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Drumps, Lent Term 2005

The thongs, Thongs

Coxed by: Rachel Munro

Rowed over Head
This clearly doesn't work.. we rowed over head, drumped, _and_ over drumped. The second men are just bitter, we didn't cheat at all. That's a lie. I have no idea whether we cheated or not. Have managed to reconstruct most of the evening, using evidence I found this morning, such as various random bruises and a large lump on my head [Milton...?!] and a maggie, er, tie. (Lilie)
Rowed over Head
Every year the thongs win drumps - and every year people claim we did not as we cheated. two years ago we apparently went to the wrong finish (i organised it - i should know where the finish was) - and i can't remember why we didn't wn last year (when we actually did). we won. i still have the headache from winning now. evil drumps (sorry - treasure hunt). (Becca)
Now now Becca. Remember that in 2000 the Lent VIII followed on from being Head of the River by also becoming Head of the Liver (despite no Gordon thus requiring someone to double up on every station). Then in 2001 the E3- from the Lent VIII retained the headship. The Thongs may have been more successful in recent years, but certainly in _my_ day the Lent VIII was the dominant force in the Drumps. (Rose the Twat)
Rowed over Head
Oh - the 2001 drumps were EVIL. I remember being in JPD's room and being told to finish my drink by some 'marshal' (perhaps Jon Glass) I replied 'no' and that i was going to be sick - so the nice marshal let me leave the room. i also have vague recollections of dan jane and someone else who was in the 2nd lent viii carrying me between stations. that was a hard yr to be victorious in - well done RTT!!!! The 'thongs' have still won for the last three years though... (Becca)
Rowed over Head
I remember the E3- retaining the headship, that was very impressive. Our crew consisted of Rosie, who refused to drink tequila (fair enough), Sarah, who couldn't drink Baileys because of her lactose intolerance, Cath, who can't drink beer because of a yeast allergy, and me. There were only 4 stations (beer, tequila, baileys and something else disgusting), each of which you visited twice, which meant lots of doubling up at the stations (plus we were already doubling up as there were only 4 of us). That was a fun year. We went to the wrong finish though. Doing drumps in small boats is very very stupid.

Do you also remember having to run up _all_ the stairs in the Wolfson building _twice_ to E floor where that married couple whose names I never remember were the marshals? (Amelia)
Yes, i remember 2001 too. I think JW was the marshall in JPD's room on the disgusting creamy Bailey's substitute. Also, I think Rosie might have ended up marshalling too as she was ill. Starting to go round the rooms for the second time was very, very painful. And the last drink was gin - yuk. (Sarah)
At least you didn't have to finish the 2001 races with the tequila station, and then have 6 out of the other 7 "team" members refuse point blank to have anything to do with the foul stuff ... leaving me with 4 or 5 to do before we could proceed to top finish ... (Matt)
Actually Matt we shared the honours - I distinctly remember (although admittedly it is the last thing I remember) forcing down a third tequila on that evil station. (JPD)
who has the record for vomming the most then? i threw-up in my 1st yr (2000 - when drumps were portered) - my 2nd yr (when kimd marshal allowed me out of jpd's room to throw up) and my 4th yr (i threw up on the last station - archers - as it was all too much). i didn't thorw up this yr as cheated... (Becca)
I totally hold the record - 8 shots of tequila in 2002 when the rest of my lovely crew agreed to drink my beer between them if I did each of their tequilas...I stupidly agreed.... (Abbie)
I dunno Abbie - in the E3- we had to do double at every station (thankfully we were let off doing triple). Noone in my crew liked port except me, so on station one I did a pint of it. Running up and down the stairs of Wolfson building was not comfortable after that. I think Kernigit did all the tequila and Glass the vodka to make up for it. (Rose the Twat)
RTT - didn't you take most of the baileys as well? Although I seem to remember you didn't drink much else (and certainly didn't run between stations!). The Elite 3- that was the standard (and such a bad idea!). (Simon)
Chundering should certainly result in disqualification as it defeats the point of it and is frankly both an easy way out and disgusting. I think that was a rule in the original Drumps in 1997, in which I participated, which also had the full _8_ stations of different drinks. I particularly remember that we had to finish on the pint of lager station which was not easy!

I suggest people who want a tougher drinking challenge join Matt, myself and others in the Pre-Boat Race Pub Crawl. If the Drumps are a sprint then this is the Iron Man... (Ingers)

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3. The thongs - VICTORIOUS

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