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Fairbairn Cup - IVs 2007

A 3200m timed head race on the Cam for College IVs
Fri 30th November

The official results published by the organisers, JCBC, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

4+B, middle four, Senior IVs

I'm not sure if a four that never rowed together in a single training session or race really merits a crew list, but it felt right to put it up there anyway... (BJ)
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4+A, outside four, Senior IVs

Time: 11:07.75
As usual, fate had a few cards up her sleeve. Bryn was ill and we jumped into a scratch IV with one and only one mission - win Fairbairns Ivs.

We started hard; very hard. The catches and finishes were good for the first 500m and I had none of the Novice Death Grip worries that had plagued me in the VIII. We had plenty of length, power and control and I knew we would row at the absolute max: max power, max technique, max length and max speed.

Fantastic corners, coxing and coaching made this race. Together with Jesus we were miles ahead of the opposition, and the guys I was rowing with never let the pace go for a second.

Legends. (Dan)
Scratch crew or not, this four was always going to be quick. Still, i was pretty surprised at how well we started off, nice sharp catches and the rate came very easily. Initially we had a few balance issues but got over them without too much incident ("Rich! Tap down. Tap down, Rich! Tap DOWN! Tap down... Tap down!.. Tap down pleeeease!")and settled onto a very happy 34. We flew through the first half of the race to Chesterton, and luckily the strong tail wind that we'd suffered with a little in the eight had pretty much vanished as we came onto the reach. Really gutsy rowing from stern pair kept the rate dead on, and the wind from the railings was awesome. Fantastic race boys, thanks! (Emma)
More stressful than last year. Jesus had been training a strong and fresh-legged crew for over a week. We were a tired and long-haired hotchpotch, and didn't even have time to check the gate heights. The finish timing was never perfect, and it took half the race to vaguely remember how to row in a four. I think the only reason we won was Emma's insistence that we strike 34, which I abided by despite it being entirely contrary to my ambitions.

This completes a term of winning every College race. Yipee-ki-yay motherf**ker.

(I think that is in line with website policy) (Tom C)

1. 1st men's IV

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BPBC 1st men's IV, Invitation IV's


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4+C, Senior IVs

8th, 1st 2nd IV
Time: 11:53.19
A slightly scrappy race, hopefully just overly affected by the hard race earlier in the day; the good bits when we sent the boat away cleanly felt really good, its just a pity they didn't happen often enough. (Peter)
A bit disappointed by the result, although we never expected to win I had hoped to push the other four slightly closer. Tiredness from the other race didn't help, but we had lost the timing that had made us quick at uni IVs, and so didn't let the boat run as freely as we could.
That said, we held rate in the way we hadn't been able to do at winter head, and it was generally good, with plenty of commitment. The standing start probably brightened the marshal's day, but it was messy, a result of not being sure how hard to go off for a longer race. This meant that the next couple of minutes felt underpowered, although it still felt fairly fast. We took the rate up from the railway bridge to do a solid sprint for the finish, but didn't find the extra 2s that would have put us 5th.
Rowing in this four has been really fun, thanks to everyone who put time and effort in to it, and maybe we'll be back next term. (John)

1. 3rd men's IV

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1st women's IV, Senior IVs

Time: 13:11
Best row of term. Two seconds is nothing, how can it be the difference between winning and losing? (Harriet)
That was a great row girls! After the morning race, we were all tired but the sharp focus and motivation kept us going hard and powerful until the end. Emma's win was less than 2 seconds, so I agree with Harriet that it is so unfair to have it be a difference between a win and a loss. But despite the final ranking, we rowed really well and we should be proud of ourselves. Good job! (Julijana)
Best row of term by far, definitely finishing on a high! Long, relaxed and powerful with everything coming together in a way it never quite has before, with the push for the finish incredibly painful but pretty awesome. Think the dizziness, nausea and cramp on the row back home shows just how much we put into this, so whilst the result is a little frustrating it really doesn't matter, especially since we were over 20 seconds faster than the next crew. And to be mentioned in Coker's Fairbairns Dinner speech really was the icing on the cake! (Charley)
Awesome result girls! (Jane)

1. 1st women's IV

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BPBC 1st women's IV, in JCBC's Tony Willson, Invitation IV's

9th, 1st invitational IV
Time: 13:54.34
The first half of the race was abysmal. Caius took several lengths from us before Chesterton and were looking worryingly close.

The presence of a boat behind and the threat of being overtaken spurred us on, however, and our rowing improved considerably in the second half. Caius remained a couple of lengths behind us (despite their over-enthusiastic bank party continuing to shout "you're gaining on them!") until their line around Ditton gave them another half.

So, perhaps not the best rowing we've ever done but an exciting race and a win in the Invitational category. With a practice outing beforehand I think we could have taken quite a bit off this time!

Thanks to JCBC for the loan of the boat and to Jon for much-needed moral support from the bank! (Erica)
The picture is probably a kind reflection on the quality of rowing for the first couple of minutes, though with four bowsiders in the boat it's not a surprise which riggers are in the water.

Given time to settle in and some pressure from behind, things improved dramatically though, and it was very satisfying to see Caius (1st IV) fail to gain more than a length between Chesterton and the finish. (Jon)


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The Bowsboat, Senior IVs

15th, 1st second IV
Time: 14:53.04
30s faster than Maggie I. Awesome. (Harriet)
What an excellent row! In the cox's seat I really thought we kept it together, we pushed hard and our rhythm was sound.

