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May Bumps 2004

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Andy Wong

Bumped Addenbrookes
Yes! Nervous beforehand; Addenbrooke's didn't look bad but (as usual!) we bumped just at the motorway bridge.

Looking forward to tomorrow!! (Erica)
Not much to say, bumped pretty quickly. Not a bad row overall. (Andy)
*yea* we did! We haven't rowed together as a crew for quite a while now [yes yes my fault :P] so the balance etc wasn't great, but not a bad row at all. Andy's been telling us all term that he wants us to realise that nobody really bumps under the motorway bridge, bumps is suppoed to be about pain. So, sorry andy, will try [less?] harder tomorrow :) actually, tomorrow should be interesting, as clare hall got bumped because of an argument with the bank.. so.. we will see :S! (Wants to stroke.)
Overbumped Vets School
As far as I can tell, Clare Hall pulled away slightly from us, before we started to reel them in. Clare Hall were themselves closing on Darwin II, closing on Vets School. According to someone on the bank, Darwin had overlap on Vets before a crab enabled Clare Hall to bump them around halfway before the Motorway Bridge and First Post Corner, at which point we were about 3/4 length from Clare Hall and about 3 from Vets. The distance rapidly decreased and the overbump occurred in the gut. Not a bad effort overall, Corpus tomorrow, with Clare Hall behind.

See, nobody really bumps before the motorway bridge :-) (Andy)
WOW! What a great row! This crew are so much faster than their opposition, they managed to overbump before Grassy! Amazing! Congratulations!!! (Aileen)
No, andy, nobody *overbumps* at the motorway bridge :)
hehe! Felt really nice and powerful today, everybody really kept it going, even when we realised we might have to go [a bit] further today. Ah the little people in fur had it coming anyway!
*yea* we did!!!!! (*Yea* we did)
Bumped Corpus
Not exactly the best start or row we've ever had, but closed on corpus pretty quick. Clare Hall caught up a bit off the start, as expectec, but we held them off and pulled away after the motorway bridge. Bit [lot] of carnage caused us to bump just before first post corner, but the bump stood as we clearly would have got them anyway. Our first first boat so far! Ra Ra 1st&3rd etc. tomorrow = Maggie III, caught by Jesus III at the motorway bridge, so here's hoping it all goes well. P.s attendance at tomorrow's Stomp *compulsory*, girls, Maggie here we come! (*Yea* we did)
To be honest, a pretty ropey start, got it back together and closed on Corpus quickly. Maggie were bumped by Downing ahead, and Corpus were impeded more than we were, but the result was never in doubt as we were already about half a length from them. They conceded quite late and Jenny's blade ended up attached to their rudder strings, making it somewhat difficult to get out of Clare Hall's way. I believe they were awarded a technical rowover. For their part, they made a fast start, closing to about a length on us from the start, but making no impression afterwards. (Andy)
in 1'00"9. (Keith Noble-Nesbitt)
Red Scum went down without much of a fight, kind of as expected. Shame we weren't following someone a bit better really.. But on the other hand, I felt relaxed and even fairly confident[!] off the start, stride felt nice, hit them before i even got out of breath. Bit dissapointingly easy really. But rolling pairs with a champagne bottle being passed along was fun, as was Andy's attempt at steering with a flag shoved down his lifejacket, and clutching a[nother] bottle. He's "Reasonably Happy" that we went up 6, if a bit disapointed not to have taught us the "pain" of bumps. (*Yea* we did)
They were wearing devil horns. They were Maggie. They were on for spoons. In short, they were asking for it and we obliged in short order after about 35 strokes, just past the motorway bridge. Perhaps one of our better rows.

Overall, pleased with our performance this week. We have surpassed my prediction of about +2. Many thanks to Jo Sampson and John Earl for organising and coaching. I hope that the girls continue on their successful rowing ways (five of them are up 10 after two sets of bumps!) It was a pleasure coxing you. (And thanks for the box of chocolates :-) (Andy)

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