The Club's Results

City Sprints, May Term 2007

BPBC 1st men's IV (CRA S4 4+)

Coxed by: Lilie Weaver

Quarter finals
Sometimes phrases like "unmitigated disaster" don't do justice to the circumstances. A 400 mile round trip; 6 hours' train travel @ 150% cost (forgot railcard); 3 inches of rain; 10 strokes of racing before clattering into CCRC. You do the maths. (Neil T)
At least the maths comes out better than the first time BPBC raced abroad... Maybe the Ingers / Glass effect extends to rowing as well as weather? (RTT)
Neil, come on... we've all seen the posters, are you trying to tell us that all that travel was just for the City Sprints?! (Martin P)
Surprised not to see you racing NV 1x, Martin... (Jon)

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