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Topics and Threads

The message board is divided in to a number of topics; These are listed on the main Message Board page. Most of these topics are v. distinctive - there are topics for club news, internet links, quotations, opinion polls and so on. For general posts that don't seem to fit in a specific category the "General Discussion" topic is the place to go.

Most of these topics are subdivided into threads. Each thread contains a single 'primary' post (the quotation, or opinion poll, or discussion starting point etc.) at the top and then any number of replies or comments on it, beneath. If you want to post something, you should find the right topic first. You then have the choice of creating a new thread (  ) or adding your comments to an existing one by replying to a particular post (  ).

What you first go into a topic

When you first enter a topic, you are presented with a list of its threads. There are forward (  ) and rewind (  ) buttons to browse the archive of posts. If any of these top level posts have replies or commentary, they will include a link to view just that thread of messages in full.

Order of posts

This list of threads is arranged with newest (or most recently updated) items first. However, whenever you proceed to view any thread in detail (such as viewing the comments pertaining to a particular quotation, for example), the order is reversed to show the most recent posts last so that the posts read properly from top to bottom.

Keeping track of new posts

At the bottom of the front page there is a handy list of the most recently updated areas of the message board. If you visit the website relatively infrequently, clicking [more...] at the bottom of this front page summary will list all the recent additions for you.

Guide to the Symbols

In popular modern browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape, the tooltip comments that appear when you hold your mouse cursor over these images will also explain what they do.

1.  Gold arrows - navigating current set of messages

  Show the top most messages in the current set
  Show the bottom most messages in the current set
  Scroll up to the previous page of messages
  Scroll down to the next page of messages

2.  Bright turquoise symbols - write a new message

Start a new thread with a new post
Reply to a post
Reply to a post, including its text as a quote

3. Topic symbols

  Viewing restricted to logged-on club members
  Viewing restricted to members of a specified group
  If you created this topic - click to edit its attributes

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