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May Bumps 2009

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie
Coached by: John Earl, I. Law, Jenny Lee, Tom Rose, Peter Summers, Neil Talbott,

Bumped by Christ's
A disappointing result to be bumped less than 200m off the finish, however, a damn good race. Given results earlier this term, it was expected by most to see Christs bumping us by Grassy. We proved them wrong. We had a great start, went straight into our push for 10 and strode off surprising Christs as they didn't hear their expected whistle. We got into a great rhythm, and kept it together, rowing long and hard as we had been recently. Every stroke in the water was committed, even as they were closing in on us, we kept it together. The final continuous whistle kept on going for so long, that I thought my head is going to explode. Unfortunately they were faster than us over the long distance. Despite the result, pretty pleased with the row. Some good racing to follow... (Julijana)
Rowed over
Really good row. Queens were never a threat even though we had to take quite an adventurous line around first post thanks to some cunning marshall sending Christ's right across the river in front of us. Awesome push down the reach when we realised that the double overbump was within the realms of possibility. Tomorrow's definitely gonna be fun!! (Ulrike)
A good row indeed. We expected Christs to get Clare but thought we'd give it some anyway.

I thank the crew for the instant change in pressure as Christs decided to clear to the left instead of the right at First Post, and the combination of a quick change and a hand in the water meant we got through the Gut unscathed. I would also like to add that, despite the closeness of 6's and stroke's blade to the cox, I did expect us to just miss her as the bows swung to the right. If there was any chance of hitting her I would have held it up.

We settled into a relaxed rhythm once Christs had bumped Clare, Queens' never being a threat. Onto the Reach I saw Girton almost across the river and some white water, assuming they had bumped someone in front. It turned out that they had in fact caught a massive crab and we closed to less than 3 lengths - a bump on them being a double overbump. They got it together and we both rowed over comfortably.

Overall a decent row that sets us up well for the rest of the week. Let's finish the Bumps with a positive score! (Mark)
Very solid row over today. We managed to get it back very quickly after the carnage with Christ's in first post corner, and just kept putting more distance between our boat and Queens'. We also made a huge push on the reach when we were told that Girton had a major crab and we were within three lengths of a double overbump. Let's get pumped for tomorrow! (Laura)
Bumped Clare
Not our best row of the week, but strong and committed nonetheless. First whistle came at about the Ditch, but it took a while for the second whistle to come, probably because Clare put in a do-or-die push which slowed our advance.

I had a slightly tighter line on First Post and entering the Gut the third whistle and bump came quickly and cleanly. (Mark)
Bumped Newnham
A good row to finish off the Mays. We knew Newnham would take the fight further than Clare so we switched from the sprint tactic to the tactic of rowing over pace, hopefully meeting Newnham along the way, probably at the beginning of the Reach.

The first whistle came in the Gut and my tighter line round Grassy brought us the second and third whistles going in the Plough. I steered right after the continuous whistle which sent the bows over their stern, just missing them, but a few strokes later we hit them firmly to the enjoyment of the crowd around the Plough. (Mark)

1. Mays Dinner
2. Bump
3. Newnham at breaking ...

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