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25th Oct '11Downtime todayby JSB
An RCD supplying power to the Captain's room tripped earlier today, causing the server to shut down until it could be reset. This took several hours, as the porters did not know the location of the device. Fortunately, Neil Talbott found it, and the server came back online at about 21.30.

Whilst the server was offline, emails sent to mailing lists, including those for individual committee members,may have been lost.
25th Jul '10Downtimeby bjg
The server is begin relocated to the captain's room tomorrow morning, which means it will be switched off at some time for some duration. During this period the website will be down, and emails sent to mailing lists will be delivered once it is turned on again.
7th Jan '09Downtimeby bjg
The electricity people are about to do something - I wasn't clear what - so the server will be down for about half an hour in a very short time.
8th Dec '08Downtimeby bjg
The website and email lists will be down briefly tomorrow (Tuesday) as I move room. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
29th Sep '08Recent changesby bjg
Over the past few months, following the purchase of our new server, the website has been entirely overhauled behind the scenes. In order to make it easier to make large improvements and so that more than one person can make them, the site's architecture has become almost unrecognisable, but our most immediate aim is that it should appear exactly the same as before. This is certain not to be the case, so please let me know about any problems you find even if you've told me before. In fact, if you're keen, please go looking for problems and then tell me.

A huge thank you to Martin Peck for the enormous amount of time and effort he's put into this.
13th Jun '08Potential downtimeby bjg
I forgot to warn the Trinity computing office about bumps, so there's a chance that I'll exceed my daily quota, in which case the website will be down for a few hours. Many apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.
24th May '08Webserver Upgradeby mcp
Bryn and I are attempting to upgrade the web server later on today.
It would be helpful if people could avoid uploading new photos for the remainder of the day.
There will most likely be a little bit of disruption, hopefully we can keep this to a minimum. Definitely aiming to be fully up and running by Monday. (11 replies...)
7th Apr '08Power cutby bjg
We had a power cut in Portugal Street earlier, hence the downtime.
3rd Mar '08Brief downtimeby bjg
I'm about to turn the server off for a minute so that I can change which socket it's plugged into in my room. Sorry for any inconvenience!
2nd Mar '08Photo size limitby mcp
We've increased the limit in the size of pictures being uploaded to the gallery. It previously didn't allow pictures bigger than 2MB. Should allow up to 16MB now....

Any problems with this, let Bryn and me know.
15th Dec '07Long-term problem solvedby bjg
I've been away for the last week, so I've no idea how long we've been without email and database access... The cause was a problem we've had since April with one of our hard drives repeatedly filling up unexpectedly. Hopefully this is now fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!
29th Nov '07Downtime this morningby bjg
No idea what happened this morning - symptoms are as if we had a power cut, but who knows. (1 reply...)
27th Sep '07Various issuesby bjg
You'll have noticed various mishaps recently. Brief downtime earlier this week was caused by a housemate racing kettles. Downtime over the last couple of days was due to my network point being quarantined. We're up and running again, but I need to convince college that our security is up to scratch. Multiple emails are also being received from emails sent to multiple @fat addresses - I've got a pretty good idea what's going on but need to make college happy before I can deal with that. Any other problems, let me know...
12th Sep '07Email problemsby bjg
If you've tried to send emails via since 6 September then you'll have noticed that they've been bounced back to you. This should now be fixed, so let me know if you have any problems.
28th Mar '07Website downtimeby mcp
Just to let people know that we might be taking the site down for a few hours tonight to do some maintenance. May not be necessary, not sure yet.

Something (as yet unknown) is causing the site to run a bit slowly - due to the web server getting stuck trying to respond to a number of requests and thus gobbling up all available memory and CPU etc. (9 replies...)
23rd Apr '07Adding photos to galleryby bjg
The gallery had stopped accepting pictures, not sure why yet, but maybe due to recent software upgrades. In particular, the broken function was the one that enabled you to upload zip files, so I've temporarily disabled that while I look into the problem. This means that you should now be able to add jpegs as before. (2 replies...)
20th Mar '07Michell Cup pointsby bjg
Results pages for Lent and May bumps now include a bottom of page summary of Michell Cup points earnt in that competition. This will probably be more useful for calculating points earnt in the future than looking at those earnt in the past, but they're there anyway!

