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Lent Bumps 2006

2nd men's VIII

Coxed by: Magnus Jones

Rowed over
We talked before the race about relaxing at the start and not panicing, but our first 3 draw strokes were a disaster. However we managed to get it back together pretty quick, and our mighty start kicked in and we got back the couple of seconds start we'd gifted the crews around and soon got a whistle for a length off Wolfson. We had a nice stride and had apparently gained more before they had some sort of huge push in the gut and got CCAT before grassy. We'd also dropped Queens who got hit in first post reach.

From then on there wasn't much contact with other crews, we were told we gained on Downing but the overbump was never really on. We kept the rate and pressure up but it was sometimes a bit scrappy, and I'd forgoten how dirty the water is in bumps, even when your not right behind someone.

On this display we're definitely faster than CCAT, and if we get our draw strokes right and row to our ability we should get them! (Neil)
Bumped CCAT
Much more relaxed draw strokes today and we had the length call after not to long. We strode down to 35 apparently, but it felt light and lower. As we were coming round first post corner we got a 6ft call and did our bumps push; a few wobbly strokes but it did the job. They took a bit long to concede and their boat took a little damage pulling in, and Jesus also decided to park on top of us.

Anyway, job done. We just need to do exactly the same tomorrow. Chasing Downing. (Neil)
Took it to 40 off the start, maintained for 20 and they knew they were in trouble. Strode down to a powerful 35 and were within half a length into First Post Corner. Their cox let them down on the line and halfway through the corner we got the "six feet" call and we took it up for the Bumps Ten. For some reason they didn't concede but the marshals on the bank called to hold it up. The row was short, focused and aggressive, and Darwin behind were never a contender. Bodes well for tomorrow. (Magnus Jones)
We really showed the crews around us how it should be done after a bit of a dodgy performance yesterday :) We had an awesome start - we decided we couldn't be bothered with giving the other crews a head start this time, so we decided to allow sterm pair to join in as well this time.

We had 3 good draw strokes and wound well, up to the low forties I think. We held for 10 and got the 1 length whistle. Magnus decided that we were gaining so well on CCAT by this point that it would be churlish to stride and we held for another 10 before striding down to a nicely relaxed 35.

After a 10 stroke push we got to within half a length of CCAT, who were probably rueing the day they took up rowing. CCAT then took a wide line into First Post Corner. We could hear the glee in Magnus' voice as he called the 5 stoke push into the corner and then informed us all of the CCAT cox's lack of steering ability.

Half way around the corner, we got a 6 feet call from Iain and Magnus decided now was the time for a bumps 10. It was a bit scrappy - I'm not sure bow pair were prepared for quite how bad the water water would be this close. After 2 strokes we had overlap and we were closing in fast.

CCAT refused to concede and kept going. It wasn't until Will Thorne (I think) told us to hold it up that we finally stopped. I was worried that we had been caught up in Wolfson's bump as Magnus hadn't told us that we had bumped. As it turned out, we were told to stop before Igor ended up in CCAT's boat...

As a special bonus to CCAT for not conceding, they got a hole in the side of their boat. They decided to pull in straight away, depite our bow being somewhere under stroke's rigger. To add to the fun, Jesus II bumped Queens's II and decided they wanted to park on our bit of bank. This led to some interesting double parking and us holding onto Jesus' oars to stop them floating into the racing.

Wolfson managed to bump Downing II somewhere in the Plough Reach, so we should be able to nail them tomorrow. Let's have more of the same! (Tom)
Hearing Magnus's "Bumps 10. Go!" as the crew came charging by with 4 feet to go was absolutely great. A good solid bump, the crew looked chuffed to bits, what a great result. (Martin)
Nice work guys. First "proper" bump for the 2nd Lent VIII since 2002! (Richard)
Nice work guys. First "proper" bump for the 2nd Lent VIII since 2002!

I coxed that boat! (Becca)
Bumped Downing II
Well today's plan was for a patient bump, and that plan was executed. We found a very relaxed and sustainable rhythm, with CCAT behind not dropped early like you'd expect after yesterday. When the distance calls started to come we new we just had to continue with the same and by the plough we had overlap.

