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Fairbairn Cup - IVs 2007

BPBC 1st women's IV, in JCBC's Tony Willson (Invitation IV's)

BPBC 1st women's IV
bow Zara White 2 Erica Thompson
3 Becca Downing str Cass Chideock

Coxed by: Lilie Weaver

9th, 1st invitational IV
Time: 13:54.34
The first half of the race was abysmal. Caius took several lengths from us before Chesterton and were looking worryingly close.

The presence of a boat behind and the threat of being overtaken spurred us on, however, and our rowing improved considerably in the second half. Caius remained a couple of lengths behind us (despite their over-enthusiastic bank party continuing to shout "you're gaining on them!") until their line around Ditton gave them another half.

So, perhaps not the best rowing we've ever done but an exciting race and a win in the Invitational category. With a practice outing beforehand I think we could have taken quite a bit off this time!

Thanks to JCBC for the loan of the boat and to Jon for much-needed moral support from the bank! (Erica)
The picture is probably a kind reflection on the quality of rowing for the first couple of minutes, though with four bowsiders in the boat it's not a surprise which riggers are in the water.

Given time to settle in and some pressure from behind, things improved dramatically though, and it was very satisfying to see Caius (1st IV) fail to gain more than a length between Chesterton and the finish. (Jon)


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