I've just had to make a couple of tweaks to deal with the (pointless for this purpose) years without women and/or bumps charts. If anything else appears to be broken, please let me know!
5th Mar '07News and Announcementsby bjg
Apologies for the temporary absence of the News and Announcements section - I couldn't think why it looked so empty... There's an important item up now!
27th Feb '07Photo Gallery Tweakby mcp
Inspired by Bryn's recent innovations, I have tweaked the photo gallery so that you can navigate between newly added photos using the yellow navigation arrows above each picture. (Previously these arrows would navigate the photos sorted by crew so it was awkward to see just pictures added since your last visit. You'll probably notice what I mean if you use the 'recent pictures' page of the gallery.) Any objections / bugs / suggestions for further changes would be gratefully received. Oh, and if anyone wants to view them all in order, here's the start.
25th Feb '07Boat informationby bjg
As part of the never-ending struggle to make the wealth of information on this website more readily-available, I've added a page with a list of the club's boats. This can be accessed from the menu by selecting 'the Club' and then 'Boats', or directly here. From there you can click through to view a boat's history (as previously accessible from crew lists) and its results in the same style as for a rower.

One of the consequences of this is it has become much more apparent how much information is missing... Please let me know about any gaps that you can fill in!
29th Oct '06Website cockupby bjg
Having made all my planned changes to the Light IVs section of the database, I then accidentally cocked the whole thing up and have had to restore from the backup I made this morning. So everything still looks broken but I'll have it fixed this evening! (If you missed my earlier posts explaining what I was doing, they've been lost too...)

Huge apologies to Simon, whose poll was lost in the process - please submit it again next week if you can remember the options! (1 reply...)
2nd Oct '06Website downtime againby bjg
Sorry for yet another interruption - this will have been no surprise to people within Trinity, but for those outside, they have a system of quarantine that briefly locks us down at the start of each term. I seem to have been able to get us a special exemption so that this won't happen again, at least for this year, but we'll have to wait and see.


The network is going down again between 7pm and 9pm tomorrow evening, so unfortunately we will have yet more downtime. I'm fed up with it too! (2 replies...)
27th Sep '06Website downtimeby bjg
Fortunately for Phil and me, our new carpet is coming tomorrow morning. Unfortunately for you, the valued website user, that means that we'll have to disconnect the server while it is being laid. According to the works department, this will be 'mid to late morning'. We therefore hope that the website will be back by the afternoon. (1 reply...)
24th Sep '06Website back onlineby bjg
Many apologies for the lack of website over the last week and a bit. Hopefully all problems are now sorted, and work productivity will now reach the low levels to which we are accustomed.
25th Feb '06Bumps testingby mcp
I've got to do some testing of the Bumps stuff, so please ignore new results for the afternoon.
18th Feb '06Site login changesby mcp
We've just installed a number of changes 'under the bonnet' of how the members' login works. Have tested it as thoroughly as I can so please email straightaway if there is anything at all which doesn't seem to work as normal.

Thank you.
20th Jan '06Email lists brokenby mcp
There is currently a problem with the site's groups feature - any mail sent to them is returned undelivered. This is something we are aware of and are hoping will be sorted asap. (2 replies...)
3rd Nov '05Website & email problemsby mcp
Please be aware that the website is not able to deliver email to groups - and has a few other problems - at the moment.

This is due to a complicated technical glitch on Trinity's computer network. The web server is not able to access the internet, despite the fact inbound web requests are getting in ok.

