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Cambridge Head-2-Head, May Term 2008

2nd men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

2nd college VIII, fastest 2nd VIII
Time: 13:33
Spaktastic in the sun! Catches a bit limp on the first run and just plain slow in the second, but good commitment and some excellent tanning. Seemed to go pretty fast and the wind for the second finish actually saw us touching 36. (Dan)
First leg was a bit tense but the second felt more relaxed and as a consequence we achieved a higher rate in conjunction with a longer stroke.

Pleased with this result, good to see us more than competitive in the first division. As Dan says the rowing still isn't pretty but its starting to come together and there were patches (especially in the second leg) where we were moving very nicely. This crew has already made big improvements and i think we're all confident there's more to come. Cheers lads. (Emma)
Fairly pleasing row and result (despite the dodgy wheezing coming from the engine for most of the first piece). But there's still more to come if we're to achieve what I think should be our goals for the term:

1. Become one of the ~5 fastest crews around.
2. Absolutely, without a doubt, guarantee that next year's 2nd May VIII get spoons.

I know, I know... we've been saying number 2 for years now ;-) (Albert)
I'm starting to believe it is actually going to happen.

Thats a solid result, but it won't be enough come bumps. Theres more to be found in all parts of the stroke and we'll get there. And its going to be fast. (Will L)

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