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May Term 2005

Bedford Small Boats Head
Sun 10th April
A 2000m head race on the Ouse in Bedford.
One of many heads in Bedford through the year, but not normally entered by Colleges as it normally falls out of term time.

RTT Regatta
Sun 17th April
A Single Sculling regatta open to any of Tom's friends, held over 500m from the 2nd post upstream of Ditton to the top Colquhouns finish.
This event has taken over from the Colquhouns as the premier sculling event on the Cam. Will there be any entries into Couples Doubles* this year? ( *Partners must snog on the start line to prove they are a couple.)

Eton Boy in his single scull (Open 1x): Raced 4 rounds: lost to Tom Dyson in the final
RTT (Open 1x): Raced 4 rounds: Beat Lilie easily in the plate final
Jude (Blade Swapping): Dismal failure in the qualifying
Jude (Open 1x): Raced 3 rounds: Lost to Lilie (2 lengths) in the plate 2nd round
Lilie (Blade Swapping): Success! in the qualifying
JPD (Open 1x): 40 winks in the qualifying
Lilie (Open 1x): Raced 4 rounds: Lost to RTT in the plate final
Dubya (Open 1x): Beat RTT by 3/4 l in the 1st round and Lost to Dyson by ? l in the quarter finals
Mike (Open 1x): Lost to Sarah Taylor by 1.5 l in the 1st round and Lost to Lilie Weaver easily in the plate 1st round
Sarah (Open 1x): Raced 3 rounds: Lost to Eton Boy by 3 l in the semi finals
Erica and Pedro (Couples Doubles): Lost to Dubya and Sarah easily in the final
Dubya and Sarah (Couples Doubles): Beat Erica and Pedro easily in the final

City of Oxford Rowing Club Bumps Races
Sat 23rd April
Bumps races on the Isis, held under Torpids rules
Organised by City of Oxford RC, and open to all ARA registered clubs, the CORC bumps are held on the Isis and raced in fours. All four races take place in one day.

Maiden Sculls
Mon 25th - Wed 27th April
500m side by side race in singles for people who have not entered a sculling race before.

TDC in his single scull: Beat Ben Langford (Jesus) easily in the quarter finals and Lost to Colin Leonard (Pembroke) easily in the semi finals

Foster Fairbairn Pairs
Mon 25th - Wed 27th April
A 2000m knock-out regatta for coxless pairs as part of the Small Boats Regatta - raced in the 'chasing' format (boats starting 100 yards apart) from the posts before the motorway bridge to those by the pink house in the Reach.
The small boats races generally attract only a small number of entries - and by regularly entering crews we have had many successes in recent years.

Russell/Aiken (Women's 2-): Beat Lowson/White (Pembroke) easily in the semi finals and Dead heat with Thompson/Weaver (FaT) in the final
Coker/Holland (Men's 2-): Raced 4 rounds: Beat Corpus (4s) in the final
Thompson/Weaver (Women's 2-): Beat Kunze/Moynihan (Churchill) by a few lengths in the semi finals and Dead heat with Russell/Aiken (FaT) in the final
Cunha/Shepherd (Men's 2-): Beat Johnson/Burnage (Pembroke) easily in the 1st round and Lost convincingly to Braithwaite/Twigg (Kings) in the quarter finals

Lowe Double Sculls
Mon 25th - Wed 27th April
Held over the 2km course from Little Bridge to the posts downstream of the railway bridge. Part of the small boats regatta. Open to mens, womens and mixed crews.

Weaver/Lee (Women's 2x): Beat Catz by a long way in the quarter finals and Lost to Kunze/Mitchell (Churchill) by a few lengths in the semi finals
Double Sculls, Lea-Cox/Sills (Men's 2x): beat Stewart/Palmer (Jesus/Hughes hall) by some lengths in the semi finals and beat carthik/leonard easily in the final

Head of the Cam
Sat 30th April
A timed headrace on the Cam for college and town crews
Useful early term race practice and the first hint of form for the May Bumps.

Cambridge Head-2-Head
Sun 8th May
A timed headrace in two parts, length 2x2600m
Beginning of term race practice for many college crews.

City Sprints
Sun 8th May
Fun 400m regatta format sprint in front of the boathouses. Started from stakeboats just before Elizabeth way.
Half a pint of beer for each entrant. Who can say fairer than that?

1st women's VIII (Women's Lents Div. 1/2): beat Darwin by 2 lengths in the semi finals and Winners of event - beat Girton by 1/2 length in the final
BPBC 1st women's VIII (CRA S3 VIII): Lost to Champs by 1/2 length in the final
1st men's IV, Fun Four (CRA Nv 4+): Raced 3 rounds: Beat FaT B by 1/4 length in the final
Light and Dark Trinity (CRA Nv 4+): Raced 4 rounds: Winners of event - beat 99s A easily in the final
2nd men's IV, entered as FaT C (CRA Nv 4+): Lost to a City / St. Radegund composite by a length and a bit. in the 1st round
2nd women's IV (CRA S4 4+): lost to BPBC A by 1/2 length in the semi finals and in the final
The Arrows IV feat. 'Muscles' Mycroft, Darts Players Don't Do Rowing, But If They Did They'd Probably Be The Best Rowers In The World (CRA Nv 4+): Raced 3 rounds: Ground FaT A into the dust (but lost on a technicality (1/4 of a length)) in the final
3rd Women's IV (CRA Nv 4+): beaten by Cambridge 99s by 3 lengths (ish) in the quarter finals and in the semi finals
BPBC 1st women's IV (CRA S4 4+): Beat FaT A by 1/2 length in the semi finals and Lost to City by a canvas in the final
BPBC 2nd women's IV (CRA S4 4+): Lost to City by 1/2 length in the semi finals
Coxless pairs (ARA S2 2-): Lost to LMBC by crashing in the semi finals

