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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2008

1st women's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Natasha Menell

1st round
beat Homerton I by a couple of lengths
Very bad rowing. Spacktastic, spacktacular. We still won. (Harriet)
Not much to say about this one. Just really bad rowing. Concentration and focus were not really aided by getting up at 6ish and by lots of adrenalin on the startline. Only positive aspect was to see that we can row really really spacky and still win a race. (Ulrike)
2nd round
beat Clare I despite rowing even more spackily
Even worse. Complete panic on the start and total disharmony afterwards. Only after one of the girls caught a crab we suddenly came to our senses and calmed down. At least the second half was a slight improvement compared to round 1. To cite Iain: 'I really appreciate that you try to make it more exciting for the spectators on the bank but is this really necessary?!' (Ulrike)
Quarter finals
beat Kings I by rowing well
Ah, the tactic of actually rowing. Seems to work... (Harriet)
Finally we started to row together. We were still very nervous though and didn't really calm down. And the thought of Emma in the next round left us even more nervous after this one. (Ulrike)
Semi finals
beat Emma to take back 18s
Hah! That must feel good ;o) (Erica)
They owe us Robinson Head t-shirts... Awesome awesome awesome. This was for Uni IVs, Fairbairns IVs and everything else over the past few terms. And to think we were worried! Good controlled start matching them stroke for stroke, then we just put the power down and walked away to finish with clear water. Hell yeah :) (Charley)
YEAH! There's always a first time... :-)!

We concentrated on this one and had the first really nice start. Consequently we pulled away from the first stroke, and apparently they never really came back. (Ulrike)
beat Caius with clear water
Awesome result, congratulations! (Dubya)
Heroic. Very very very well done. And you didn't even need the Duckworth-Lewis method! Full steam ahead for bumps. (Neil T)
Fan-fucking-tastic!!! I am so incredibly pleased for you (and not at all jealous...). Roll on bumps!!! (Jane)
After beating Emma in the semi-finals we had already achieved everything we ever dreamt of. I guess that and the fact that we were all dead tired by that time (I kept yawning during marshalling and all the way down to the startline) added a lot to us being not even a bit nervous anymore for the final. We simply had nothing to loose.
Caius in contrast seemed very over-confident - having 2 blues in the boat - and hopelessly over-rated straightaway from the start. We were down a third of a length almost instantly. Although most of us probably didn't believe in a win anymore at this point we still thought we can as well give up when we reach the finishline and are still behind, so we settled into our rythm, focused on our own rowing and started to push back. We drew level under the railway bridge and started to overtake slowly. I guess they just gave in by then or were blown out from going at a ridiculously high rate, whatsoever, it seemed we just had more heart than they have, and consequently we had clear water at the finish line.

For the first time I feel that we really deserve to be FaT W1!!! And I'm damn proud to be part of this crew! As long as we want it, nobody is going to steal the headship from us!!! (Ulrike)
I was probably more excited about this result than ours; you guys were looking great and thoroughly deserved this. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (BJ)
A great finish after the rather spacky start Let's keep up the good work and kick ass in Bumps just like we walked over Emma - in style :) (Sonya)
What a great result. Wonderful news, especially alongside yet another good day for the men.
All the very best to everyone for the next two weeks of preparation for Lents. (Martin P)
Winners :) After a good start again they managed to take half a length off us by rating pretty high, but we just did our own thing and settled into a strong rhythm, coming up level just after the railway bridge and finishing with about half a length of clear water. My first pot - thanks girls for an amazing day! (Charley)

I never won Pembroke Regatta in four years of trying (bitter, me??) and you girls have walked away with it, you are awesome and I am now really really REALLY looking forward to the Lents! Wonderful news! Well done!! :o) :o) (Erica)

1. Rowing up to the start

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