This has been raised with the Trinity computing officers who will hopefully let us know today what they can do and when. (2 replies...)
13th May '05Election Manifestosby mcp
Mark has received one manifesto for Sunday week's elections - from Andy Wong - so far.

This is now added to the Committee -> Elections page and others will be added as soon as they are received. (2 replies...)
2nd Mar '05Gallery picture qualityby mcp
I've decided to increase the quality setting of pictures in the photo gallery. Until now many pictures have been looking a bit blurry and have 'artefacts' of the JPEG format compression.

This means that the images will take about 30% longer to download on slower connections, but I think is worth it.

The site is currently regenerating all the standard size images with the new setting. Note that, because of the special settings applied to pictures on this website, if you want to see these improvements for photos you've already looked at you will need to empty your browser's cache. (In Internet Explorer go to Tools->Internet Options and under Temporary Internet Files on the first tab click Delete Files....) That said, note you don't need to do anything to see the new higher quality for pictures added from now on. (1 reply...)
17th Jan '05Annual Recordby mcp
I have put up Dan's College Annual Record account of last year. This and several from recent years are under Club -> Annual Record.

Unfortunately we're missing Andrew's from the year before - I hope to get hold of it sometime this term. (4 replies...)
14th Jun '04Finding new picturesby mcp
I've changed the gallery front page so that it shows all pictures added in the last fortnight.

With so many pictures being added to the photo gallery in several places at once I thought it had become difficult to find all the new ones!

I am thinking of expanding this so that you can navigate through the pictures in the order in which they have been added using the arrows.

(btw, also personal bumps aggregate info has been fixed. Thanks to everyone who alerted us to this.) (8 replies...)
12th Jun '04Crew List Changesby mcp
I'd just like to alert everyone to the way that crew lists with subs etc can be entered against particular days of something like the bumps.

If you want your bumps stats and list of races etc to accurately reflect what you have done, then do go into Results->Enter Results and set it up! Once into May Bumps, you click 'Edit Crew'. Underneath the main crew list there is a 'New' button with instructions to click it if the crew changed for any of the races.

Making these changes should be easy but Iain and I would be perfectly happy to answer questions / queries or do it for you if send an email.
1st Jun '04AGM Minutesby ipe
The AGM minutes are now online.

Apologies for the delay. My exams are now almost over so the rest of the Committee minutes should follow in the near future. (1 reply...)
8th May '04Kit Orderby ipe
The new kit order is now also available online.

The kit order system has been developed beyond what was available last term, so that you may now view and edit your order at any time after it has been placed, until the order deadline.

Please let me know if there are any problems.
27th Apr '04Long links problem fixedby mcp
I have finally worked out a problem with trying to submit long links to the message board. Sorry to everyone who has found this annoying until now.

Better late than never. (4 replies...)
23rd Mar '04WeHoRRby ipe
I've added a small clip of the women in action at the WEHORR. It is in WMV format, here.
22nd Feb '04Picturesby mcp
The gallery has had lots of new pictures added today. Matt has done a great job of uploading all the JET photos from Mich term, and I indexed a handfull of pictures I had lying about from Lent Term 1998.

Also, just a reminder that anyone is able to update crew lists. The results section's crew lists - set up under Results -> Enter Results - tell the gallery who is in each photo, so do update the crew lists if you can fill in any gaps.
11th Feb '04Everything back on-lineby ipe
The University Computing service have been informed of the situation and have cleared the website of all allegations of rule breaking, so the College computer service have allowed everything to go back to normal. This means all email lists and groups will now function as before, and, hopefully, there will be no more disconnections.
6th Feb '04Website Downtimeby ipe
Due to issues with the University and College computing rules, the boat club mail list system is suspended. PLease do not use the group addresses until I have had a chance to stop this function. THey will be inoperable for the forseeable future.
17th Jan '04Website Downtimeby ipe
Tomorrow morning I shall be turning off the server for a period of time while a new hard drive is fitted. During this time no email addresses will work, nor obviously will the website itself. Hopefully it will be up and running again tomorrow afternoon.
10th Jan '04Kit Orderby ipe
The kit order is now available online, in the Members section. Please report any problems to me.
31st Dec '03Website downby mcp
Our website (and the CUCBC site which runs through the same machine) has been down since 1am last night when the computer's power supply broke down.
Sorry for any inconvenience! Up and running properly again now. (Thanks to the porters for letting Dan Walker and I in to sort it out...)
19th Dec '03Bumps Chartsby ipe
The website should now have complete bumps charts, for Lents and Mays, going back to 1992. These may be found in the Results section.

