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Women's Head of the River Race, LentĀ Term 2006

1st women's VIII (Senior3 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

71st of 265 crews, 21st of 61 in S3, 5th of 15 Cam colleges
Time: 21:30.24
Earlier in term, we put in some sub-standard performances which were good enough to win races. At the WeHORR we put in a sub-standard performance that didn't do the job. It was by no means the worst row we've ever done but we coped poorly with the headwind from Barnes to Hammersmith and that is a large enough chunk of the course for it to really matter. The row improved considerably in the second half, but as we all know, anyone can push hard from Hammersmith!

Hopefully next year's crew can take advantage of starting >100 places higher and do great things, off the back of an amazing set of lent bumps, of course... (jo)

1. Not coping well with...
2. Power through the wa...
3. About to catch

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