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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2005

3rd men's VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Honey Duan

14th overall, fastest 3rd VIII
Time: 8:55
We agreed before the race that for every good minute of rowing Honey would remove an item of clothing and every minute of bad rowing she would put one back on. When I say we, the stroke thought it a fabulous idea and that was about it.

Having tightened strokes nuts on the way down (they were coming loose) we were set for a typically majestic and commanding race. True to form we charged out of the blocks like a Grand National winner with afterburners.

We rowed like demons for 59 seconds before there was a slight wobble meaning Honey remained fully clothed. This pattern repeated all race, 59 seconds of brilliance and then one weaker stroke let us down. We need to start taking advantage of the fact we have a female cox. (The words 'fact we have a' can be removed from the last sentence).

We posted yet another speedy-gonzalez time. We left our bumps chasers in the same way a Ferrari leaves a Skoda at the lights; a Skoda that's in reverse. And we're pretty at the same time.

Finally if anyone talks about 'rating' any more the stroke will not be responsible for his actions. If we can get say 4 or 5 minutes of consistently good rowing (7 or 8 if it's a cold day requiring extra layers) then the rate will rise all of its own accord you can be assured...

BUGGER ME! Just compared our race result to bumps charts for last Lents. Just call us the giants slayers. From 11th in Div 3 we beat - 17th Div 2, 13th Div 2 and , oh yeah, 9th Div 1. Woohoo! (Dan Newton)
Well Dan......the rating..... Won't say much on it, but I thought it was a lot better than it has been, fairly sharp but still quite relaxed.

It felt as though we put down a lot work, and although the reach wasn't great, overall I was very happy, especially given that we beat Catz 1, Corpus 1 and only a second off Sidney 1. Shame we didn't get Binson 2 though.... (Phil)

1. Looking quite tidy
2. Honey spots the came...

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