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Lent Bumps 2002

2nd men's VIII

Coxed by: Sam Adams

Technical row over
My first bumps race left me feeling the real skill is in understanding the rules...

Chasing Kings I, we set off from a confident start. We were somewhat surprised to see Kings I pulled into the bank at First Post Corner; assuming that they had bumped, we continued, aiming to row-over ahead of the competent Christ's II crew on our tail.

At Dittons, however, we were instructed to stop by a marshal. Apparently Kings had not, in fact, bumped, and we had achieved a bump by rowing past them.

Later, it transpired that Kings had been forced to stop by the carnage resulting from Downing II's bump on Peterhouse, although it is unclear why LMBC II - directly ahead of Kings - were able to pass through, while Kings could not. The upshot was that a technical row-over was awarded.

Christ's II are currently whinging about the whole affair on the message board, claiming that they would have bumped us had we not stopped. Certainly they did close as we lost power round Grassy - but by Plough Reach we had found our stride once again, and it would have been a close race. We'll find out tomorrow. (Matt C)
Pretty much as Matt described - the way Bumps works, I'm afraid. I have to say I'm most disappointed by Christ's reaction to the whole thing - their Captain Danny Lanyi appealed to CUCBC for a re-row claiming it was Iain Law who told us to stop. Utter bollocks.

Tomorrow will be fun. :) (Dan)
Bumped King's
Strange sense of deja vu...

Once again we set off chasing Kings I, and trying to avoid the challenge of Christ's II, who were fired up following the supposed injustice of yesterday.

For the second day in a row, Peterhouse lasted only until First Post Corner, this time being bumped by LMBC II. Kings once again pulled into the side to avoid the wreckage, but this time it was generally accepted that they could safely have passed through. We were thus awarded the bump.

The interesting footnote is the fate of Christ's II. We continued rowing until advised by our bank party that we had bumped, at which point we pulled into the side. Christ's II, thinking that they had bumped us, easied and started to celebrate as soon as they had passed us. Unfortunately for them, we had already bumped, and so they were themselves bumped by Jesus II charging past their easied boat. Apparently Jesus didn't realise this either, and so went on to row the entire course.

According to the fines list, it looks like a Christ's II-Kings I swearing match ensued. Christ's £50 fine probably indicates that they came out on top.

Tomorrow, we'll be chasing Peterhouse - given past form, we'll do well to avoid being involved in at least some kind of pile-up! (Matt C)
Once again Kings crashed just ahead of us - they really should learn to get round 1st post corner, and this time they couldn't claim to be impeded... we rowed past, were awarded the bump and pulled in.

The comedy was when Christs II (who were no where near the overlap they claim, until we held it up) decided that they'd also stop. Jesus II then happily rowed past and were awarded the bump against Christs. Ordinarily I'd feel sorry for Christs, but after all the fuss they threw up over yesterday, I think they could be thought to deserve it. (Sam)
Bumped Peterhouse

we did our 6 stroke start, strode for 10 then i think we heard the 1st whistle, another few strokes and we were there. yet another short race for the 2nd boat. (Pig Man)
Just like Ed said... 6 strokes start, 10 wind and we had overlap. Didn't bother surging, pushed instead and they acknowledged a few seconds later! (Sam)
Yay! My 2nd ever bump was almost as quick as my first against Peterhouse II last year. We had a pretty bad start, decided not to bother with the stride and had them within 25 strokes!

Overall, we achieved our crew goals for the term with a bit of luck, some guts and a little skill - just what Bumps is all about. Best wishes to next year's crew, taking the 2nd boat onwards and upwards. (Dan)

1. From the motorway br...
2. Passing the Plough
3. First Post Reach

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