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Fly the 'copter Jon, Wed 29th May, 9:02am
So, now that crazy golf has been defeated, a new challenge for those stuck indoors revising... (6 comments...)
Crazy Golf dw, Tue 28th May, 7:43pm
Excellent revision avoidance (26 comments...)
World Cup Trading
http://www.tradeworldcup.comfrom Simon, Tue 28th May, 11:14am
Virtual "betting" (no real money involved) on the world cup - including on the outcomes of games while they are in progress. Anyone planning on working on a city trading desk can practice their skills here... (25 comments...)
Make your own personalised quizzes!
http://www.quizyourfriends.comfrom Sarah, Tue 28th May, 10:08am
Joe Cartoon
http://www.joecartoon.comfrom Iain, Thu 23rd May, 3:36pm
A totally hilarious site... if slightly peverse. (2 comments...)
Fly The Copter Mike, Thu 23rd May, 3:31pm
A simple little game, yet infuriatingly addictive. I won't post my high score here, as it is slightly embarassing... (2 comments...)
Row, Row, Row Your Boat dw, Sat 18th May, 12:57am
This site must have been made by a twisted individual. I just can't understand the mentality of some people... :)
Midget-tossing Iain, Thu 16th May, 1:51pm
So funny, especially the music.
BBC's Test The Nation Phillip Schofield, Mon 13th May, 4:47pm
On Saturday night, 70,000 people joined in the BBC's IQ test. Leaving aside arguments about whether IQ really is a measure of intelligence and about the statistical significance of these results, there are some quite fun findings. Particularly satisfying (for those that are satisfied by that kind of thing) is the high incidence of intelligent people in Cambridge. As a subset of that, how intelligent is your average First And Third rower? The test is still there, so let's find out. For the record, it reckons my IQ is 130...
Lycos Fight Club mjb, Sun 28th Apr, 2:10pm
A two-player fighting game.

"Lycos Fight Club is your break from the monotony of everyday life, your chance to thrash your friends in an online feast of punches, kicks, blocks and special moves.

Personalize your bout with a victory chant and, as the victor, deal that final killer blow with a well-timed spirit-breaking insult."
Saladometer gf, Tue 23rd Apr, 11:38am
These boards have gone a bit quiet recently, haven't they? (and not just once people went to Ireland) (14 comments...)
BBC Two logos Simon, Wed 27th Mar, 3:43pm
Maybe out of place on 1&3, but as we mourn the passing of the balloon from BBC 1, here are the BBC 2 logos...
Bumps fines gf, Tue 19th Mar, 10:35am
Inspired by the recent achievement of a week's racing without any penalties, this spreadsheet takes a look at the fines handed out by CUCBC over the last ten sets of bumps (Mays 97 - Lents 02 inclusive).

At just 5.17quid [Martin - why does this message board reject the pound symbol?] for each of our 88 crews, 1st & 3rd are one of the best-behaved clubs on the river. True to form, Downing are 33rd out of 34.

A few notes:

1) Due to limited data, the fines for Lents 98 cannot currently be attributed to particular crews within a club, and hence are shown here spread evenly across the days and with a gender split in proportion to the number of crews racing within that club.

2) Where a fine is payable by a club rather than a crew (e.g. failure to provide marshal), it has been split by gender according to number of crews.

3) Amazingly, our 58 May crews have never been fined on a Wednesday. (15 comments...)
A Tribe of Toffs gf, Fri 1st Mar, 7:34am
As it's the pseudonym source of the moment... (6 comments...)
Star Wars...
telnet://towel.blinkenlights.nlfrom Sam, Thu 28th Feb, 10:23pm
They Fight Crime! Mike, Wed 27th Feb, 4:02pm
He's a suicidal one-eyed romance novelist who knows the secret of the alien invasion. She's a man-hating winged politician with only herself to blame. They fight crime!
Hobbit name generator Mungo Gamgee-Took of Bywater, Wed 27th Feb, 3:33pm
Does exactly what it says on the tin... (1 comment...)
Is your computer too slow? jmg, Wed 20th Feb, 8:58am
Satire Wire
http://www.satirewire.comfrom ipe, Thu 14th Feb, 4:40am
It's keeping me amused at 4:30 in the morning.
Rowers' nude for thought Mike, Mon 11th Feb, 1:56pm
Here's where you're going wrong boys (and girls)
The Original Smoothy
../photos/2002/ltbeother.shtml?21from mcp, Fri 8th Feb, 12:43am
The Univeristy lightweight women's cox poses for the cameras...... And I need a new caption ;-) Suggestions?! (2 comments...)
Tampax sponsors ITV period drama RTT, Wed 6th Feb, 11:42am
Spoof news site. Kept me awake between lectures (sadly not during).
the law of the playground your mum, Fri 1st Feb, 2:08pm
Search an alphabetical list of playground insults. Some of these are inspired - there's got to be some T-shirt ideas in there somewhere... (1 comment...)
Gill and Vashka Dan Walker, Wed 30th Jan, 5:43am
Mad. Check out the photo report on the Trinity boys... (2 comments...)
English Grammer (sic) World Pedant, Fri 25th Jan, 6:39pm
Hilarious for no other reason that the fact that they have spelt 'Grammar' incorrectly all over the place.
The LMBC website
http://www.lmbc.netfrom mjb, Fri 25th Jan, 1:47pm
Laugh at the Maggie Scum.
Edit their Message Boards. (3 comments...)
Just a Tip
http://www.justatip.comfrom dw, Fri 25th Jan, 9:52am
Highly amusing. What mischief can we get up to now...... (1 comment...) ipe, Wed 23rd Jan, 3:24pm
Where else can you buy a Russian fighter jet for 150,000? The best site to spend your student loan. (3 comments...)
Big Brother III application form Simon Blackburn, Mon 21st Jan, 5:28pm
Available until Feb 8th, the details - and the mind-boggling form - for Big Brother III.

