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A Guide to Coxing

Contents | Novicing | Basics | River Navigation | The Sport | Equipment | Job of a Cox | Outings | Races | Advice | Appendix I | Appendix II | Appendix III | Appendix IV | Appendix V


This is intended to be guidance material for you at any time that you need to look up information about coxing on the Cam and off it. It is divided in various sections and is based around the book 'A Guide to Coxing', by Andrew Fisher (2003) and in the last part has several coxing recordings and other materials as well. There is a Basics section with all the info you will need for the first few outings. After that section at the start there will be a summary of the basic points for you to know from the respective section and you can read through the rest once more familiar with coxing. If you are really keen, feel free to read it all at once but be ready to get a little overwhelmed. However, do not worry, you will figure things out the more practice you get. If at any point anything is unclear or you have some questions talk to your lower boats captains or your coxing captain -

Before reading this guide it is important to familiarise yourself with the basics of the sport in our brief introduction, in which the different types of boats are described, together with the most basic terminology related to rowing. Also useful in this respect is the 'Jargon' section.

Ever wanted to be in control...?

The actual guide to coxing is split into several sections:

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