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Cambridge Head-2-Head, May Term 2007

1st women's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Damilola Dauda

Winners W1, 1st Overall
Time: 21:04
Having just started rowing in a new post-BUSA lineup, and still without a set crew, this race was more about getting in a good long head piece and bringing the rhythm together than it was about pushing any boundaries.

The first leg was surprisingly good in terms of basic rhythm, which came together a lot more nicely than it had in the previous few days even at the higher rating. However, we struggled to bring our pushes solidly together and took longer than necessary to overtake (on the outside of Grassy!)

The second leg started reasonably well but we never quite found the same comfortable rhythm we had had in the first piece. However, we did respond to lifts more cohesively and coped reasonably well with the headwind.

It was a pleasing addendum to win pots for the row, but the small margin to the following crew (Newnham) suggests that we need to raise our game in the coming weeks. Luckily, there is a lot of potential to do that :o)

Erica (Pedro)

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