Now where's that camcorder?
Not really a link, more of a plug... Superstar DJ (ahem...), Sun 20th Jan, 11:09am
...Cambridge University Radio has just started going out live on 1350 medium wave. For those of you unlucky to be outside our broadcast area, there's always the classic RealAudio way of listening via the website. Enjoy :) (4 comments...)
How long have you got? ccsi, Thu 17th Jan, 9:11pm
Find out when you'll fall off your perch.

I will apparently kick the bucket on May 17 2058, aged 81. Most likely of cancer or heart disease. (although a 5% homicide chance!) (11 comments...)
Every Rule You'll Ever Need
http://www.everyrule.comfrom Simon, Thu 17th Jan, 1:49pm
A useful little site for settling arguments - nb the 'Shotgun' rules and the massive list of drinking game rules.

I've asked them to add the bumps. (4 comments...)
Wrote. Yesterday's News, Today.
http://www.wrote.orgfrom Mike, Thu 17th Jan, 9:18am
Amused me a lot. Now can anyone out there tell me what "Oterque quarterque beati quis onte ora patrum, Trojae sub moenibus altis" means when translated into English? (7 comments...)
STI@home RTT, Sun 13th Jan, 2:46pm
Remember the SETI@home rush we had a while ago? Well, this is the next step. Rather appropriate for rowers, I feel....
Bushwhacked! dw229, Wed 9th Jan, 10:45am
Quite old now, but a classic realaudio file, courtesy of Chris Morris.
The Crocodile Hunter
http://www.crocodilehunter.comfrom Simon, Wed 2nd Jan, 11:25am
Strewth! Little blighter... you see, if I just poke this dangerous snake with a stick, he gets angry...
So You've Been Dumped
http://www.soyouvebeendumped.comfrom Simon, Mon 31st Dec, 11:05am
Does exactly what it says in the title.
Find out your personality type Psychologist Chris, Sun 30th Dec, 1:12pm
A bit sad, but this is normally quite accurate and insightful. I reckon I will not be the only INTP type on this list (even though it's a very rare type on a national basis). (16 comments...)
Dictionary News Simon, Fri 21st Dec, 3:07pm
Good to see that the races are in the Dictionary. Tragically, no sign of the Mays.
Pun of the Day Simon, Fri 21st Dec, 12:12pm
The source of my powers...
Black Prince chainmail gf, Thu 20th Dec, 6:08pm
One for the KSS, methinks.
Black Prince launcher gf, Thu 20th Dec, 6:07pm
Black Prince - "As good as Atlas Agena". Which is nice to know.
The Rowing Vortal
http://www.rowingvortal.comfrom Rich, Thu 6th Dec, 12:17pm
The new funky bit of the rowing service - particularly recommended are the video clips (Fun/Humour/Video Clips), not much to do with rowing, but pretty amusing in some cases (2 comments...)
Olympic Golds at Trinity Martin, Thu 29th Nov, 5:20pm
A list of Olympic Gold Medallists of Trinity College, including 11 for rowing. (1 comment...)
Ronglish gf, Wed 21st Nov, 4:31pm
Sadly not yet an option on the MML Tripos.
Spank the Monkey sat, Fri 16th Nov, 5:41pm
How fast can you spank yours?!!
Bananaman dw229, Thu 15th Nov, 10:48pm
A must for all Bananaman fans out there. Includes downloadable theme tune!
Word oddities and trivia gf, Thu 15th Nov, 5:13pm
Includes the fantastic solutomaattimittaamotulos and dord. (2 comments...)
Smilie Games gf, Thu 15th Nov, 9:56am
Good apart from the racing game, which is too bloody difficult.
TV Go Home gf, Thu 15th Nov, 9:51am
Home of the infamous Nathan Barley.

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