got to Ditton, Downing were closing for the Bump, maybe within a couple of feet. Coming out of the corner, Gonzalo shouted to steer stroke side with more urgency than I had expected. I turned to check Downing's position and saw their stern running alongside me. Rudder on hard. We spun out to the far side of the reach, abandoning the racing line and giving Downing clear water in front of them.

There was a slight sense of deja vu at this point, given that we were in much the same position as we had been in the first round of Pembroke Regatta against Girton M1. Racing Girton, we had panicked and lost. Remembering this, I gave a call to keep calm and get the legs down hard (our default 'they're bloody close, this can't be good' status). They had half a length overlap at this point. As planned, we carried out a series of pushes straight down the Reach, keeping the rate at 36. Given that their racing plan had involved bumping us before Ditton, they simply did not have the energy to respond and had fallen back to half a length clear water by the Railway Bridge.

It suddenly dawned on me that the impossible was possible. We were at Morley's Holt. 50 strokes to go. Top finish was in sight. Downing made their 3rd big push at the P&E as we wound for the line, and finished it just as we had 2 small crabs on stroke side (perfect timing!). I counted the last two lifts to the line, and we'd done it!!! ROWED OVER HEAD. Against everyone's expectations. Wretching, shouts of joy and pain, and cheers from the bank followed.

90% of Bumpit had been proved wrong. And Downing had some serious thinking to do. Whatever happened in the next few days, we could hold our heads up proud after that race. If we were going to lose the Headship, we would do it in style, doing our best every single stroke and making Downing work bloody hard for it. (Alex)
That's it, you got an Eye of the tiger on Cam FM! Keep it up;) (N. Kamcev)
Downing challenged us and we responded. We were a bit tight through the corners, but thanks to Alex's line and some strong responses we pushed off them through the reach. Thanks for a gutsy row, guys. (Allen)
YES BOYS! (P. Jenkins)
YES, COME ON!!! Awesome result. (JPD)
Awesome! Keep up the good work! (McT)
GET IN! Well chuffed. (Rich)
Awesome! (C.S.Dunleavy)
Fantastic :- ) (Charlotte)
Rah ! (Matt)
Nice! (Preiss)
Well done boys! (Rachel)
Today's result is a tremendous achievement - we went out there, and proved everyone wrong. Today, we showed that we're not going to just roll over and die. We're prepared to fight to the death for this, and tomorrow, with a bit more sharpness round the corners, hopefully we'll be in a position to build on today's race and open up some more water behind us.

Let's have another 10 successes tomorrow. (Gonzo)
Bumped by Downing
After a defense lasting 16 days, involving 25 rowers, 4 coxes, and countless coaches and supporters, M1 finally succumbed to a strong Downing crew halfway down the Long Reach, after a hard-fought row.
Good luck to them for the rest of the week. (Peter)
The result everyone knew was a distinct possibilities. Every person in the crew is a hero for not rolling over and dying on the first day, in a glorious defiance of general opinion. (Thomas)
The inevitable happened. Despite some improved corners from Day One, Downing had learnt their lesson and held back to launch a Bumps push on the Reach. We held the racing line out of Ditton this time, but their attack was too much, and despite continued effort to the very last stroke (and some tight manoeuvring in the Empacher to avoid their stern), we succumbed by the Pink House.
Sad, but inevitable. If success is trying your hardest to row the best stroke you can, every single stroke, then today was a success, despite the result. (Alex)
Bumped by Caius
Today was quite simple. Bump or bumped. We certainly weren't rowing over.

The race plan was also simple. Don't stride. Just rate 40 for 2 minutes and see what happens. Since Caius had bumped Maggie just after 1st Post on Thursday, there was no holding back.

As it happened, we ended up rating 43 off the start and settling (?) to 41, holding Caius all the way to Ditton. This was the furthest they had been pushed all week, and when asked whether they had been made to work for the Bump, responded in the affirmative. We got within a length of Downing, but they knew what we were up to, and had a fast 3 minutes until we bumped out behind them. (Alex)
Rowed over
Rowed over ahead of Maggie, proving that we were only going to be bumped by the two fastest crews on the river and no-one else. Great row, with a lot of commitment down the Reach, when Maggie launched a push. By the Railway Bridge, we were fading and I started counting the strokes to Morley's Holt and from there to the finish (at Allen's request!).

