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May Bumps 2005

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: Rachel Munro

Bumped Robinson
Houdini would've been scared by this. We were closer to Robinson than Queens until grassy, but then Queens really went for it. We didn't respond well because no-one could hear Rachel, and they hit us while exiting Ditton. Quite happy when told we got Robinson first, but we'll have to improve to hold off Queens later in the week.

With any luck we'll get a shot at Downing tomorrow, can't wait! (Tom C)
I like to think I helped in some tiny way towards this result. Dyson (my pairs partner) was subbing into the Robinson crew as their captain had a family emergency. Knowing this to be the case, we went out in the morning and did a double run with two head courses, thus tiring him out a bit. Seems like it was just about enough! (Rose the Twat)
Pretty spacktacular most of the way, but we got it done in the end.

The start was decent, as we held Queens roughly on station down 1st Post Reach. The Gut was mediocre as we didn't seem to make our planned pushes all together. Then Grassy seemed to cost us at least half a length on Queens in a matter of seconds. We were beginning to get worried.

I couldn't hear a thing from Rachel coming down Plough Reach (even at 7), and so I had no idea we were so close to Robinson. I could, of course, see just how rapidly Queens were making up the gap behind us. Around most of Ditton corner, I was cutting my stroke short so that my spoon wouldn't smack directly into their bow ball. After several strokes of that, I heard the umpires shouting for a concession, and then someone gave a hold-it-up call from the bank. I did, and immediately got the loom of my blade stuck under the Queens bow. I was on the verge of needing some serious acrobatics to avoid the handle smacking me in the chin, but luckily Queens held it up almost immediately, averting catastrophe.

I initially assumed we'd been bumped, as Queens were celebrating like mad. Then I looked around and saw Robinson pulling in as well. So I turned to the umpire who'd been watching the gap behind us and asked, very loudly, what the decision was. He replied without hesitation that we had gotten the bump before Queens had. Cue jubilation. Queens seemed quite sour about the decision, but who can blame them? Today, at least, they were the fastest of the three crews, only coming up a foot short.

P.S. From station 7, that cannon is LOUD! (James)
Initially I was gutted. Coming round Ditton corner I thought we were still a length of Robinson and I had seen Queens closing fast all the way down Plough Reach and contact was made just on the exit of the corner. But then I turned around and I saw Robinson in front. It turned out we had the been awarded the bump. Last year I thought the bump back on Queens was the most rewarding bump ever - but Im beginning to think every one counts about the same! Its funny though, I know exactly how Queens must feel after we were in their situation in the Robinson - Maggie - Us sandwich on the saturday last year. (Dan)
Rowed over
Lady Margaret went off in front of us looking marvellously hench, and rapidly pulled away out of sight.

We had an average row. (Rachel)
LMBC were on station till about grassy. And what does hench mean anyway, you filthy little woman?

We were 3 lengths from Catz after LMBC bumped out, but unable to make any more progress in the headwind with tired legs. Tomorrow we're gonna hit Downing so hard that their last head crew will feel it. (Tom C)
Bumped by Queens'
Same as Wednesday, except we did it better. Don't quite understand why we didn't get the bump this time. The trouble is that the last few feet were much easier for Queens than us because Downing had clear water. Unhappy indeed. (Tom C)
Rowed over
Playing for the overbump on Catz, we finished about 2 lengths behind. Perhaps they were a bit fitter than us, but not so gelled as a crew, so they were able to keep us at bay in the second half despite early losses. We had a pretty good row, pushed it hard to the end with some good misunderestimation of the distance remaining from Rachel, so no disappointment today.

So we finished level for the week, but it could easily have been up 3. Indeed, if LMBC had been given a (clearly deserved) re-row on the first day we would've had a shot at Hall today for blades! Awesome for a crew with 4 novices. Quite annoying that we're still behind Downing and Catz, and I'm not convinced that Queens would've got us if we'd had clean water.

Next year, Downing will be destroyed.

Note: apparently "hench" refers to the appearance preferred by young male homosexuals. (Tom C)

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