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May Bumps 2010

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Richard Sworder

Bumped Girton
Well done! We all love a FaT/Maggie battle, raise your game again for tomorrow. (JPD)
This was quite a nervous race. Having been hammered by Newnham at Champs, we believed that the crew behind us were going to close aggressively, and that our best bet was to hit Girton as quickly as possible. Our start was a touch frantic, and as such we struggled to settle onto a decent rhythm, however by stroke 50 odd we had settled down to 35 and were rowing reasonably well. Newnham gained on us off the start, but then (I believe?) faded back slightly as we found a decent rhythm. We were slowly gaining on Girton, getting our first whistle in the bay before first post. This lead to a large increase in pressure, and as such we then proceed to move onto two then three whistles then bump very quickly indeed, bumping on the exit of first post corner. At a guess Newnham were outside station, however that is based purely upon how long it took them to overtake us, so I may be wrong there.

A solid row, and very pleasing for what I believe to be a fast W1 crew to finally perform on race day, however we can improve, and will need to if we are to catch LMBC tomorrow.

Turbokeen (Swords)
Nice... Go get that Maggie Scum.... (Lyns)
Rowed over
An epic race which we should have attacked more. We sat about on station till Ditton, then produced massive push after massive push and close to half a length by the railway bridge, then did a bumps push, closed to about a foot, and crossed the finish line. (Swords)
Bumped by Newnham
This was far from ideal. We started off, was a bit frantic, and then proceeded to fail to find a decent rhythm. We spannered along at about 38, pretty badly, and then vaguely settled to 35/36. Round Grassy LMBC bumped Jesus, and I failed to deal with how they were clearing and ended up wide, essentially giving Newnham the bump. It was probably race over by then anyway.

An overemphasis on just blasting it along, rather than blasting along well failed us here. It is also indicative of our term. We can row well and fast, as per the last half of yesterday's race, however our consistancy is really lacking. (Swords)
Rowed over
Today we produced another decent row, rowing clear of Clare at about 80% pressure. I knew we were safe when the crew stopped responding to pushes. A pity we didn't row this well on Friday to row over in front of Newnham, however that's the way with bumps. Many of the crew are returning next year, so I look forwards to being involved in another successful year. (Swords)

1. Off to the finish
2. Rowing over
3. Sternfour

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