Despite the results, this was a great set of Bumps. We started the week predicted to spoon and only went down 2 places, setting ourselves up to take the Headship back in the near future. Thank you to the crew for their unfailing commitment, and to Lianne for turning round a desperate situation with her formidable training plan. (Alex)

1. Holding Maggie Off
2. Holding On
3. Pushing Off the Bridge

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1st women's VIII

Bumped by Downing
Not the ideal result, but in bumps anything can happen, and keep waiting to pounce if Downing make the slightest slip over the next 3 days. (Thomas)
Well, Downing were seriously rapid off the start. Not a whole lot we could have done, got bumped on First Post corner.

Credit to an excellent Downing crew. (Swords)
Bumped by Emmanuel
hmmm, decentish row. Could have been faster. Ended up wide on Ditton as I couldn't cut in, tried to get round the corner but ended up practically holding their 2 girl's blade. (Swords)
Bumped by Pembroke
A committed row, that cannot be doubted. Our start was pretty rubbish, some people got stuck in, but these things happen. We recovered pretty well, however, and moved into an aggressive racing rhythm. We appeared to gain slightly on Emma ahead by the gut, but that may have just been perspective. As we went into grassy, I became aware that Pembroke had closed significantly, and a sneaky peek told me they were overlapped. Half way through the corner it looked like they were steering for it, so a quick move and a stern swap put us on the pub side. This was perhaps an error later on. Coming onto Plough reach, we moved to clear water as they straightened out of the corner, however once they moved up to straight water speed they started moving back. Committed push after committed push held them slightly, but they came back to large overlap by Ditton. At this point I attempted to take a wide line to prolong as far as possible, but they steered for it and it was all over. (Swords)
Rowed over
Finally, a decent row. We moved off pretty well from Christ's behind, although were dropped pretty quickly by Pembroke ahead. No real need for drama as Queens' dealt with Christ's behind leaving us a pretty relaxed row over. With more time we were better able to settle into a rhythm, something which didn't happen on any of the previous three days, hopefully this will be of some use come WeHorr.

In all, this bumps has been, ultimately, disappointing. The aim was to retain the headship, and had anybody asked me whether we would before day 1, I'd have said probably yes. I still think our best cruising speed may have held Downing, but their speed off the start was nothing short of phenomenal, and it was something to which we just had no answer. (Swords)
The archives of results and race reports on the website tell a lot of stories, but mostly they tell stories of success. After the boys' epic row-over on Wednesday, everyone is (rightly) eager to congratulate them. After we got bumped on Wednesday, there was radio silence. Now that bumps is over I thought it might be worth spelling out what's happened this week, and beyond.

(The crew has learned this term how cheesy I can be, and I'm afraid you haven't seen the end of my rambling yet).

We started out this term in a tough spot - coaching was patchy, crews weren't definite, and we've been plagued by illness and injury throughout. Neil arrived with three weeks til bumps, and transformed us from a group of girls of varying standards and commitment levels to a crew that buckled down and manned up.

With three weeks to go, Neil didn't have much to work with - too late for huge technical changes, but he did inspire us, and ultimately create a crew in the best sense of the word. With sketchy results all the way up to bumps, and an early loss in Pembroke Regatta, we knew we had a lot to prove. The day after we lost in Pembroke, we sparred with Queens W1 and our confidence was restored. Later that week we sparred with both M2 and M3, with decent results that proved to the crew that we had a lot more potential to move boat than we'd had a chance to demonstrate.

With this attitude, we looked forward to bumps as a chance to finally prove that we weren't the spoonbarge everyone expected.

Day one saw us bumped by an explosive Downing crew, whose standard we really didn't understand until that day. They very clearly deserve the headship, and are really in a league of their own. They completely raised the bar in women's college rowing. We were both shocked and devastated to have been bumped so quickly, but realised that there really wasn't much we could have done when faced with such formidable opposition.