This also means the statistics on the section on Cambridge Clubs should now all be accurate, as they are all generated from the same results database. (4 replies...)
2nd Oct '03Picturesby mcp
A load of old pictures have been added to the gallery - have uploaded half of the 2002 May Bumps JET photographic photos. These are pictures that have not been on the website before. (Better late than never.)

Pictures of lower crews will be added once I've found out crew lists for them.

I've also started some of the preliminary work required to import the old gallery photos into the new system - so there is a good chance this will start happening sometime in the fairly near future. (13 replies...)
16th Oct '03Website Updateby IPE
Finally, I've completed a new section on college and town clubs in Cambridge. This has bumps stats, pictures and other information on all the colleges and most of the town clubs. The Mays data will be unreliable until the results database is fully updated, which should soon be the case. Also, I would like to appeal for information/anecdotes/random abuse that you think should be included for each of the colleges. Hopefully the section can continue to develop for some time.

Furthermore, I've put online the Guide to Coxing recently written by Andrew Fisher. There are also lots of minor alterations to out-of-date pages, hopefully everything is now up-to-date. Please let me know if there are any errors or dead links anywhere. (2 replies...)
12th Mar '03MSN contact infoby mcp
By popular request I have tweaked the members directory to optionally include MSN contact identifiers. As with the ICQ feature, you can publish your MSN email address when editing your personal info. (5 replies...)
24th Sep '03Updateby mcp
Am fixing an issue involving official crew lists... whilst I do this, aspects of the results & crews sections will most likely stop working temporarily and no one will be able to update the site with any results or crews. Apologies for any inconvenience! (1 reply...)
23rd Sep '03History of First Trinityby mcp
In 1908, Walter William Rouse Ball, a mathematics lecturer and fellow of Trinity College, compiled a short history of First Trinity Boat Club. Both the Trinity College Library and the University Library hold copies. I looked it up when researching the club's crest and having found it interesting thought it might be nice to have it online.

And so here it is (in the Club->History section).

I realise not everyone will find themselves inclined to read it, but there are at least a few comedy stories worth looking up - e.g. the 4th VIII's exploits 1850-57.

The top of page contents summary is something I have added - suggestions for improvement would be welcomed, as would typing mistakes.

The book's final chapter contains data and crew lists for the winners of various races; this will be appended in due course. (2 replies...)
24th Jun '03New creditsby mcp
In preparation for handing over day to day running to Ian over the next few weeks, there is a new site credits page ;-)

It's actually quite cool - found bits of the 1997 website that are still here word for word. There is also an 80 (!) long list of the members who have written race reports or submitted pictures so far...
19th Jun '032nd May VIII Songby mjb
The widely-acclaimed rip-off of Pulp's "Common People," as performed by the 2nd May VIII at the 2003 Mays' Dinner, has been transferred to a web-friendly interface and has been added to the 'songs' page in the club traditions section of the website.
You can go here to view the masterpiece and download the cheesy midi backing track.
12th Jun '03New Photo Galleryby mcp
After a sad absence for the last year, we have a new photo gallery. :-) There is still a lot to do to bring over the archive of old pictures into it, but hopefully it will do the business for the Mays!

Any problems or suggestions gratefully received, particularly since it and the members' photo upload page have been put together just since last Sat; there are, no doubt, all kinds of things which don't work!