A little wobbly in places, but those were soon rectified and a couple of slightly wide corners, but generally really pleasing.

Highlights of the race included Kristina's vocals on Long Reach, and just after Ditton corner before the finish:

Mark: 'Wind it up 2'
Alex: 'NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!'

Oh, and a marshall that was not happy about me 'disobeying' him, never mind; I tell my crew when to go, not him.

But a really good race, I'm really pleased I had such a brilliant crew. Bring on the Lent term! (Mark)
three bowsiders, one outing, no coach, novice cox.
yeah, i think we did ourselves proud!!! :D
PS sorry for screaming on the reach, i'll learn to shut up next time! (Kristina)
Yep, definitely a result to be proud of, seriously well done! (Jane)

1. 2nd women's IV

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's IVs</h4><p><pre><b>Pos Crew Status Pos in Cat Time Diff Halfway Diff</b> <b> 1 First and Third Trinity Col 1 / 12 11:07.75 +0:00 05:01.07 +0:00</b> 2 Jesus Col 2 / 12 11:13.46 +0:05 05:04.24 +0:03 3 Robinson Col 3 / 12 11:41.19 +0:33 05:14.32 +0:13 4 Downing Col 4 / 12 11:44.03 +0:36 05:25.25 +0:24 5 City of Cambridge Inv 1 / 3 11:51.44 +0:43 05:19.99 +0:18 6 Peterhouse Col 5 / 12 11:51.50 +0:43 05:12.53 +0:11 <b> 7 Black Prince Inv 2 / 3 11:51.60 +0:43 05:20.95 +0:19</b> <b> 8 First and Third Trinity III Col 1 / 1 11:53.19 +0:45 05:21.82 +0:20</b> 9 Cross Keys Inv 3 / 3 12:03.14 +0:55 05:22.70 +0:21 10 Peterhouse II Col 1 / 3 12:03.38 +0:55 05:27.57 +0:26 11 Christ's Col 6 / 12 12:07.19 +0:59 05:30.57 +0:29 12 Fitzwilliam Col 7 / 12 12:07.86 +1:00 05:28.16 +0:27 13 St Catharine's Col 8 / 12 12:13.94 +1:06 05:31.72 +0:30 14 Oriel (OXF) Col 9 / 12 12:16.44 +1:08 05:32.10 +0:31 15 Selwyn Col 10 / 12 12:21.08 +1:13 05:30.51 +0:29 16 Christ's II Col 2 / 3 12:26.59 +1:18 05:37.07 +0:36 17 Wolfson Col 11 / 12 12:36.00 +1:28 05:36.96 +0:35 18 Churchill Col 12 / 12 12:43.35 +1:35 05:44.63 +0:43 19 Robinson II Col 3 / 3 12:47.00 +1:39 05:42.95 +0:41 20 Queen's DNS <b>21 First and Third Trinity II DNS</b> 22 Cantabrigian DNS 23 Clare DNS 24 Fitzwilliam II DNS</pre></p><h4>Women's IVs</h4><p><pre><b>Pos Crew Status Pos in Cat Time Diff Halfway Diff</b> 1 Emmanuel Col 1 / 15 13:09.88 +0:00 05:56.01 +0:00 <b> 2 First and Third Trinity Col 2 / 15 13:11.75 +0:01 06:00.31 +0:04</b> 3 Caius Col 3 / 15 13:33.89 +0:24 06:04.04 +0:08 4 Wolfson Col 4 / 15 13:37.12 +0:27 06:12.32 +0:16 5 Selwyn Col 5 / 15 13:39.85 +0:29 06:05.66 +0:09 6 Pembroke (OXF) Col 6 / 15 13:40.01 +0:30 06:04.41 +0:08 7 Queen's Col 7 / 15 13:42.80 +0:32 06:09.45 +0:13 8 Peterhouse Col 8 / 15 13:50.15 +0:40 06:07.50 +0:11 <b> 9 Black Prince Inv 1 / 2 13:54.34 +0:44 06:22.68 +0:26</b> 10 Clare Col 9 / 15 14:02.49 +0:52 06:19.31 +0:23 11 Robinson Col 10 / 15 14:13.68 +1:03 06:21.19 +0:25 12 Hills Road Sixth Form T.O. 14:23.30 +1:13 06:28.72 +0:32 13 Sidney Sussex Col 11 / 15 14:40.94 +1:31 06:36.69 +0:40 14 New Hall Col 12 / 15 14:52.17 +1:42 06:40.71 +0:44 <b>15 First and Third Trinity II Col 1 / 2 14:53.04 +1:43 06:45.25 +0:49</b> 16 CCAT Col 13 / 15 14:53.66 +1:43 06:39.24 +0:43 17 Fitzwilliam Col 14 / 15 15:04.25 +1:54 06:51.25 +0:55 18 Lady Margaret Col 15 / 15 15:20.32 +2:10 06:50.09 +0:54 19 Peterhouse II Col 2 / 2 15:40.02 +2:30 06:57.25 +1:01 20 Tabby Inv 2 / 2 15:59.78 +2:49 07:41.04 +1:45 21 Newnham DNS 22 Trinity Hall DNS</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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