FaT vs. BPBC Golf Challenge
Sun 15th May
A golf match held at Cambridge Lakes pitch & putt, between Black Prince and First & Third.
The first annual BPBC vs. FaT golf match - past versus current club members. The format is Matchplay rounds of fourballs, foursomes and singles, with each match won counting as a point for the team total.

BPBC golf team: Lost, 4 to 5

Champion of the Thames Eights Head
Sun 22nd May
A Head race for eights from the Plough Pub to the Pike and Eel.
A fun head race with prizes for best bumps start, best line round Ditton - as well as for finish position.

Cambridge 99's Regatta
Sun 29th May
A side by side knock out regatta along the reach over 1000m
A fun summer regatta for college VIIIs. Unfortunately not all that many crews are able to enter, though, because of exam pressures!

FaT Grads, GoldenBoys (3rd division): Beat Magdalene III by 1/3 length in the semi finals and Beat Magdalene II in the final
3rd women's VIII (Women's Lower Division): beat Newnham 4 in the semi finals and lost to Magdelene 2 by 1 1/4 lengths in the final

Peterborough June Regatta
Sat 4th June
A knock out multilane regatta over 1000m on the Peterborough City Rowing club rowing lake
Usually very close to bumps, few college crews travel to Peterborough to enter this event. However, over the last few years a few very successful crews have made the trip - in the hope of enjoying some good summer racing and bringing home some prizes.

1st men's VIII (Senior4 VIIIs): Won by a few seconds in the heats and Lost by 2 seconds to Bedford in the final
1st women's VIII (Senior3 VIIIs): Won (by about a bow ball) in the heats and 3rd to Cambridge '99 and Lea in the final
1st women's VIII (Senior4 VIIIs): Won (set new course record) in the heats and Won (another course record!) in the final
2nd men's IV (Novice 4+): Raced 3 rounds: 4th (5 secs behind the winner) in the final

Peterborough Sprint Regatta
Sun 5th June
A multi-lane 500m sprint race held on the Peterborough Rowing Lake.
The weekend of racing in Peterborough is in the midst of exams for most, so it is unusual for many college crews to enter

Light and Dark Trinity (WS3 4+): Joint fastest crew in the heats and beat Cambridge 99s by a canvas in the final
TDC in his single scull (Senior 4 1x): 2nd in the heats and 3rd in the repecharge
TDC in his single scull (Novice 1x): Went swimming in the heats

May Bumps Getting-on Race
Fri 10th June
The 2000m qualifying race for the May Bumps
Entries in the bumps without positions in the finishing order of the May bumps last year, and up to 10 crews at the bottom of the last divisions, have to compete over a head race to "get on" to the bumps.

Barnes and Mortlake Regatta
Sat 11th June
1000m Tideway regatta, from UL Boathouse to Chiswick Bridge.
One of the three regattas held on the straight stretch of water above the start of the Tideway Head races. London-based bufties occasionally enter

SB in his single scull (Novice 1x): Lost (1 length) in the quarter finals

Bedford Star Regatta
Sun 12th June
A side by side knock-out regatta over 550 metres
Bedford Star is a two day regatta, with racing over 1000m on Saturday and 550m on Sunday, offering unusual purple and blue ceramic pots to event winners. With the May bumps almost upon us college crews do not usually enter.

Light and Dark Trinity (WS3 4+): Beat Maidstone Invicta (easily) in the semi finals and Beat Bedford Star (15s) in the final

May Bumps
Wed 15th - Sat 18th June
The famous Cambridge University May Bumps on the River Cam
The highlight of the college rowing calendar involving a total of over 1500 students - with 81 competitors from Trinity

Cambridge Channel Challenge
Mon 20th June
The first race across the English Channel, in coastal IVs, organised by LMBC for Cancer Research UK and the University Sports Complex.
Entrants must complete a large amount of training to cope with the very different Channel conditions, as well as raise money for the attempt and participate in events for the media coverage. Perfect conditions are required for the race to go ahead, so the crews are required to be available for a period of several weeks after Bumps in which they can go down to Dover with only a few days' notice.

FaT vs BPBC Cricket Challenge
Sun 26th June
An annual post-term fixture between First and Third and BPBC, held at Girton.
Once again First & Third gave BPBC a cricket lesson and secured an easy win. The standard of cricket continues to rise but the students now lead the alumni 4-0 in the series of matches.

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