Ta! (6 replies...)
16th Jun '03One minute gunby mcp
Ever seen one of the starting cannons firing? If not - now's your chance. I've put up a little video clip of the one minute gun... (There is also a little link to it from within the bumps section.)

I think that sometimes, particularly for the start when it's wet, he fires two or even the three at once, to allow for mis-fires. However, for the four minute and one minute guns the usual thing seems to be to use just one. On the soundtrack you can also hear the Senior Umpire, Pete Convey - taken aback by the sound of it even after all these years! ;-)
23rd May '03The Weatherby mcp
I have done a small update of the general info page, including a brief weather forecast.

It's experimental at the moment, but it would be possible to put a little weather icon next to the flag on the front page, for example, which could link straight to it if people said it might be useful. (6 replies...)
9th Jun '03WAP results back on lineby boffin
I am planning to repeat the wap results service for the May Bumps - this is just a quick note to announce that the WAP site has been updated and is ready for action!

The address is
On Nokia phones, you go to Services then Go to Address and type it in. Maybe someone could enter some instructions for other makes of phones? (3 replies...)
29th May '03Cat and Buns etcby mcp
The origins and significance of the club's two-shield emblem strike me as interesting - particularly since we use that and the Cat and Buns on their own interchangeably.

When I put together the logo for this website I did a little bit of research - and have written it up for a page in the Club section. (6 replies...)
27th Feb '03Machine Failureby mcp
At 1:15 last night the boatclub's server suffered a motherboard failure.

However, we are back up and running with a reserve machine.... Roll on day 3!!!!

(Fingers crossed this one will hold out....) (2 replies...)
9th Dec '02Annual Record '01 - '02by mcp
Every year the outgoing overall club Captain writes an account of the year's results for the college's Annual Record. The reports since 1995 are here on the website and are now joined by John Earl's story of the highs and lows of last year.
1st Oct '02Web server downby jpd
The web server will be down while I find it a new home, as I am moving out of college. Hopefully this will be for less than an hour, but it might not be online again until tomorrow. (1 reply...)
18th May '02Electionsby mcp
Andrew Fisher has decided to stand for Men's Captain, this means that there are now two contested positions (Men's and Overall captain) so everyone has to come and vote!!

The new manifesto is on the elctions page, although a scan isn't because I haven't got hold of it yet!

See everyone tomorrow.
17th May '02Election Manifestosby mcp
I have added the manifestos received by Anna so far to the Committee -> Elections page.

There may be one or two errors at the moment - haven't had long to rigorously check all the automatic text conversion.
9th May '02Electionsby mcp
The deadline for election manifestos is next Wednesday - anyone considering standing might like to see last year's manifestos which are under 'Committee->Elections'.
2nd May '021st and 3rd in Dublinby mcp
The club recently organised a trip to train for a week on Blessington Lake in Ireland and row in Trinity Regatta on the Liffe in Dublin.
Sally has written a little bit about the experience and JPD has sent me some pictures.
Various other pictures have been promised - watch this space! (2 replies...)
28th Apr '02Last Lents picturesby mcp
Our thanks must go to Richard for so many brilliant pictures of the Lent bumps. Sorry they've taken so long - that's my fault!

This latest additions takes the number of pictures from the Lents to a staggering 350!

I have also added the club's results from the Head of the River race, and would like to add bits from the small boats races. I do need help in keeping the website up to date with interesting things - if you ever have pictures or race results or reports, please just drop me a quick email.
8th Mar '02JET photosby mcp
I hijacked the JET proofs for long enough to add them to the photo gallery. Hope no one minds too much!
These pictures may be purchased and framed by heading down to the boathouse, where jmg has left the various order forms and proofs.
2nd Mar '02More pictures of bumpingby mcp
Many thanks to Rich Spencer for coming up to take lots of great pictures. Unlikely last year he is not working for John Thompson so we get to see them all. Some good ones of our crews - currently just from Thursday.

