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Women's Head of the River Race, Lent Term 2007

1st women's VIII (Senior3 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Magnus Jones

Time: 20:22.03
Really not bad at all - certainly not our best rowing ever, but I think the hard training we have done this year really showed through in the longer race. Overtaking always helps, too! Top college crew by some way (although a slightly disapppointing turnout, and some crews noticeably off-pace even from two weeks ago). And of course, fantastic to beat Blondie, even if only by a second. Very satisfying. A pity we couldn't have done the race in our full Lents crew, but thanks to Emily for being an excellent sub and well done Corinne for the medals at BUSA judo! (Erica)
Beat CUW III, and fastest Oxbridge College. 12th of 66 finishers in Senior 3. (Simon)
Not bad for 20 minutes of 'tea-stirring' (to quote Emily). This was definitely not our best row ever - we'd been having problems adjusting to rowing head-race style rather than bumps style, and these were exacerbated by the fast stream and tail wind. It was a bit surprising to overtake Caius during the race (though the results indicate that they must've been way off form), and our conclusion at the end of the race was just 'OK', so it was very satisfying to see how our time compared to the other colleges, Blondie, and our hated junior rivals Headington School! (Jane)
Bufty Dad says massive congrats on two awesome FaT performances.
Congrats from me also - a great result from both boats! (And at least you didn't beat the lightweights..! :S) (Joff)

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