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The Club's Results

How to Enter Results

Entering the results of recent races is really easy! Take a moment to have a look around how it works.

... and that's basically it. Just try it!

Read on if you have problems or are an 'advanced user'

  1. To remove your race report, edit it, delete all the text and save.
  2. If you use the standard message board formatting commands, you are strongly advised to copy what you have written before submitting it. Since there is no preview at the moment you will not get to see if there are any errors before it discards your report.
  3. Whilst any member can enter results and things, note that your member id is recorded!
  4. To change the crew title or the division / category of a crew entry, choose the link to add or edit a crew list and choose [Change] at the top of that page.
  5. Race results can not be removed altogether. This is to prevent a malicious user from deleting things and getting away with it.

Martin Peck, January 2003

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