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Fairbairn Cup 2004

1st women's VIII (Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Chris Pedder

5th College VIII, 7th overall
Time: 17:01
Nice boat to row in - felt like a good row. Pleased to come so high up! (Lilie)
A good row... a good 5th outing... a good start to Lent term.

We had planned to take the course at 28... 32 turned out to be what we strode to and stayed at. Not quite as comfortable as the chilled 28 from our last outing, but I could hear Philosopher Charlie in my head, trying to explain why, 'mathematically' a crew that does an uncomfortable 32 will do better over a 4k course than one which rows a beautiful 28. Our restarts out of the corner worked very well, albeit never practiced in the VIII and the last one out of First Post really lifted the pace again before the motorway bridge, and overtaking Hughes and Clare Hall made for some 'excitement'-especially coming into Ditton corner.

As we crossed the finish line I thought warmly of the Fairbairns pics photographer who, by coming late, didn't only nearly get us disqualified but thankfully also made me miss breakfast...

Quite pleased with the result, sorry we didn't get Newnham, Charlie ... see you all for Lents!!!

xx Pia (Pia)

1. Stern 5
2. Neat bowside blades
3. Bow 4

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