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Cam Sprints, May Term 2002

3rd men's VIII, NT for RP (College lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Chris Pedder

1st round
Beat CCAT comfortably, despite spacking at the start. (Think 'Buffaloes' rather than 'Gazelles'.) [by the webmaster]
Quarter finals
Beat First and Third V
Slightly cruelly the 5th boat had to content with the 3rd boat, who, it turned out, were on a bit of a mission. This was mainly a success for the Lower Boats Captains ability to select crews! To be fair, 5 looked very solid and have improved alot this term. They remain committed and enthusiastic and are a pleasure to coach. [by the webmaster]
Won College Lower VIIIs by beating Sidney B
FaT 3 had a fantastic start and so did Sidney Sussex. Then we began to pull away and things looked even better. THEN (after some aggressive coxing by Chris) things looked brilliant as SS spakked straight into the side. No problems! A win, and Pots for the 3rd VIII! (Dan)

1. Near the start
2. At the start vs. CCAT
3. Down to the start

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