Day two we went into the race with Emma chasing us relatively confident that we could hold them and looking forward for a second chance to show what we had. Again, they gained on us off the start and steadily closed. We realised again that despite how far we'd come as crew, we hadn't come far enough, and despite some impressive evasive coxing from Swords we were bumped coming round Ditton.

By day three we had been through two separate devastations, but, if anything, had grown closer as a crew. We looked forward to finally proving ourselves. After a less-than-perfect start, however, Pembroke soon began to close, and had overlap by Grassy. We enlisted the 'do-or-die' push to open up to clear water, while they steered for the bump and missed. We managed to open up the gap slightly, but they responded with another massive move to get back to overlap. At this point, I started finishing short so as not to hit their bows with my blade. Swords called another massive move, and somehow the boat responded and I was taking full strokes again as we pushed them away a second time. All credit to Pembroke who responded again and closed again, and there was no where for us to go as we came round Ditton, where they finally bumped us. The disappointment that we'd bounced back from twice returned for a third go, and again the crew rallied.

Day four we had the 'Christ's buffer' behind us, and looked forward to finally being able to row past Ditton, and do the 2k that we'd been training for. We moved off with a decent rhythm, Christ's and Queens' bumped out behind us, and we finally got our long row down the reach, although not in the kind of 'glorious isolation' we had hoped for.

My only regret is that we weren't able to give Neil the result he deserved. When he arrived in Cambridge three weeks before bumps and encountered a 'crew' desperate and terrified, he never faltered, but gave literally everything he could to help us make the most of what we had. Turbo ergs, epic outings, and lots of pasta eventually saw us come together in a way I've never experienced before. Personally, this is my worst bumps result (unless you count not getting on in W3), but my experience this term in this crew has probably been the best I've had in First and Third.

We suffered this year from a serious increase in the standard of women's rowing in Cambridge. However, as JPD said after the race, the fact that we're devastated by finishing fourth on the river indicates just how far FaT women have come over the years. The only real disappointment I feel now that bumps is over is not that we should have trained more or pushed harder - we did all we could - but that we weren't able to keep the position that so many girls before us fought so hard to put us in. On the flip side, we now know how it feels to go down, and are that much more determined to go up in the future. (Weights sessions start this week).

So, our result didn't follow our plan, and is disappointing for both our crew and our club, but this term has been far from a wasted effort, and I don't have any regrets. The eight girls and one boy in this boat have grown as athletes and as team members - thanks to Neil and to each other. Thank you girls & Swords & Neil - it's been immense. (Katie)

1. Catches In
2. Under the Railway Br...
3. The Reach

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2nd men's VIII

Rowed over
Good lads. (Emma)
There have probably been closer races in the history of bumps, but a reckless attitude to alcohol at the dinners often results in the finer details not being remembered or recorded. Thus for the benefit of generations to come I will say this:

"They got pretty damn close, but didn't manage to bump"

I think this sums up not only physical facts, the speeds and distances between the boats, but also the mental attitudes of both crews.

It could be said that first day nerves and a lack of practice start led to us spannering it along with no real sense of what we were doing for the first two minutes and that we shouldn't have even let them get that close. However I think we adhered well to our race plan:

"set off, don't worry too much about rowing well and take it easy to begin with so that you have enough energy for the second half."

The start was certainly not as together as it could have been, not everyone's thoughts being focussed on the task in hand. However once we had finished solving the maths problems posed by our captain at the start of the week we noticed that Sidney had gained significantly and we decided to have a go at rowing in time. A concerted push as we came onto "THE REACH" saw us bring our boatspeed up to something approaching respectable and we began to move away. We crossed the line just outside station.

Overall I was pleased with the effort put in by everyone, although maybe Josh should skip lunch before our next race so that he doesn't have to deposit it into the river, or possibly take some sea-sickness tablets, it does get quite choppy out there. (Aaron)
I'm not sure why people seem so excited about this race. I was never worried. Lads. (Millsy)
Mindful that I was yet to find a sufficiently combinatorial solution to our Captain's pre-race maths problem, I rowed to the start wearing fifteen different colours of clothing to aid my thought, none of which were gold, and quite a lot of which were red.

Emma indignantly asked me when in my life I was planning to start wearing 'actual kit'.