They've been added to the Gallery.
28th Feb '02Pictures of bumpingby mcp
Bit of a measly collection, at this stage, unfortunately - but there are 4 pictures in the gallery of the Lents now, of the 2nd women bumping Caius on their first day.
25th Feb '02GOR and picturesby mcp
I have done an update of our Getting on Race Results and pictures from the day of the Pembroke Regatta.
Unfortunately I was too busy supporting crews to take any pictures of action - and many of my pictures didn't come out well because of the awkward light early in the day :-(

The ones of Guy are good though.
7th Feb '02Downing Cocktailsby mcp
There was a HUGE First and Third contingent at Downing on Sunday night.... It was a great night.
Anna's given me a few quite sober looking pictures (well, mostly)... - thank you Anna, but if anyone sees Mr Walker, remind him to let me have his pictures for a bit and there'll be some more ;-)

I've also uploaded our College Annual Record report of last year. (2 replies...)
9th Feb '02CUCBC Flagby mcp
The attempts by our website to get the CUCBC flag when the CUCBC website isn't working were causing the frontpage to not load.
I have removed the flag altogether for now, and will sort out a better system for when I reinstate it.
7th Feb '02The Justiceby mcp
Headcase (this year's lightweight men's president) and Mr Talbott (one of our lightweight triallists) have helped in writing up December's meeting and some other items of Justice paraphernalia.

The Justice is a really fun social event held from time to time - at which people are stood up 'in court' for various 'crimes' they may have committed over the preceding term.
3rd Feb '02New results and picturesby mcp
Our Newnham Short Course results are here on our website, as well as a link to the official results. To see them go to "Results" on the menu.

Thanks to people lending me their photos, there are some new pictures too - from Saturday's races and formal halls this term (thanks to Catherine and Anna) and three or four from the Fairbairns Dinner experience - which can be found at the bottom of the list of dinner photos here.

If you ever have any pictures that you think others might like to see, simply email me.
20th Jan '02CUBC 2k race planby SMK
CUCBC 2k race plan is now on the website in the members only section - log on and use the link or go to members discussions.
4th Jan '02Mich Term updateby mcp
I have finished doing a big update - amongst the things that have been added are:
Three new race reports from Fairbairns - 2 from BPBC
B.C. Dinner and Formal crew photos. Unfortunately there aren't any from the bop :-(
J.E.T. photos from the Fairbairns and Novice Fairbairns - J.G. will be organising a viewing and club order early this term
J.E.T. photos from the Clare Novices
BPBC's assault on Cambridge Rowing Triathalon
BPBC Fairbairns crews
5th Dec '01Plain view of web siteby mcp
The "top & bottom" menu style has been further simplified and is called the "plain" option.

It now uses your browser's default colours and fonts and displays the bare minimum of graphics and gimmickery. Various people will find this useful, I am told... You know who you are ;-)
1st Dec '01Fairbairns Resultsby mcp
I have added information about most of the crews which raced over the last two days. A big thank you to the lower boats captains for contributing their comments about their crews' performances. The relevant crews and results pages should be up to date - or use these links: Fairbairns, Fairbairns IVs and Novice Fairbairns.

