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City Sprints, May Term 2007

Fun 400m regatta format sprint in front of the boathouses. Started from stakeboats just before Elizabeth way.
Sun 13th May

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FaT B, CRA Nv 4+

2nd round
Beat City of Cambridge
We did a few practise starts after elizabeth way road bridge, and then we marshalled and raced, we rowed alright, so not a bad effort. (S.J. Lings)
Semi finals
Beat Cantabs
We rowed terribly, but somehow managed to beat them (S.J. Lings)
oh how much better they were than us... we just gunned it and stayed ahead, just :) (Lorry)
Our beautiful style of just get the blade in and jump on it seemed to work, though seeing them paddling after the finish put us to shame a bit.

As Lingo said, ''I feel bad beating technically better crews''. (Martin Y)
Lost to City of Cambridge
we rowed terribly, there was a swan, we lost. (S.J. Lings)
give us a week in a four and we'd have them (Lorry)
Gave them a damn good run for their money, a practice outing in the iv+ and I'm fairly sure it would have been a damn sight closer. (Martin Y)
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FaT A, CRA Senior 4+

1st round
Actually quite a nice row, surprisingly good for a scratch IV! (Erica)
lost to CCRC
Well, after a rather miserable afternoon we were quite keen to make up for it with some pots. Unfortunately, to top everything off, City had taken the unprecedented step of entering a pretty good crew in this event and they walked through us fairly easily. At least we didn't have to suffer the shame of losing to a worse crew! (Erica)
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FaT A, CRA Nv 4+

2nd round
Lost to Cantabs
If only we'd been organised enough to do some practise starts... abysmal start left us with too much to do, and not enough water to do it in. (Sam Z)
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FaT B, CRA Senior 4+

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FaT C, CRA S4 4+

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BPBC 1st men's IV, CRA S4 4+

Quarter finals
Sometimes phrases like "unmitigated disaster" don't do justice to the circumstances. A 400 mile round trip; 6 hours' train travel @ 150% cost (forgot railcard); 3 inches of rain; 10 strokes of racing before clattering into CCRC. You do the maths. (Neil T)
At least the maths comes out better than the first time BPBC raced abroad... Maybe the Ingers / Glass effect extends to rowing as well as weather? (RTT)
Neil, come on... we've all seen the posters, are you trying to tell us that all that travel was just for the City Sprints?! (Martin P)
Surprised not to see you racing NV 1x, Martin... (Jon)
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