I replied that I didn't know who she was, nor what she wanted; that if she was looking for a navy and gold long-sleeved tech top, I could assure her that I hadn't participated in the latest kit order. But what I do have is a very particular set of kit; kit I have acquired over a very long career. Kit that makes me a nightmare for people like her. (Preeyan)
I saw this race going round Grassy, and it looked pretty close there. Some serious balls shown to escape from overlap near Ditton, good work boys. (Swords)
One of the most exciting bumps races I've been involved in *and* known about; there might have been more exciting rowovers in M1, but I was usually hiding in the bows and didn't know about them. Sidney closed fast, and at the plough I was starting to wonder whether I was going to get to take more than another 30 strokes.
However, the two key elements of the off-season training kicked in.
Firstly, my enormous cookie and Coca-Cola consumption over the summer meant that Aaron and I were taking stern pair substantially above the 60kg average weight of the rest of the crew and digging the stern into the water.
Secondly, the interminable weighted pullups our weight trainer had us doing meant I was able to pull really, really hard while finishing like a spanner.

The combination of the two meant that once Sidney got inside 1/4 of a length of us, they looked to be struggling in the wash/uber-puddle combination and we got to hold them in the scary position of only-overlapping-by-6-feet until they started going backwards again.
From the P&E onwards they gave up and let us have a bit of recovery for the last 300m of the race.

Two days rest, and then time for more of the same! (Peter)
Bumped St. Catharine's
An odd race to row in. I was pleased we showed that yesterday's race had been an aberration by rowing away from Sidney from the start, but down Plough reach I was starting to think about how boring this was going to get; Catz were steaming off into the distance, Caius had bumped Sidney behind and we were going to have to row the course in a big gap. Then midway round Ditton an explosion of excited noise came from the bankparty; I had no idea what they were saying, but in most circumstances it seemed like cranking the rate was a good idea (maybe Catz had crabbed?). We did this, and then rowed past the stationary Catz boat feeling rather confused. After maybe 20 more half-hearted strokes as we tried to work out whether we'd *really* bumped them, the sight of Steve Fuller throwing his bike through a hedge in disgust convinced me we could stop. (Peter)
Oh you boys, always getting yourselves into trouble...

Very good row from M2, which saw them putting a decent amount of distance onto Sidney from the start. An excellent turnaround from the first day and very good rowing from them.

Catz were very unfortunate, as they didn't just hit the bank they were also trapped there by an evil tree so they couldn't get out again. (C.S.Dunleavy)
Ok, someone should probably write a slightly more gracious report.

I was pleased with the start, faster and less spactastic than tuesday, Sidney didn't gain, some say we pulled away a bit. Catz were faster through the gut, I think our pressure dropped a bit when we saw Sidney go out and we weren't really expecting there to be anything to chase up ahead. The rythm felt good down past the plough, then coming around ditton I heard our bank party screaming "Catz have crashed". This seemed a good time to call for a wind and unsustainable push, we had no idea how badly they had crashed but its bumps and you have to take every chance you're given. Then we rowed past them, stuck in a bit of hedge/reeds. There was some confusion in the crew as to whether we'd actually bumped or not but their bank party throwing his bike down in anger said it all.

Not the most satisfying way to do it... [that's what she said] (Aaron)
This amuses me intensely. Lolcatz

In keeping with the meme... "Steer, I need you to steer". (Swords)
Bumped by St. Catharine's
While they may do some fairly bizarre things from time to time, Catz are fairly fast when they remember to stay on the river. Settling to 42 allowed us to make it to the Gut, possibly having closed a little on Selwyn before Catz mowed us down.
From there we watched Jesus investigating whether they could manage some manslaughter as well as spooning, after Wolfson decided to join Newnham's garden party.

--edit: It seems I caused much hilarity on the messageboards by conceding vigorously from the stroke seat. The result was obvious, and given the apparent standard of Catz' coxing I didn't want to give them any more chances to crash into things.
It left me wondering why strokes conceding isn't a more normal thing to do; we have a better view of when an 'overlap' bump happens, and can in almost all cases get our hands higher in the air than the cox. (Peter)
Bumped by Caius II
Last day race reports never seem to get written. Too much celebrating/commiserating/general drinking.