Downing had a cunning plan to evade us by going ridiculously wide round Ditton, and Magnus resisted the urge to steer for the bump. We then became aware that the water had become far less dirty, and lo and behold, there were Downing rowing along beside us. Our bow balls must have past half way round Ditton and I thought that constituted a bump (I'm sure someone will clarify this soon!). Anyway there seemed no call from the bank and their cox must have had his arms bound to his sides as he still didn't concede. Perhaps they were counting on a secret pressure push they'd been holding back to take back a couple of lengths and shoot off up the reach, or trying to let CCAT bump them first for the up two, and to screw us up.

By the end of Ditton corner we had about another 3/4 of a length but still no concession! Magnus was obviously frustrated, and began edging over the river leaving them nowhere to go. I think it was eventually our stroke or 6-man's blade that hit their bowman's. He then had the good sense to stop rowing and tell his crew to do the same!

Wolfson got Peterhouse halfway down the reach, so we should get them tomorrow. (Neil)
Good, patient start, wound it right up. Ahead on Downing. Settled in to our long maintain, strode it down comfortably. Downing up a bit on Wolfson - clearly they've gone hard off the start. We're in rhythm, looking good.

Come round into the Gut, we get a whistle. Stay focused and cut a better corner than Downing on Grassy. Wolfson have pulled away and we take a ten push into the Plough Reach. Six foot call almost immediately.

Call for Bump Ten, and we've got overlap on their bowside. I'm taking the line for Ditton, and their cox can't steer in or they'll be bumped. He keeps the outside and takes a ridiculously wide Ditton Corner. We simply overtake on the inside.

Halfway through the corner, we're level. Unbelievably, neither their cox nor their bank party give any indication that they realise they've been bumped.

Coming onto the reach, we're practically clear of them, and I edge over onto their side, lightly clipping their bowblade with our sixblade (!). Their bowman stops rowing and starts shouting to concede. I start steering for the bank to pull in.

They just keep going at race pressure. I can't believe my eyes, but start steering out again to re-clip them. Thankfully, the marshals at this point call the bump. It's over.

Good effort guys, we held it together well even through the insanity of the last few seconds. This if anything proves that we can keep our eyes in the boat and execute our plan regardless of circumstances. More of the same tomorrow. (Magnus Jones)
CUCBC Handbook:

84. That a boat be considered fairly bumped when it is touched by any part of the boat behind it
before its stern is past the finishing post, drawing level with a boat being considered equivalent
to a bump, provided the bow balls are level.

Sounds clear to me... (Mike)
The Senior Umpire was certainly screaming at Downing to stop rowing. Yes, an overtake clearly counts as a bump - all umpires get told this at the pre-bumps meeting. I'm sure that all coxes get told this too. Perhaps this is one cox that didn't go to that meeting? (Richard)
Interestingly my house mate was in the bank party for the Downing crew. Always amusing to hear their side of the story too...

But well done guys. So far this is the highlight of the bumps for me! (Dan)
Rowed over
Got to 3/4 of a length early on the reach, but couldn't take it any further. Didn't row badly: we hadn't rowed better previously. Up 2 is a pretty respectable result. A good crew to row in an we were pretty happy.
Well done guys. (Neil)
We went with the same long distance race plan as the previous day, intending to really attack it on the Reach. The rowing was pretty good, perhaps not quite as good as on Friday, but still an effort to be pleased with. Closed to about 3/4 length soon after Ditton but unlike our opposition on pervious days Peterhouse showed some ability and determination, rowing away from us at the Railway Bridge.

Ultimately up 2 is a good result from a quick 2nd VIII which overcame a number of set backs during the term. A bump on Peterhouse was always going to be a tall order, and I think we can all be proud of our efforts throughout the week. (Phil)
As we thundered past the Plough, I called "We will execute our race plan to the letter." And so we did. Going for the Head Piece (Head Peace) approach, we settled into a strong 35 off the stride and dipped into a consistent 33ish long-distance rhythm. We were surprised, however, by the grit showed by Peterhouse in front, who we had closed to 3/4 with but who matched our series of pushes down the Reach. Nevertheless, this was a strong effort and a worthy end to a successful week of racing. (Magnus Jones)

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