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Newnham Short Course, Lent Term 2004

1st men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Andy Wong

1st Overall
Time: 6:18
Not bad. Good enough to win it quite comfortably but a long way to go yet. (Dan)
Rah Rah First And Third !

After rowing flat out into the 20+ knot headwind for just over six minutes, my legs were pretty dead, but it seems it was worth it in the end. Now we just need to row with a bit more togetherness and we'll go quite fast. The race was better than the Head-2-Head, but there's definitely room for improvement. (Matt)
Pretty pleased with this - a definite improvement on the Head2Head. I felt pretty knackered by the end, but looking forward to the next race where I might be able to use more than just my left leg! :) (Dan)

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