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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2003

A timed head race over 2200 - from Little Bridge to Peter's Posts
Fri 7th February

The event was organised by Robinson College Boat Club. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

The Lent VIII, 1st division

Overall winners
Time: 8:36
The Lent VIII won by the narrowest of margins over Caius (1 s), but thereby remain unbeaten on the Cam this term. [by the webmaster]
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2nd men's VIII, Lower VIIIs division

Second in Lower VIIIs division, 9th Overall
Time: 9:16
Reduced the gap between us and the Maggie Scum to 14s from around a minute only two weeks ago - Not bad for our second outing in this particular crew configuration.
A solid rolling start followed by an unnecessary surge was followed by a good first half to the race, complemented by an excellent racing line from Rachel. As fatigue started to creep into the crew's rowing, the efficiency of the strokes dropped as we made our way up the long reach. After being told to "'ave it !" (thank you, Rachel !) coming under the railway bridge, we powered our way towards the finish line, but proved unable to post a faster time than LMBC 2.
A big thank-you to Henry and Iain (and Rachel) for shouting abuse at us for the best part of ten minutes. (Matt)
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3rd men's VIII, Lower VIIIs division

Winners of M3 by 44 s. 5th of 19 lower division boats, 16th overall
Time: 9:50
A very good result for the third VIII, apparently only 10s slower than Sidney I and beating amongst others Robinson II (5 places ahead in the Lents), Girton II (2 ahead), Selwyn II (directly ahead), Downing III (2 behind) and Fitz II (3 behind). Jesus III (starting directly behind) did not race. (Martin)
Excellent result. Only our second ever head length piece (the first being a minute and a half slower at a rating 5 pips slower) and our fourth outing. The best news for us is that we have plenty of room for improvement... we will be much faster come the bumps! (Michael)
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Women's 1st Lent VIII, 1st division

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Grad VIII, GraduVIII, Lower VIIIs division

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2nd women's VIII, 2nd division

22nd of 23 Crews
Time: 12:59
This race was the first time in this configuration and was viewed as practice for the Lents getting-on race in two weeks time. We started off well, and thanks to 110% effort and support from the bank, we retained a steady gap between us and the crew behind. Towards the end, the crew behind put in some effort and gained some ground but we held out until the finish.
Comedy value was provided at the P&E by the Downing crews congregating at the finish. Jenny lost the orange that she had found earlier, but sustinance was provided in the form of Andy's Skittles and Buttons
Big thanks to Vicki, Helen and Mike for support from the bank. A gutsy row all round ! (Katherine)
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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>1st &amp; 3rd M1 0:08:36</b> Caius M1 0:08:37 LMBC M1 0:08:42 Jesus M1 0:08:49 Fitzwilliam M1 0:08:51 Emmanuel M1 0:08:58 LMBC M2 0:09:02 Robinson M1 0:09:09 <b>1st &amp; 3rd M2 0:09:16</b> Clare M2 0:09:25 Wolfson M1 0:09:25 Jesus M2 0:09:26 Darwin M1 0:09:27 Girton M1 0:09:31 Sidney Sussex M1 0:09:40 <b>1st &amp; 3rd M3 0:09:50</b> Emmanuel M2 0:09:53 Girton M2 0:10:01 Robinson M2 0:10:02 Trinity Hall M2 0:10:19 Churchill M2 0:10:20 Caius M3 0:10:24 Fitzwilliam M2 0:10:25 CCAT M1 0:10:30 Sidney Sussex M2 0:10:58 Downing M3 0:10:59 Clare M3 0:11:02 Wolfson M2 0:11:09 Selwyn M2 0:11:36 <b>1st &amp; 3rd M4 0:11:57</b> Wolfson M3 0:20:57</pre></p><h4>Women's VIIIs</h4><p><pre>Jesus W1 0:10:08 Caius W1 0:10:29 Girton W1 0:10:29 Pembroke W1 0:10:34 Robinson W1 0:10:36 Jesus W2 0:10:45 Emmanuel W1 0:10:46 New Hall W1 0:10:48 Selwyn W1 0:10:53 Sidney Sussex W1 0:10:55 LMBC W1 0:10:57 <b>1st &amp; 3rd W1 0:11:00 </b> Newnham W2 0:11:09 New Hall W2 0:11:11 Caius W2 0:11:17 Downing W2 0:11:36 Girton W2 0:11:59 Fitzwilliam W1 0:12:04 Churchill W2 0:12:09 Sidney Sussex W2 0:12:20 Downing W3 0:12:25 <b>1st &amp; 3rd W2 0:12:59</b> New Hall W3 0:13:52</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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