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Cambridge Town Bumps, Summer 2009

BPBC 1st men's VIII, rowing as City IV

Crew list for 3 races:

BPBC 1st men's VIII, rowing as City IV
in Black Prince
bow John Earl 2 Neil Talbott
3 Mike Goodson 4 Andy Pickard
5 Chris Ingram 6 Daniel Holland
7 Phil Horler str Tom Rose

Coxed by: Andy Wong

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Andy Wong

Bumped Champion of the Thames (Gay)
Tom Coker's debrief was simple: "You rocked."

We certainly did, as my battered fingers will testify.

By the way, Addenbrooke's didn't really enter 15 crews, nor were Anglia Ruskin, Abingdon, LMBC, Wadham or Merton Gannets present, but the Town clubs don't seem to be in the Bumps database. The webmaster will probably have a fit when he sees all this...

PS - Stop laughing at the back, 'Gay' is a surname in this instance. (Neil T)
We spent much of the row down experimenting with starts, but it is hard to nail one down when the rate at which people are remembering how to wield an oar means that there is no consistency whatsoever between individual strokes, let alone starts. The tactic of going off assuming our fitness wouldn't hold much past First Post was perhaps a little foolish when it transpired that fitness was by no means our limiting factor; the technique didn't even hold past the motorway bridge. Still, the crew ahead was somehow even worse and we caught them as they attempted to run away to the outside of the corner. (RTT)
Well it started badly, it tailed off a little in the middle and the less said about the end the better, but apart from that it was excellent. (Mike)
Bumped Cantabs VI
There were actual hints of passable rowing on the way down, including a whimsical burst at 34 on First Post reach. Those in the bows claimed not to have noticed this, but perhaps they had unrealistically high expectations. Fortunately none of it mattered as the race itself was marked by panic and flailing to begin with, followed by a gentle sag as we got to the corners and realised we hadn't made up any ground. Somehow the opposition managed to fade more quickly than we did, so we ate up most of the distance before Grassy. Bowside were obviously keen to string it out as long as possible, so after a flurry of airshots and thus a slightly suboptimal line, we found we had to do it all again down the Plough Reach. However, this did give us the opportunity of bumping outside the pub, which was nice. (RTT)
Bumped 99s IV
Well, the Bumps chart now represents actuality, using the following code:

QMABC = Cantabs
Linacre = City
St Hugh's = 99s
Exeter = X-Press
Oxford Academicals = Rob Roy
Greyfriars = Chesterton
Imperial College = Champion of the Thames
Falcon = St Radegund
St John's = St Ives
Hertford = Cambridge Veterans
Merton Gannets = Isle of Ely
OXILP = Leys

Martin will be turning in his marital bed.

Meanwhile, the rowing is apparently improving. Thanks to all those who have been down to support, especially Tom for pushing us off and counting down. (Neil T)
Yes, Neil, I am. Should be sorted? (Martin P)
Bumped Rob Roy V
Amusingly we were the highest-placed of only three boats in all divisions to win blades (excluding the Head crew). The others were our club colleagues City V and City IX (given as IV and VIII in the chart below) - clearly they were inspired by our stellar performances.

This really was marvellous fun - can we do it again next year please? (Neil T)

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