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Cam Sprints, May Term 2002

A fun 400m sprint regatta held by the boathouses
Sun 12th May

Three First and Third crews win pots!

The men's third VIII won their four races in the 'Men's lower VIIIs' division to win their event and take home handsome peuter tankards (known in the jargon simply as 'pots'!) Also successful were John Earl and Neil Talbott in Hambleden (the club's coxless pair) and a First and Third / Black Prince boat club composite women's IV.

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2nd men's VIII, City Sprints IV, Men's IVs

Semi finals
We narrowly beat Black Prince by a canvas after some incredible spacking off the start, no time on the slide and a lot of water being propelled vertically. [by the webmaster]
Won Men's IVs - beat St. Neots
With forearms burning from the deplorable rowing of our semi, we were well up for the next race - St. Neots in the final. A fantastic start and amazing boat speed meant an easy win. (Dan)
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3rd men's VIII, NT for RP, College lower VIIIs

1st round
Beat CCAT comfortably, despite spacking at the start. (Think 'Buffaloes' rather than 'Gazelles'.) [by the webmaster]
Quarter finals
Beat First and Third V
Slightly cruelly the 5th boat had to content with the 3rd boat, who, it turned out, were on a bit of a mission. This was mainly a success for the Lower Boats Captains ability to select crews! To be fair, 5 looked very solid and have improved alot this term. They remain committed and enthusiastic and are a pleasure to coach. [by the webmaster]
Won College Lower VIIIs by beating Sidney B
FaT 3 had a fantastic start and so did Sidney Sussex. Then we began to pull away and things looked even better. THEN (after some aggressive coxing by Chris) things looked brilliant as SS spakked straight into the side. No problems! A win, and Pots for the 3rd VIII! (Dan)

1. Near the start
2. At the start vs. CCAT
3. Down to the start

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4th men's VIII, College lower VIIIs

1st round
Lost to Sidney B
A caterpillar-like start didn't bode well for the crew, although Jo, their new novice cox, should be congratulated on some superb coxing - not bad for her 3rd outing! [by the webmaster]

1. Lining up vs. Sidney

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5th men's VIII, College lower VIIIs

1. Waiting to race FaT3
2. Waiting at Jesus Lock
3. FaT5, FaT3 and BPBC

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2nd women's IV, Novice IV+

1st round
Lost to City of Cambridge A
The 2nd IV had a good row but unfortunately were not able to match the strength of City A. [by the webmaster]

1. Passing Goldie
2. Racing against City
3. Racing, from above

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BPBC / FaT composite, Women's IVs

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JPD in his single scull, Men's 1x

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JWE in his single scull, Men's 1x

1st round
Lost to Kings School, Ely
Having raced the Head 2 Head earlier in the day, this was my second outing in a single in a month. The quality of my sculling being low, it was a very short outing indeed. (Dubya)
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Talbott/Earl, Senior2 2-

Beat X-Press easily
If anything was going to go wrong, it was probably going to happen on the first stroke. Fortunately, the first stroke was class and we scorched into the lead. At half-way, with X-Press trailing in our considerable wake, John thought we should stride it out a bit, and assuming that I was thinking something along the same lines said 'up to you'. Unfortunately I heard 'Up 2!' which we duly did, to rousing applause from our boathouse. We sailed over the finish line with X-Press barely in sight to win Senior 2 and my second pot of the day. (Flying)
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Cambridge weather: text

2. Helloooo!
3. Spectators ATBH

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