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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2003

2nd men's VIII (Lower VIIIs division)

Coxed by: Rachel Munro

Second in Lower VIIIs division, 9th Overall
Time: 9:16
Reduced the gap between us and the Maggie Scum to 14s from around a minute only two weeks ago - Not bad for our second outing in this particular crew configuration.
A solid rolling start followed by an unnecessary surge was followed by a good first half to the race, complemented by an excellent racing line from Rachel. As fatigue started to creep into the crew's rowing, the efficiency of the strokes dropped as we made our way up the long reach. After being told to "'ave it !" (thank you, Rachel !) coming under the railway bridge, we powered our way towards the finish line, but proved unable to post a faster time than LMBC 2.
A big thank-you to Henry and Iain (and Rachel) for shouting abuse at us for the best part of ten minutes. (Matt)

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