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Fairbairn Cup 2010

BPBC 1st men's VIII (Invitation VIIIs)

Coxed by: Lizzie Grose

Race cancelled. Time may be work of fiction.
Time: 14:24
A great row, spoilt by the multiple time penalties we received for various infringements.

I was given a 15 second penalty for doing an outrageous seven training outings.

Darley was awarded a whole minute for bringing the cold weather back from the North Pole.

Similarly, Holland was awarded a 15 second penalty for not bringing the antipodean weather back with him.

Mr. Glass had a big argument with the start marshal, losing us a further 10 seconds.

Lizzie steered us past Champs W3 before Chesterton, despite the five minute gap, causing another 10 seconds to be added on.

Steve was accused of rating too high, which we dispute - 44 is perfectly acceptable for a 4.3km race - but yet another five seconds were added on.

Neil - nobody understands why he did a 2k test for fun last weekend. Ten seconds.

Will - a five second penalty for wearing a Vesta all-in-one.

We had already accepted a 1 second penalty for Ingram being late to the start.

So we actually rowed the course in 12:13, and we didn't even require the services of the wormhole generator. (JPD)
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I wish there were a 'like' button on the website... (Neil T)

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