We thought this would be an epic battle for the M2 headship; sadly we were wrong. In spite of an effective and aggressive race, never dropping below 40, Caius had no difficulty munching up the distance and taking us down at the exit of First Post. In spite of a prompt easy from them, Caius' bowball got ripped off on first contact with a bolt on our shell, and the remaining pointy metal thing had a second stroke to rip through Penelope's sleeve.
This made me unduly angry about the stupidity and negligence of boat manufacturers, and I unfortunately went and complained about this to Caius' bankparty. Hopefully my out-of-breath rambling was sufficiently incoherent they weren't too offended.

Thanks from me to the crew and coaches who made this a very fun fortnight, far surpassing my expectations when I was parachuted into the stroke seat 10 days previously; both in levels of entertainment and rowing.

PS To explain Penelope's cryptic comment: We talked about doing a complete swap of crew order for the row home, but decided we couldn't be bothered and ended up with Josh stroking and me trying to be a big 6 man. I was quite happy to paddle back spackily at 60% of our previous length, but Penelope seemed to find this unpleasant. (Peter)
After the cox box wiring snapped, we discovered that Barrell couldn't, after all, simultaneously row and pass on my commands to the bows. Grassy thus saw a couple of air strokes and possibly the beginning of a crab, which meant that Caius easily gained on us. We'll take them down next year though.

Josh, please promise me not to stroke again any time soon - I haven't felt this miserable since the beginning of Michaelmas. (Penelope)

1. Grassy
2. Grassy
3. Grassy

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2nd women's VIII

Rowed over
Not a whole lot more the crew could do. A bump ahead before the motorway bridge left us chasing an unlikely overbump. Plenty more to hit tomorrow. (Not Thomas) (Thomas)
I appear to do a good line in accidentally submitting race reports under alibis. My apologies, however this gives me an opportunity to elaborate:

The race started, with a large degree of nervousness in the boat, understandably, however a reasonable start, and a decent rhythm was set up which helped considerably. The two crews ahead bumped pretty rapidly, leaving W2 chasing a perhaps optimistic overbump, however they set about the task of pushing Cauis II back with some gusto. While we never threatened Pembroke II, we can be satisfied with the margin we put on Cauis II.

Additionally, my intense stalking of rowing related news sites has led to this gem from the Cambridge Tab:

"Some serious luck for First and Third II, who looked like they were about to get bumped there, but Caius II caught a crab."

Can anybody shed some light? Cauis II may have crabbed (I have no idea) but I'm near as damn certain they never gained? (Swords)
Massive kudos to Nicole for keeping so calm that no-one else in the boat had any idea of the carnage that unfolded in front.

I thought we did a solid job of it. Nonetheless, the experience of having to row over after having front loaded to explosion point is one we don't really want to repeat. Bring on Thursday! (Angela)
Bumped Anglia Ruskin
Well done!! Onwards and upwards :-) (Alison)
Woohoo - well done girls! (Charlotte C)
Rowed over
Technical row over because of a clusterbadger under the motorway bridge. Bummed out. (Rebecca)
Sub-optimal. (Catherine)
An understandably premature halt to the race, given Pembroke's decision to mount Lucy Cav just past the motorway bridge, but highly frustrating for us. With an Eddies crew gunning for blades behind us, we're going to have to empty the tanks tomorrow. (Angela)
Rowed over
Well done girls!! It sounds like you had an epic race and I'm gutted to have missed it. An excellent result for the week. Looking forward to seeing more of the same in Mays :) (Liz)
Intense race. Eddies, obviously keen for blades, thought they'd get an easy bump and got well within a canvas before Grassy, but burnt out and despite two crabs for us, we stayed calm, held them off and rowed over with a good few lengths between us by the finish. Fantastic race for all involved :) RA RA FIRST AND THIRD! (Rebecca)

1. Disappearing out of ...
2. Off down Plough Reach
3. Exiting Grassy

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3rd men's VIII

Rowed over
Some say our 5 man is the reincarnation of Mars, the god of war, and that our strokeman designed the outboard motor that provided our speed. All we know is that we rowed over.

