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May Term 2010

1st women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st division)

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Champion of the Thames Eights Head (Women's 1st Div. Mays)

Time: 5:37
Unfortunately none of the interesting crews were near us during marshalling, or they may have been more distracted by the lengthy discussions relating to the similarities between myself and a spaniel. They will have no such defence in bumps, and we all know they cannot resist the immensity of my turbochat.

Anyway, as for the race. We've spent a long time working on rhythm, and as such that was much improved, which was good. I did however feel that the commitment to simply hammering the boat forwards during the drive was less there, perhaps due to people being more focussed on the approach to the catch.

We have 15 seconds until we are the fastest. We also have the girls in the crew to do that, and we have the time in which to get that speed. I have 100% belief that this crew will get it done. (Swords)
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Cambridge 99's Regatta (1st division)

Lost to Murray Edwards
This was a very windy day. I had previously 4 times with M4b, and I'm pretty sure that the towpath side was favoured, and we were on the windy meadow side. Anyway, we started, and promptly went half a length down, in my opinion due to the wind. Then, Murray Edwards crashed into us. To be fair, they had been told by the marshal "Point your boat into the middle of the river", which does perhaps increase the likelihood of a crash. Anyway, by the time we were separated, we were a length and a bit down. The loss of power on bowside also lead to me being in their wake, so I had to steer out of that, leaving us further back. At this point panic settled in. Our stride took us to a spannerish 38, our second stride took us to a spannerish 39, and a third stride finally allowed us to rate 35, still reasonably spannerishly. We then proceeded through a series of boat stopping gusts until we finally crossed the line about 2 1/2 lengths down.

A disappointing result, however, I'm not reading anything into it. The wind was a large factor, and being crashed into was obviously not ideal too. It's a pity we couldn't have had more races, or better conditions to actually have a useful comparison. (Swords)
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May Bumps

Bumped Girton
Well done! We all love a FaT/Maggie battle, raise your game again for tomorrow. (JPD)
This was quite a nervous race. Having been hammered by Newnham at Champs, we believed that the crew behind us were going to close aggressively, and that our best bet was to hit Girton as quickly as possible. Our start was a touch frantic, and as such we struggled to settle onto a decent rhythm, however by stroke 50 odd we had settled down to 35 and were rowing reasonably well. Newnham gained on us off the start, but then (I believe?) faded back slightly as we found a decent rhythm. We were slowly gaining on Girton, getting our first whistle in the bay before first post. This lead to a large increase in pressure, and as such we then proceed to move onto two then three whistles then bump very quickly indeed, bumping on the exit of first post corner. At a guess Newnham were outside station, however that is based purely upon how long it took them to overtake us, so I may be wrong there.

A solid row, and very pleasing for what I believe to be a fast W1 crew to finally perform on race day, however we can improve, and will need to if we are to catch LMBC tomorrow.

Turbokeen (Swords)
Nice... Go get that Maggie Scum.... (Lyns)
Rowed over
An epic race which we should have attacked more. We sat about on station till Ditton, then produced massive push after massive push and close to half a length by the railway bridge, then did a bumps push, closed to about a foot, and crossed the finish line. (Swords)
Bumped by Newnham
This was far from ideal. We started off, was a bit frantic, and then proceeded to fail to find a decent rhythm. We spannered along at about 38, pretty badly, and then vaguely settled to 35/36. Round Grassy LMBC bumped Jesus, and I failed to deal with how they were clearing and ended up wide, essentially giving Newnham the bump. It was probably race over by then anyway.

An overemphasis on just blasting it along, rather than blasting along well failed us here. It is also indicative of our term. We can row well and fast, as per the last half of yesterday's race, however our consistancy is really lacking. (Swords)
Rowed over
Today we produced another decent row, rowing clear of Clare at about 80% pressure. I knew we were safe when the crew stopped responding to pushes. A pity we didn't row this well on Friday to row over in front of Newnham, however that's the way with bumps. Many of the crew are returning next year, so I look forwards to being involved in another successful year. (Swords)

1. Off to the finish
2. Rowing over
3. Sternfour

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Henley Women's Regatta (Intermediate Academic VIIIs)

Time: 5:05
One of our best rows this term. We were at a solid 34 for most of the course, with massive pushes past Remenham farm and Upper Thames that took the rate up to 36. Thanks to some sideline timing by Jimmy and Nick we know that we qualified as 12th out of 27 boats. (Anne)
Was a pretty decent row, despite having no real idea where the start was. We did enough certainly, being the only college crew to qualify with an eight. (Swords)
1st round
Lost to Birmingham by 1 length
We were about half a length down from the start, which we held for the first 500m, inching back and forth a bit after we hit our stride. A good push saw us coming back a bit only for them to counter and move three quarters of a length up past Remenham farm. Unfortunately, in the next push someone's blade got stuck at the finish throwing us off balance for the next two strokes. We quickly got back into our rhythm but had lost the seat we clawed back in that push. After that I think we faltered a bit and they slowly inched out to about a length up, which we held into the finish.
It was a very good race, our first proper side-by-side, against a crew who was 9 sec faster in the qualifier. It's a bit sad knowing that we could have had an easier draw if we were a bit slower in the qualifier, but we put up a good fight and didn't give them anything easily. I could hear their cox scream at the top of her voice through the second half of the race and we made them work hard for their victory.
Keen for next year! (Anne)
Our lack of training as a full crew showed here, our start was half a length slower, but our general rowing was about on speed. This is perhaps obvious as Liz had done maybe 10 starts with the crew in total, and certainly less than 5 with Rachel at 7. Useful experience nonetheless, partly for me to do HRR in a few days, but mostly so we an come back next year and have a better prepared crack at this competition. (Swords)
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