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May Bumps 2005

3rd women's VIII

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Honey Duan

Crew list for 2 races:

Coxed by: Honey Duan

Bumped St. Edmund's
After a sublime outing on Monday night everyone was feeling very confident. However, as the hour approached, and we remembered *quite how frightening* bumps could be, we all got A Little Nervous. As we sat in the boat bays awaiting the return of our trusty vessel Margot, we all got A Little More Nervous.

We caned it to chesterton where we discovered that the crews in our division were only just heading off, and then got given a scolding by the marshal nonetheless. Little did he realise that by attempting to strike us down, he was making us more powerful than he could possibly imagine...

On the row up, we decided that we did not like the wind, and did not want to row far, but pre-gun mutterings included the words 'so if we have to go for the overbump...' several times. The glory of overbumping sounded quite exciting, but the prospect of a nice quick hit on Eddies appealed rather more.

The gun was loud.

The wind was bad.

We've rowed better.

Our kit was spangly and new, and we rowed well enough.

tomorrow should be fun :-) (jo)
After a bit of anxiety about obtaining a shell and oars and being 15-20 min late to marshal, we had a pretty decent start considering the massive headwind and a quick and hard race! Our new and improved race plan seemed to work as we ended up rowing quite long and decently high, solidly bumping St. Eddie's before the first post corner. Some good steering by Honey kept us well out of any potential carnage, and we caught St. Eddie's despite being on the outside of the turn - meaning I (2 seat) tried to put a catch in on their stern deck before they conceded! Well done GraduVIII! (Emily)
Bumped Sidney Sussex II
We suspected that this would be a quick one, and indeed it was. Little Jenners counted 28 strokes to the bump, and that's about all there is to say about it. (jo)
Bumped Selwyn II
We arrived at the station as the 4 minute gun went, which meant we had so little faffing time that we almost forgot to do our good luck handshake. That could have been disasterous!

We hadn't been rowing long at all when Iain told us that HH had bumped Vet School, forcing us to go wide round the corner- but Honey took a bravely tight line, and we started getting whistles.

After the first one we gained quickly and got them just before grassy. Hurrah! (jo)
Bumped Vets School
17 strokes apparently. well done girls! (Graham)

1. With greenery at grassy
2. At grassy with greenery
3. With the flag on the...

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