Good moves away and a calm demonstration that we weren't going to let them get to us. Good row. (Thomas)
The colour of Tom O'Neill's face as they passed W2 in marshalling says a lot. Clearly an intense row over, and for such a highly placed M3, that is a good result. (Swords)
And passed M2 in marshalling, due to the CUCBeebies not having bothered to tell anyone they were a running more than a division late. (Peter)
Overbumped by Magdalene II
Some say that if you crab in the M3 division as you pass under the railway bridge that you open a vortex in time and space, and that our Bow 3 were the first choice front row for the Varsity Match, all we know is that we got (over)bumped.

A bit complacent through the middle, allowing the speed and set of the boat to come off, when disaster struck, they were too close and it was quickly game over, just after the pink house. (Thomas)
We were aware that Magdalene II were 3 places behind us and Peterhouse II will get Selwyn II very quickly, so Magdalene will go for an overbump, especially considering our race performance against them in Pembroke Regatta. The plan was to keep this in mind from the very beginning and if we cannot bump ARU quickly, focus on keeping Magdalene well behind us. I felt, that we did a fair job in that , until that massive crab, of course, when we had no real chance of doing anything.

Still, I think it was encouraging that we did not give up immediately and stern 6 kept pushing relatively hard even with that crabbed blade floating in the water (part of this is that people in the stern didn't even know that we crabbed). The crab took at least 12-15 strokes to recover from - just enough for Magdalene to bump. (Ferenc)
For most of the race we kept calm, but then it all went a bit Carry On. Never mind, on Friday we'll get them back with a Megastar Toyota-esque bunnyhopping overbump. (James)
Bumped by Churchill II
Some say that you can tell how hard our 4 man is working by the colour of his hair, and that our 6 man insists on applying purple make up before each race to make it look like he is working hard, all we know is that we got bumped.

A bit rabbit in the headlights, they were quick, and obviously out for the early bump, and by failing to respond we gave them the bump at first post corner. (Thomas)
Although the results seem bad, we in fact allowed ourselves to be bumped today as a tactical decision. Having realised that our original goal of taking the overall headship arms only might be just out of reach, we carefully considered our options.
Viewing the chart further down, it can be seen that Hughes Hall didn't make a double overbump, overbump or even a bump today, and instead had to row the entire course without colliding with any terrified crews and ripping open their faces to devour their souls.
This will make them angry, so angry that if we had remained 6th in the division we would have almost certainly been triple overbumped by them tomorrow - instead this fate will befall Churchill, and we will cower triumphantly at the edge of the river as Hughes pass by. (James)
Rowed over
Using the state of my lycra as an indicator, I'm pretty happy with today. It smells bad enough that I must have had a reasonable workout, but not as bad as if I'd been significantly scared of the crew behind us.
Good job guys - when we needed to push today we did, and we've held onto the M3 headship. (James)
Some say that M3 are the hardest substance known to mankind, and that our cox was stopped from rowing because she kept on showing up M1 on the ergs, all we know is that we rowed over.

A well executed race plan. Big 10s every 20 or so strokes until Clare were bumped by Trinity Hall. After giving some early ground, especially coming into first post corner we held them through the corner and into the gut, and by the time they were breathing down our necks again at Grassy, Trinity Hall were all over them.

It would have been nicer not to have been overbumped, but some row-overs under pressure ensured that we can walk away from bumps feeling proud that we committed when needed. (Thomas)

1. Off down Plough Reach
2. Exiting Grassy
3. Through Grassy

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4th men's VIII

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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the following information, note that the results are unofficial.

Men's bumps charts

Men's bumps chart, Lent Bumps 2011

Women's bumps charts

Women's bumps chart, Lent Bumps 2011

Michell Cup points

Trinity Hall38.40
St. Catharine's3.00
1st and 3rd-21.00
Sidney Sussex-36.00

Ineligible after entering fewer than 3 crews:

Hughes Hall60.00
St. Edmund's36.00
Clare Hall24.00
Lucy Cavendish18.00
Murray Edwards6.00
Anglia Ruskin-18.00

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Wednesday text or graph
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Saturday text or graph

1. O'Neill at the dinner

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