That's about it for official updates for this term. I hope the site's been useful for following what the different parts of the club have been up to and people have enjoyed all the pictures and quotes and stuff... Have a good Xmas!
27th Nov '01Clare Novices picturesby mcp
There are quite a few decent pictures from the Clare Novices on Saturday. They are of the 1st and 2nd women's boats and the men's 2nd boat. Hope you like them.
20th Nov '01Pictures and resultsby mcp
Although slightly later than originally planned, there are now piles of pictures from the weekend's Cambridge Winter Head (including some from Jon of other college's crews) and the results section has been updated with all the information I have about it.
16th Nov '01Crew Lists & Queens Ergsby mcp
This year's novice crew lists have been added to the site, and compliment the details of the great results from the annual Queens Ergo competition which are also on-line.
There are some cool pictures thanks to Dan, Catherine and others - which are linked to from the relevant results page or listed in the Gallery.
14th Nov '01Recommended web sitesby mcp
I've added a page to the message board for members to recommend web links. It works in much the same way as the quotations page with which everyone is now familiar ;-)
Again, not extensively tested yet, so any problems'll be fixed over the next week.
12th Nov '01More Pictures!by mcp
Yet more pictures are here from Saturday - including some of the "Black Prince" old girls crew. All HORR Fours pictures are grouped together here.
12th Nov '01Racing on the Tidewayby mcp
Racing on the River Thames is exciting not only because of the size of the events, but also because the boats are carried along on the strong river currents, which can significantly affect the results.
I have written a brief guide to try and explain some of this to all those who haven't yet had the chance to row there.
1st Nov '01Classic Quotesby mcp
The latest and greatest earth-shattering new feature to hit the website... a dedicated "Classic Quotes" page. It's on the message board. All so that we can, as Dan would say, "Immortalise those classic lines!"
Hmmmmmmmm. What gives me the impression I'm gonna get stung by this one.
It's not rigorously tested yet, so any problems, tell me. Also note that although it looks anonymous, anyone can find out who has posted things! ;-) (1 reply...)
2nd Nov '01The Close of the Uni IVsby mcp
The Uni IVs have drawn to a close, with Christ's, the crew who knocked out our 1st IV by a margin of just 3 s, going on to win the men's coxed IVs.
Our results page includes a piece from Dan on the 2nd IV's semi final, and there are also a couple of pictures of that crew in the gallery.
The strength of both the 1st and 2nd men's IVs bodes well for the Fairbairns, to which the club now looks forward.
31st Oct '01BPBC statesideby mcp
I have added a dozen pictures of BPBC and their trip to row the Head of the Charles 2 weeks ago, kindly sent to me by Mr Fisher (G). His report of the excursion is also to be found, in the results section. (1 reply...)
23rd Oct '01New river floodsby mcp
Almost unbelievably, for the 2nd time this year the Cam is flooding dramatically - and this time its worse.
I have taken some pictures around town which are here, and there are some of our boathouse on the last page.
17th Oct '01Quick log-onby mcp
With members' log-on becoming more integral to our use of the website, a quick log-on feature has been introduced on the very first page to streamline the process of getting in.
At the same time, significant changes have taken place under the bonnet - please tell me if you find something that doesn't work. Ta. (1 reply...)
11th Oct '01Back on-lineby mcp
Unfortunately our web server had to move to a new IP address last week. Complications associated with the University's Cambridge-wide block on web network traffic meant that our site is only now properly on-line again.
I'll update it with results from last weekend's races soon - hopefully tonight.
3rd Oct '01Important Datesby mcp
John has put details of the important dates this term in the web site's diary.
If you are a member I recommend you log in before viewing this page in order to have meetings specific to you listed on the main page.
Thanks John. Hopefully this will already be a useful resource - particularly with the listing on the front page; as ever comments or suggestions of how to make it more so are welcome.
19th Sep '01Members databaseby mcp
Members may now enter a second email address from which they will be permitted to send mail to club mailing lists. By popular request, the members database has also been expanded to include ARA numbers.
18th Sep '01Message Boards and Newsby mcp
Seasoned visitors to these pages will notice the expanded "Welcome" menu, containing new members' message boards and revamped News pages.

As well as providing discussion forums for current members, the Message system's new News pages invite any current member to submit News - which, it is hoped, will transform the website into the place to look to keep abreast of what is going on. Furthermore, members are free to follow up News items with questions or comments - hopefully resulting in an interesting and informative commentary.

The intention is that the system is comfortable to use without needing to understanding the more cryptic of the little symbols - but you are invited to look at the guide to the symbols and the introductory topic if you are unsure how to post or navigate around the posts.

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